Title: Split Decisions

Rating & Warnings: G, none

Word Count: 329

Summary: Flynn Rider made two lifesaving decisions the day he met her.

*Split Decisions*

Oh, he was in deep.

If he was not careful, he'd lose life.

He'd meticulously planned the heist, but he hadn't planned the escape. He had not considered this part. Perhaps it was because he had not been entirely confident he would succeed. It was a new point of entry. No one had thought of approaching the target from the summit. Perhaps it was because he had been blinded by the enormous potential payoff. The allure had been too much for him to resist, for him to think clearly. He would be exorbitantly rich. He had considered the obvious risks, but he hadn't considered the hidden ones. There were two of them.

Now those risks were coming to fruition. He was outnumbered. They were brutes and they considerably out muscled him. Soon they would realize he had outlived his usefulness. He'd have to double-cross them.

He had only wanted his fair share of the spoils, but it was now all or nothing. They were quickly approaching a dead end.

He'd have to outwit them, he had no choice.

"All right, okay, give me a boost, and I'll pull you up."


Oh, he was in deep.

If he was not careful, he'd lose himself.

He'd only agreed to take her to see the lanterns so he could get his satchel back.

Now they were trapped. They were entombed in a cold, dark cavern. Their situation was growing increasingly hopeless with each passing moment. Soon they would be submerged.

He had only wanted his satchel, but it now seemed inconsequential. He had started to shiver and she had started cry. He had gotten her into this mess and she was apologizing to him. He had to do something. They were about to die, but more importantly he needed to do something, anything to cheer her up, to ease her suffering.

He'd tell her the truth, he owed her that much.



"My real name is Eugene Fitzherbert."

AN1: For the most part, I'm trying to keep these updates in chronological order. I didn't do it for this one because I wanted to juxtapose these two scenes. Hope it wasn't too confusing.

AN2: I'm also working on a modern AU called Inked. You can find it in the "M" section (only some chapters are M rated).