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"We're lost," she says.

"No," he says, stubborn as ever.

"Yes we are," she answers.

They argue like this for hours, all while Puck is driving them to some giant Faerie family reunion.

"Well, what do you want me to do?" he demands. "I can't stop and ask for directions! Who's going to know how to get to this place?"

"Call Mustardseed!" Sabrina snaps, refusing to admit that she had wanted to ask for directions.

"Fine," Puck mutters. He does, and they make it there- late, of course, making Sabrina more self-conscious. Puck makes it up to her that night.


Her arm is broken again and this time Granny absolutely refuses to let Uncle Jake fix it magically because seriously, Sabrina, that was just idiotic- as if she doesn't know- but it's her right arm, and since she's right handed it pretty much renders her incapable of doing anything, particularly schoolwork, so Granny reluctantly assigns Puck- grounded from traveling with Jake for his part in the idiocy- to follow Sabrina around and help her out with things she can't do on her own. Neither of them will admit that they're glad of the excuse to spend that much time together.


Sabrina's dress is full of tears- she got sidetracked by some clues on her way to the dance (she knew she shouldn't have walked) and ended up getting chased through the woods by Tobey and a bunch of other spider-people from who knows where- so she's fifteen minutes late for the dance and half an hour late to meet Puck and she looks disgusting with all the rips in her impractial gorgeous skirt; scrapes on her arms and legs.

All he says when she shows up is "You look beautiful," and that's the first time she thinks she loves him.


Christmas isn't the same now that Puck is gone. It would be different if he'd left again. Bearable. Then, at least, she could be angry at him, because he'd left her. Now, she can't even be angry, because he's dead, and it's probably her fault- she has more enemies than she does, and she'd been poking her nose where it didn't belong. Now all she has is this incredible hole in her life where he husband should be next to her two children as she takes a photo, and a house that's far too easy to clean and keep clean.

Valentine's Day

The best Valentine's Day they have, ever, is the one where she's been fighting a group of escaped monsters on her own for ages, on her own (she hasn't told anyone where she's gone- they'd have stopped her and she needed to to this on her own for personal reasons) and after he finds her- because of course he finds her, he always does- she's killed all but two and he torches the last one and then hugs her gore-covered self so tight she can't breathe and whispers "Don't ever scare me like that again, or I'll kill you myself."


It's not the first wedding they've crashed, and it most certainly won't be the last, but Sabrina still feels a bit bad, so she apologizes to all the humans as she and Puck burst through the still-swinging doors after a rather large ogre that they've been chasing for the past hour. "Sorry, sorry!" she calls as they run. Puck just laughs and whoops, swinging a large rope in a circle over his head- he's on a western kick- as all the humans gasp, scream, and stare, respectively.

Sabrina hopes her wedding won't be like this, but she has her doubts.


They bury Puck and Sabrina together. It's the first time Daphne's ever heard of a joint funeral, but she supposes it's fitting. Since they've gotten married, the two have been practically inseparable. It's been three hundred years, and nobody can believe how in love they still were. She's standing with the rest of her family looking at two heartbroken daughters and feeling that they shouldn't be so surprised. Sabrina was mixing herself up in something she shouldn't have been, and she got in too deep, and they killed her- but not before they killed Puck for trying to rescue her.


Puck has recently become infatuated with the Simpsons- outdated and replaced by Family Guy as it is, he loves the show- Sabrina wishes he loved it a little less, because he's going a little crazy with it. His latest thing is dressing up one of the little Hamsteads in a Spiderman suit and dragging the poor boy around, singing "Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does," even though the kid is as much cow as he is pig. Sabrina's trying to stop him before his parents find out. It's not working, partly because she's laughing too hard to be intimidating.

Suggested by Blue-Eyed Holly:


Sabrina wants to go to camp to get away from Puck. Of course, though, he finds out and follows her. It's not that bad, really, because he's in a different cabin, but then one day he shows up in her cabin, wielding a banana at her face, and he tells her, "Come on, we have to go fight the oncoming horde of Neapolitains!" and runs off, leaving Sabrina and the girls she's with staring. Sabrina wonders if he found some mushrooms and someone told him to eat them, and hopes not. She decides he just ate too many campfire marshmallows.

Suggested by hermione321:


She really wants one of those Irish rings with the two hands holding a heart, and it's not often that she wants jewelery, but this thing is special and awesome, even if she doesn't know what it's called. But Daphne tells her that it's bad luck to buy them for yourself, and she's reduced to hinting at people to buy them for her. Her parent's won't, and Daphne's broke, so she suggests in many possible ways to the clueless Puck that she'd like it.

Finally, she simply says, "Puck. Buy me the stupid ring."

This time, he take the hint.


For her eighteenth birthday party, they wheel in a giant cake- Sabrina knows it's hollow the kind that someone hides inside, because she saw Granny baking a different cake yesterday, but she still pretends she doesn't know. Her friends are in the dark, unless they were in on the plan with her family, and everyone is shocked when Puck explodes out of the thing, getting cake all over everyone and everything, even Sabrina.

She asks him what he was doing in her cake, and he winks at her and says, "Well, they wanted the sexiest person they could find inside!"

Suggested by Luna Rose-Goddess of Rabbits:


It takes her a long time to trust him enough just to tell him that she doesn't like rain, and even longer to tell him why. But once she does, he explodes into action in typical can-do Puck fashion, determined to make her hate for rainy days disappear. They go to the movies, roller skating, bowling, mini-golfing, out to eat, anything her heart desires on rainy days. Eventually, it gets so that she looks forward to rainy days because it means she and Puck will do something special. She never trusts him enough to tell him that- he might stop.


It's sleeting outside and they're stuck at the library because Granny called and told them not to drive home because it wasn't safe and they can't just leave the car- and even if they could Puck isn't about to fly in this mess.

They stand at the glass doors for a minute, watching the sleet come down, and then they look at each other awkwardly. She kisses him, and he kisses her back. It escalates from there, and they don't even notice when the sleet stops and the roads get salted, until Granny calls and asks worriedly where they are.


Sabrina and Puck have broken up fifteen times- sixteen, today and gotten back together afterwards. They are stuck in this relationship- both know they're as wrong for each other as can be, both know they grate on each other like sandpaper on cement and will probably never really get along, but neither of them can stop; neither can leave the other behind. They love each other. They hate each other. And they can't escape.

Sabrina knew this breakup was coming. She saw it from so far off. So what she can't figure out is why it still hurts so much.


Daphne's playing matchmaker again. Sabrina can tell because there are a dozen red roses outside her bedroom door that say in handwriting that's far too rounded and bubbly (not to mention neat) to be Puck's, saying "To Sabrina, love Puck," on them. She shakes her head with a little laugh and goes to Puck's room to show him the latest bit of Daphne's antics.

He laughs long and hard before kissing her on the cheek and saying, "She should know better. I'd never give you roses."

"I know," she says with a grin, "But what can you do? it's Daphne."


Sabrina won't tell anyone, but she has PTSD, and she has it bad- now she can't take tight spaces or crowds or loud noises- but they all know anyway, so they send her back to live with Granny, because NYC really isn't the best place for someone who's liable to pull out a sword if she gets too crowded, but on the car ride back they get stuck in traffic and she's going to lose it, but suddenly Puck's there- she never finds out from where- and he's carrying her and for the first time in forever she feels safe.

Car Accident

They call it a car accident so that the humans won't think anything of it, but Puck knows that it wasn't. Sabrina's far too good a driver to have driven over the edge of a cliff on a perfectly clear day when she'd gotten all the sleep she needed. But she's in a coma now, so they can't ask her what really happened, and she can't tell them the secrets she was keeping about what she was finding out. He doesn't care, though. He just wants his wife back. He spends every day of her coma sitting by her bedside.


She's in the hospital after she got injured in a skirmish, and she's just waking up from an induced coma the doctors put her under while they tried to save her eye. They couldn't do it.

The whole family is standing around her hospital bed, ready to tell her that she only has one eye, that she'll have to wear a patch, ready to console her and offer their apologies.

They do.

"Are you kidding?" she asks, looking at them all incredulously. "Why would I be upset? Eyepatches are badass!"

He grins, because he knew this was how she'd react.


At the wedding, someone toasts "to your health!" and Sabrina doesn't think much of it until two weeks later when they're halfway done with their honeymoon (Puck took it literally) and Puck comes down with some weird mutated Everafter cold. But she promised him "In sickness and in health" (they went with the traditional vows because Sabrina wanted her wedding with Puck to be as different from her wedding with Bradley as magically possible), and she figures it's a bit soon to back out now, so she takes care of him and doesn't snap at him for being a baby.

Tears(of Joy and Pain)

Sabrina knows Puck is dying. Everyone knows Puck is dying. Even he knows he's dying. But he's demanded that they not treat him like he's on death's door- he wants to live his life to the fullest, what he has left of it. And who can blame him?

He's walking around without a shirt on, and he's scary-skinny, but she can't mention it, it would bother him, so she stares.

He says, "What are you looking at, Grimm? It's my hotness, right?"

She laughs so hard she cries, and then she can't stop crying, because she hasn't in so long.


He can't believe she's gone. Can't believe she actually left him behind like so much garbage. Sure, they had their fights, but didn't everybody? They maybe fought a little more than most people, and he maybe wasn't the most attentive boyfriend in the world, or the nicest, or anything like that, but he wasn't... he hadn't meant to hurt her. He never meant to hurt her. He'd just gotten a little carried away, that's all. It isn't his fault, not really.

Who is he kidding, yes it is. And now that she's gone, he doesn't know how he'll keep going.


The dagger that kills her is poisoned- it would have to be. She's been through worse injuries and been fine, it was only a scrape, really. She was a bit too slow and the thing caught her on the calf. And then, two hours later, she's dead, the dagger lying next to her, her killer gone.

Puck knows he should learn from Jake's mistakes about revenge and regret, but he's too busy picking up the knife and running after that bastard to stop and think about what he's doing until after he's killed the man. He decides he's not sorry.


Sometimes Puck wonders what on earth he was thinking when he married an assasin-slash-lawyer-slash-detective, because it's gotten him into more sticky situations in the past decade than he managed to get himself into in the past millenium.

But it's better than babysitting duty, which was the alternative, and he does like to watch her go at it- she's a beautiful blur of blonde and silver knives and denim pants, faster than most Everafters and better even after less than thirty years' training, and he loves his commando wife just the way she is- deadly, infuriating, beautiful, and so stupidly brave.

Puck's Prank Day

Puck is mad at Sabrina again, and this time it actually is her fault, and she feels pretty darn bad about it, so she does something that she knows she'll regret horribly for the rest of her days but, in the long run, is worth it, because she can't stand that look he's giving her- it just hurts so much to know it's her fault. What she does is this: she tells Puck that she's sorry, and to prove it to him, she's going to let him pull whatever pranks he wants on her today and she won't hurt him.

April Fool's

He tells her April Fool's day is a holiday made especially for him, and she laughs long and hard. He gets riled up and wants to know what the heck she finds so funny, exactly, and she tells him, still laughing and brushing tears out of her eyes, that April Fool's day is named that because New Year's used to be on April first, and when they moved it to January first a lot of people thought it was still the new year in April, and they got called April Fools.

He shrinks visibly and, flushing slightly, says quietly, "Oh."


When they find out their baby's going to be a girl, they start arguing over names- it wasn't worth it when they didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl. Sabrina wants to name the baby June. Puck thinks that's a boring name and wants to name their kid something exciting and not at all related to anything natural- he hates fairy names, and June is too close to one for him to agree to it- but every name like Shazam, Morguase, or Pillow that he suggests to Sabrina just makes her dig her heels in further.


She loves summer because they all go to Granny's every year- she hated it at first because it meant she missed out on a lot with her firends, but now she wouldn't give it up for anything- and a lot of the time Puck and Jake come back and visit, too, though they come and go a lot on little adventures.

She sits in the sunshine and grass and waits for them to come back because they said they'd only be gone three hours and it's been four, and she's going to yell at Puck to disguise worry as anger.


She blows a wish on a dandelion puff because that's what you do, and if magic is real, why shouldn't wishing on dandelions be real, too?

Puck is with her, and he asks what she wished for, but she just smiles and reminds him that you can't tell if you want it to come true.

He rolls his eyes and tackles her suddenly, and they roll down to the bottom the grassy hill, tangled up in each other, and when they stop, they stay there, still entangled.

It's not exactly what she wished for, but she decides it's close enough.


Sabrina wears daisies in her hair on her wedding day- her second wedding day. This one is outside, in what's now Daphne's backyard, and she's wearing the same dress but different shoes, and this time she has no reservations. It's about her and Puck and she knows, this time, that it's right. She's not waiting for Bradley to show up and say something- in fact, he's in the audience, smiling at her a little bit sad but mostly proud, happy that she's happy. She smiles at him, and then her eyes are on Puck, also smiling, and she's blissfully happy.

Pure White

Sabrina lies on the pure white sheets, trying to wrap her mind around what's just happened. She's just cheated on Bradley, who has done nothing but love her and support her, with Puck, who left her five years ago without a word. She can't believe it, really. She's never been a cheater. Never thought she could do something to hurt someone else that badly. She feels dirty. Ugly.

It's not until two weeks later, though, that she realizes how bad it truly is. And then her decision is made: she'll be marrying Puck. Her white gown feels like a lie.


He gives her a necklace with an emerald in it, and it's gorgeous and probably cost way more money than she wants to think about. She's stunned, and apparently her reaction isn't what he was looking for.

"Do you like it?" he asks.

"Yeah, it's amazing," she says, "But what's it for?"

"It's your birthstone," he answers. "Emerald. For your birthday."

She blinks at him, then says, "Puck. Emerald is the birthstone for May. My birthday's in march."

He shrugs and says, "Well, they start with the same letter, at least," completely unfazed.

She shakes her head in loving exasperation.

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