A/N: Humanstuck high school au where the quadrants are still relevant, slightly ooc, sorry. Also, my first published fanfic, this chapter is going to be short due to finals and lack of creativity at the moment.

Karkat sat at his desk staring at the ceiling. He was thinking about the days events. He had been talking to a few of his friends after school when they saw Eridan and Nepeta walking and laughing together. If it had been Fef or Vriska that was with Eridan at the time it would have seemed normal but Nepeta? Karkat felt himself tense up at the thought of Eridan being, well, Eridan to Nepeta. She was so frail and always cheery, out of the corner of his eye he saw Sollux do the same. He assumed it was because his arch enemy was within throwing distance of him. Nepeta just smiled and waved at all of them before skipping over with Eridan in tow, he didn't look too happy about it.

"Hey guys!" The girl exclaimed gleefully in a singsong voice. Her companion gave a small disgruntled wave. Everyone exchange greetings and began discussing the day. After everyone had had a turn to tell how their day had been they began to disperse until the four of them were left. "We have to go now. I'm teaching Eridan how to roleplay this afternoon. It's going to be so much fun!" She said the last part facing Eridan with a smile and purring sound in her voice. As she started to walk away she quickly grabbed Eridan's hand affectionately and waved, Eridan stiffly walked with her. The two boys shared an unhappy glance before going their ways, lost in thought.

Karkat had arrived home to no one else's company, a thing he preferred. His home life was a lot less than admirable. His mother was hardly ever there and his older brother had better things to do than hang out with his little brother, he was caring but not to the point of connecting. Karkat went straight to his room, his safe haven. There he could do whatever he wanted. This day that thing would be being lost in immense thought over what he could do about Nepeta. He had recently confessed to himself that he truly did like her.

He was thrown out of thought by a ping from his pocket. He dug around until he found his phone and read the text, speak of the devil, it was Nepeta. She was asking if he would be willing to go and join Eridan and her at the fair that was in town.

Karkat typed a quick response saying he would only go if Sollux did as well. He had an idea. If he knew about anything it was romance and how to change the direction it went in.