AN~ Because I was reading Kodak Moments and was slammed with inspiration to do something similar, and good writers do not ignore inspiration when it smacks them in the face in the middle of the night (who needs sleep? Not me!). I went with exact drabbles instead of one sentence things, though, because I've always wanted to try my hand at exact drabbles (stories that are exactly one hundred words) and I didn't want to be a COMPLETE plaigarist of iizninja's ideas.

Fair warning of stuff you'll see a lot of in here:

1) Puckabrina. It's okay here because there are only a hundred words of it at a time.

2) Puck being kind of OOC-ly sweet and loving (because I can. We all love it.)

3) Sabrina the commando ninja of awesomeness, because that's just fun.

4) Character death, because they're alive a hundred words later.

5) Puckabrina in a toxic relationship, because they DID break up at one point. Also it's just so awesomely angsty.

6) Amnesiea (shut up guys amnesia's cool).

7) Random plot bunnies that I had to get out of my head someplace or other. Be glad I didn't actually make them stories.

List will get longer if I think of anything else.

Disclaimer: I own nada.


She never leaves for school without checking her backpack first, no matter how late she is- not to make sure she's remembering everything, but because she will never forget the time she got to first period and found an ant farm sitting innocently on top of her lunch, its lid off and ants climbing in and out of it, carrying pieces of her leftover turkey sandwich- her first bit of normal food in months. So even though Puck's been in Alaska for two months now, she unzips her backback before she runs out to catch the bus- just in case.


She's going into labor and he doesn't know what to do except drive as fast as he can because holy crap Sabrina's giving birth right in their car he can't concentrate and what on earth is going on and why won't she stop screaming? So he takes the pillow that made it from their bed to the car with them after her water broke and spilled that puddle onto the sheets, and he shoves it over her mouth so that he can concentrate on the road enough that he won't get all three of them killed before they get there.


They're in the middle of history class and she's got the worst cold, and she wonders why he bothers coming to school, it's not like he learns anything, and he'd never tell her that it's because it's eight more hours he can spend with her (far too little compared to all the time he spends away), and she gives a sneeze that leaves a glob of snot threatening to drip from the end of her nose, and he hands her a tissue, and she thinks it's the nicest thing he's ever done for her, but she'll never tell him that.

Cell Phone

When he gets a cell phone, it's the best thing ever, and suddenly they can actually talk to each other, actually keep in touch, even when he's gone and they both love it, but it drives everyone else crazy. Henry switches her to an unlimited texting plan because telling her to cut down doesn't work and neither does making her pay the fees, she just keeps sending him messages. Daphne is the only one that says something, and it's "Would you two at least date, if you're going to text so much?" Sabrina doesn't even blush when she says it.


It's at Snow and Charming's wedding that they tell everyone they're together. They don't even actually tell anyone, Puck just asks Sabrina to dance, and she accepts, with an out of character, graceful curtsy, and they walk onto the dance floor and waltz a slow dance together and everyone stares and then they kiss, and they get a louder applause than Snow and Charming did for all of their kisses, and Charming complains that they stole the show, this was his and Snow's day, not those teens', and Jake laughs so hard his mouthful of soup spurts right back out.


When he gets really angry, his accent comes out. It's a Greek accent, and the first time he and Sabrina fight hard enough for him to let it loose and stop sounding American, she's so amazed that she laughs out loud, and that just makes him angrier, and his accent comes out even stronger, and she realizes that, even if he's shouting- screaming- at her, that Greek accent is kind of extremely sexy, so she kisses him and that ends that fight, because they both know that no matter how angry he is, kisses are more important than this fight.

Phone book

He looks her up in the phone book after the breakup, every now and again. He almost calls her a couple times, but he never gets past the fifth number before he hangs back up, because he just can't bring himself to talk to her. He can't explain why he left, and he doesn't want to, but he knows she'll demand an explanation first thing. It's when he notices her address has changed, that she lives with someone else- who's this Bradley?- that he gets nervous. And then he decides it's worth risking his pride, and he goes back.

Comic Book

She knows he likes comic books, so she gets him one the year she finally finds out what day his birthday is, but she can't resist making a jab at the word 'book' in the title, and he ends up chasing her around the house, waving it wildly and trying to smack her with it, for hours before he actually reads it, and all she has to do for the next week and a half is mention Batman for him to get riled up again. And that's when she realizes that she's having fun, making jokes after three angry years.


Sabrina thinks it's entirely too convenient that the Everafter gang happens to be attacking a concert of Daphne's favorite band, but the evidence doesn't look fake, so they all get tickets and go, and Daphne is screaming in glee and even Red is cheering, but she and Puck are on the lookout, and sure enough, onto the stage comes a teenage boy whose figure is too perfect to be real, and she's already throwing the knife before Daphne's scream that it's no rogue fairy, just the lead singer, makes it through to her brain. Puck grabs her so she misses.


She hates Christmas because they inevitably go to Faerie to spend it with his mother and brother, and even though she understands the Everafters in NYC more than she used to, that still doesn't make it any easier for her to spend time with them, and she's sick of trying to find yet another present that will both be expensive enough to satisfy Titania and not be something she already owns, and she wonders why she does it, and then Puck comes in and kisses her and she remembers- that's why. But she decides to make him shop this year.

Sea Shell

He brought back a sea shell one time when he and Jake visited, and Sabrina's kept it all these years, even though she hasn't seen him since Granny died, even though it's chipped now, no longer the perfect pinkish peach conch with spirals of spikes, and she puts it to her ear sometimes and pretends it's his voice in her heartbeat, or that he's by the sea, and they're hearing the same noise. But when Bradley comes over and pick up the shell and asks what it is, even though she swears she's moved on, she lies and says, "Nothing."


The prank that goes too far is the basketball. He glues it to her head and they can't get it off, and she hates him until all her hair grows long enough that they can cut it out, and even though it hasn't been a whole basketball since the first day, because they cut most of it off and just left a jagged bit of rubber behind, even though she's been wearing hats to hide it, she doesn't forgive him until her hair grows back (and that takes ages), even when he tells her she looks nice with short hair.


He knows she hates pink. Hates it on principle, for everything it stands for. So when they come home after vacation to discover that Daphne found out they were having a girl while they were gone, and that in typical Daphne enthusiasm she painted the entire upstairs in more shades of pink than either of them knew existed, and she just stares at it, her face working from dumbfounded to angry to like she's about to cry, he kisses her on the cheek and says, "I'll paint over it," and she remembers that this is what she loves about him.


She thinks that 'dating' has never been the right term to describe them. They don't go on dates, for one thing. He doesn't have enough money, and she doesn't have nearly enough time. And, despite everything, he's decided that, if they ever do go on a real date, he's going to pay, because somehow, that tiny bit of chivalry and good manners left over from the middle ages made it into his head, and even though Hamstead's paying her to take cases and she has cash, he won't let her pay for the movies, so they just don't go out.


She doesn't want to get Ally the sandbox. She knows it'll equal more work for her, when she already has enough work to do at the office, without coming home to even more mess than a five-year-old can make with mud and whatever she finds in the house. If she wanted them to add sand to the mix, she'd have told Puck they were moving to the beach. She stands there, resolute about saying no. But then Ally gives her puppy dog eyes, and she can almost still say no, but then Puck gives them to her, and she's doomed.