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The problem, Sabrina decides, is that Puck seems to have decided that he doesn't need to worry about getting together with her. Before she was an Everafter, he at least acted like maybe he needed to try to earn her affections. Now it seems like he's decided that they're going to get together no matter what, and since he has forever, he doesn't need to bother trying to make her want to go out with him. Well, that simply won't do, she decides. She'll show him what happens when he gets complacent. She'll find someone else to go out with.


It's Moth's final appeal, and Puck goes out of his way to be there- so far out of his way that he's the one doing the prosecuting. The jury of her peers- mostly other fairies, in this case (she requested them)- unsurprisingly, finds her guilty again, and she will be punished in a way the judge hasn't yet decided.

On the way out, Moth says, "This isn't about Cobweb or your father, is it? This is about Sabrina."

Puck gives her a small, dark smile and says, "You should know by now, Moth. On some level, everything is about Sabrina."


The Grimms go to church on Christmas and Easter, though they don't go very often otherwise. Sabrina thinks that, if they did, she might like it a bit more- she's seen kids going to church in jeans and t-shirts, and they all seem to like it, but on Easter she and Daphne are always, even now that they're way too old, given thematically matching dresses that always seem to be frilly and pink or yellow. She hates everything about that, of course, but what really bothers her this year is that Puck is going to see her in the dress.


Puck's birthday is the worst time. She always buys him a gift and wonders if it's something he'd like. Probably not. He's never been too fond of gifts. He always preferred spending time together. She liked that better too, even if she didn't. She was too busy with her life to really appreciate him, she thinks. And now it's too late. He's dead. And she spent too much time working to make other people's lives better to pay attention to how great her own was, until she lost it.

Sometimes she really hates herself, without Puck to make her laugh.


The marker is all that's left of Sabrina. She was burned to less than ashes by a dragon almost six months ago, and they've built her a little cross on the site she died. Puck comes every day to leave flowers, or little sparkling things he should have bought her while she was alive but didn't (he feels like he took her for granted after he found out that she was an Everafter), and he always cries. He can't seem to stop. He thinks that he finally understands what it was like for Jake to try to live without Briar.


The thing about Puck and Sabrina is that they like the same movies. They sometimes seem like they have almost nothing else in common, sometimes wonder what they see in each other, but if one wants to go see a movie, the other one will right on board. Both love action movies high in explosion rates. Puck prefers a little more crass comedy in his movies, but other than that they're both satisfied. They're also both in love with horror movies, particularly bad ones that they can make fun of together, sometimes pretending they're scared.

Daphne thinks it's very cute.


Money has never been a problem for Puck and Sabrina. As Puck says whenever he has the opportunity to, "It's amazing what people will pay to have you mess around in their mouths," and lawyers are always rich, particularly when several of their clients are Everafters who have been doing nothing but accumulating wealth for hundreds of years. What they never realized is that putting two girls under four years apart, age wise, can put even two high-income people in debt. Suddenly their dates are back like they were when the two were poor students, and they don't like it.


Puck is trying to teach Sabrina to like storms. The problem is, he's a fan of the 'throw them in the pool to teach them to swim' learning style, and his idea to get her to like them is to drag her outside in the middle of a thunderstorm. She screams at him for the first half an hour, and when he realizes that his teaching method isn't working, he swoops down and kisses her, over and over again, until she relaxes even as the thunder peals around them.

Later, Sabrina decides that maybe thunderstorms aren't so bad after all.


She finds out how much he loves music, and she gets excited because here, finally, is something she can do for him, something she can give him that he'll like that won't leave her angry and he doesn't already have. She buys him an iPod with insane amount of memory and several iTunes cards. She's incredibly excited when she gives them to him, and at first he's excited, too. A week later, though, she asks him how he likes it and he isn't happy, and she asks why, and he says shamefacedly, "I couldn't make it work."

She teaches him.


Sabrina knows that she ought to be done being surprised by Puck's oddly incongruous habits by now. She's known him for almost five years, after all, and he's already told her he's into scrapbooking and interior decorating. So she shouldn't be stunned. She should be amused even less than she's stunned. And the absolute worst reaction is slightly hysterical, uncontrollable, enormous laughter. But that's the reaction she's having, and she just can't help herself. She can't believe Puck, of all people, would-

Puck eventually gets fed up and snaps, "For gosh sakes, Grimm, so I do origami! Shut up already!"

Suggestedy by Alyss December:

Girlfriends vs. Girl Friends

"So my girlfriend and I went-" Daphne is saying, but Puck stops her.

"You have a girlfriend?" he asks. "I thought you and whatshisface had a thing goin' on."

"Yeah, we do," Daphne says, "It's a figure of speech. Girl friends. Versus a girlfriend."

"I don't get it," Puck says.

"It's like Sabrina's your girl who's a friend, not your girlfriend," Daphne explains.

"Well, yeah, but I don't go around calling Sabrina my girlfriend," Puck says with a shudder.

"That's 'cause you're not a girl," Daphne says. "We call each other girlfriend sometimes."

Puck shakes his head. He'll never understand.

Suggested by SweetShireen:


Puck decides to learn to play the keyboard, and Sabrina, while incredibly glad he's not learning the drums or something equally loud, decides that the electric keyboard, with volume settings up to 'entirely too loud' isn't a much better choice, especially in a week of rain when she has no excuse to leave the house, which suddenly seems much too small. She loves her husband dearly, but he's a horrible musician, and she's not sure whether telling him would be a service to him or break his spirit- he's so adorably exuberant when he plays, she knows he loves it.

Battery (also suggested by Dopplergirl)

They're camping out in the artillery battery during what Puck call "The Everafter War II: Limits? The World," like it's some sort of deranged movie title, and Sabrina's terrified because her children are out there somewhere, and so is her sister, but she keeps shooting things at the enemy and shouting orders at the others in the battery, her face set in its most determined expression. Puck is shooting, too, almost blocking his daughters from his mind, and he thinks that maybe this isn't the most appropriate time to be hit with the realization that his wife is freaking gorgeous.


The hard part of scrapbooking for Puck is that it needs pictures- and not just any pictures, but excellent pictures. He's a villain of the worst kind, and having mediocre pictures would reflect poorly on his already sullied reputation. He's had one camera or another for almost as long as the portable camera has been invented, and he's quite fond of hiding it in places that will get the best shots of his dastardly deeds and their consequences. He ignores the fact that most of his pictures from the past decade have been of Sabrina, in one way or another.


It turns out that Puck has probably needed glasses for about three centuries, and he throws a small fit, because "Everafters don't have eye issues!" although apparently they do, as Sabrina points out. And he's not even the first Everafter they've met who wears glasses, though he is the first fairy. That doesn't stop him from pouting (Sabrina notices he still wears the glasses, and she smiles because apparently seeing is more important than his dignity).

She also smiles because this is a way for her to finally get under his skin, and she steals the new glasses and runs.

Suggested by emowriter:

Blue (Also suggested by Alexandra Jackson Rocks Hades)

Sabrina's eyes are blue. Not a blue like sapphires or the ocean or something cliche like that- the ocean isn't really blue, anyway, from what Puck's seen, more green-gray-brown-blue- but blue like ice and glaciers, flecked with the deep blue at the base of a candle flame. His favorite color used to be brown. Brown like mud, brown like bears, brown like tree trunks, brown like a million disgusting things. But now, suddenly, Puck's favorite color is the blue of this beautiful girl's eyes; blue that's firey hot and icy cold at the same time, keeping him on his toes.


In all the years they travel together, Puck notices that Jake never really gets over Briar, and that scares him. It's like Briar was a magnet that kept Jake in line, for a few months, and now that she's gone, Jake is all jumbled up again, only this time, he knows what it was like to be in order. Puck sees parallels of this in him and Sabrina. That scares him more. He's always been afraid of growing up, the responsibilities and emotions that come with it, and looking at Jake, he's afraid that someday he'll be just. Like. That.

Suggested by Alexandra Jackson Rocks Hades:


The Grimms have always had dogs. It's a tradition that none of them ever acknowledge, like someone living in the first house is a tradition. So nobody is surprised when Daphne brings Sabrina and Puck one of Elvis' newly weaned great-grandpuppies. What does surprise everyone else is that Puck brings a kitten home from the animal shelter a week later, and it gets along with the Great Dane mix incredibly well. Sabrina's not too surprised, really- he's always said she was like a cat more than a dog, and he wanted another cat around to keep her in her place.


The thing about the woods in Ferryport Landing is that it's incredibly easy to get lost in. One wouldn't think it was, but this is the fourth time Sabrina and Puck have gotten themselves lost in it, and they're just as angry at each other (it's both their faults, though they won't admit it) as they always are. Sabrina blames Puck, and he blames her, and they're too angry to notice that this is the chance to be alone that they've been searching for for months, and the perfect excuse to spend hours coupled by themselves without anyone getting suspicious.

Suggested by Dopplergirl:


"Mustardseed..." Daphne says, "I don't think we're going to work out."

Mustardseed fingers his blazer- she gave it to him for a birthday- and says quietly, "I know."

"It's just... I mean, you're a wonderful person, but you're just not... right for me," Daphne says. "You like plans. And I... don't, really. I need someone exciteable. You're my rock, it's just- I don't want a rock for a boyfriend. Wait- you know?"

He nods. And then it's over, as easy as it began.

Oh well. He'll always have the blazer to remember her by. And they make better friends anyway.


Sabrina has been badgered into arts and crafts time with Red, Basil, and Daphne, and even though they're not doing anything too crazy today, just drawing pictures, and no glitter is involved, she still feels tortured the whole time she's there, scribbling with these entirely too happy children, sacrificing her dignity for love of her family yet again.

"Have fun?" Puck asks her when it's over and she's allowed to leave at last.

"Here, I drew you a picture," she tells him, throwing it at him.

Puck looks at it and laughs.

Sabrina makes a face. She's not an artist.


Sabrina's stolen Puck's wallet because he's offended her yet again and she can't just take it lying down. She knows stealing his wallet is a pretty pathetic revenge, but she can't think of anything better at the moment, and she's hoping he'll get pulled over and get caught driving without a license or not be able to pay for whatever date he's got tonight or some other minor or major inconvenience to him.

She opens it up, considering helping herself to some of his cash, and she stops dead, gasping.

Inside is a picture of the two of them hugging.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Titania gives Puck and Sabrina Egyptian cotton sheets for their wedding day, and they're both disappointed. Puck is disappointed because when Mustardseed got married (turns out he'd just been waiting for Puck to grow up so he could do so and marry his no longer secret girlfriend) Titania had given them a maserati, and this is obviously a reminder that, while Titania likes Sabrina well enough, she doesn't think a human is a good enough bride for her favorite son. Sabrina is just disappointed because she'd heard Egyptian cotton was supposed to be better than regular cotton, and this isn't.


Sabrina is drinking coffee, which has grown on her in the three years since she first had it, sitting in Buzzflower and Mallowbarb's new coffee shop, named the Briar Rose cafe. Puck is there, too, with his own cup of far more sugary coffee.

He never realized before now that drinking could be sexy, but watching Sabrina sip the rich brown liquid, her lips on the mug, he's incredibly attracted, and the way her eyes look when she's staring up at him-

"What are you staring at, gasbag?" Her voice shakes him back to reality.

"Nothing," he mutters, looking down.


Ever since Sabrina saw someone at the public pool do a backflip off the diving board into the deep end, she's been wanting to do one herself. The problem is that it's hard, and she's afraid of making a fool of herself trying to learn in public. So she does something she's terrified will backfire, and she asks Puck for help. She lucks out: apparently he's wanted to try backflips, too, and hasn't been very successful, either- so they make a deal. They'll use Puck's pool (Sabrina will clean it in exchange for using it) and help each other improve.


The problem is, Sabrina decides, that Puck is just too Sexy. No... just cute. She's sitting across from him at the lunch table at school, trying to concentrate on her friends or her homework or he lunch or anything other than him, but she can't. The sight of him in nothing but a towel around his hips is so distracting, even though it wasn't even this morning- it was yesterday, for goshsakes! So why can't she get the picture out of her mind? It makes her...

Gosh help her, it makes her want him.

And she really can't stand that.

#2 Pencil

"Why is it called the number two pencil?" Puck asks one day at school, studying his yellow writing stick intently.

"Seriously, Puck?" Sabrina, who is trying to study, asks. "That's such an old joke. It's the quality of the graphite. Number one is harder, so it writes lighter, and number three is softer so it leaves darker lines."

"Oh," Puck says. "So it's not because they had a contest and it came in second?"

Sabrina drops her head onto the desk and moans, wondering why, out of all people to crush on, she has to be in love with an idiot.


Veronica doesn't tell many people that the reason she likes to help people so much is that when she was a teenager, she made some mistakes, and her parents kicked her out of the house instead of getting her help. One of her teachers found out, let her stay at her house, and got her back on the right track. Once she graduated, the woman suggested Veronica go to NYC, where nobody would know who she used to be. Veronica did, and started helping right away. Because Mrs. Stewart was her angel, and she wants to be one for others.


Much as Puck's denying that he's growing up, the fact that he's been sprouting like corn in July is getting increasingly obvious. It would be easier to ignore if he were growing into a beanpole, but for some reason he's decided he wants to work out or something, so he's growing out in proportion to his up, and it's turning him into an incredibly attractive young man- much to Sabrina's chagrin. He still claims to be eleven and the same as he ever was, but even he can't deny that his old sweater is now about six inches too short.


Sabrina is short. It's a sad truth, and because Daphne is taller than she is already, and Basil is shooting up like a weed, they've decided that it's probably due to two years of malnutrition. That doesn't make it any less frustrating when Puck comes up next to her and rests his arm on her head, leaning on her and making snide remarks like, "Hey shorty. How's the weather down there?"

She makes a point of reminding him that just because she's short doesn't mean she can't hurt him- and she's always been a believer that physical lessons are best.


On a dare from one of their mutual friends, Puck comes out of his room wearing one of Sabrina's few dresses, which she's donated gladly for the occasion. It fits him horribly- he's only a bit too big in the chest, though it has some loose bits, and hips, but the waist is far too small for him, and he's almost bursting out of it the same way he burst from his room, posing dramatically with his chest out in one direction and his rear in the other, hands on his hips. Sabrina laughs and begins to apply his makeup.

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