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Suggested by Alexandra Jackson Rocks Hades:

New York

Sabrina missed New York. The city was her home, her comfort zone. It's where she grew up, the place she's always known, the place she loves.

Still, now that they're back she can't help feeling that she's lost something. It's not the Everafters. Her mom is working with the ones in the city, and they keep in touch with Granny. Her life is still full of Everafters; with, now, just the right amount of adventure.

But for some reason, even when she's walking through crowded streets downtown, the city feels... empty.

It takes her ages to realize she's missing Puck.


The thing Puck has trouble remembering is that Sabrina kicks butt. He's still got this picture if a twelve-year-old Sabrina jumping into things without thinking, as Sabrina who can fight, but not well enough to save herself from all this. It's hard for him to remember how much she's changed in the past several years, especially since he was gone, and didn't watch it happen. He understands how Henry felt, now. Puck decides from this that the best thing he can do is give Sabrina the freedom to do it herself, instead of protecting the girl she used to be.


The only thing that makes the fights worth it is the making up. Because one thing that can always be said about Puck and Sabrina is that they're passionate. Neither will take life with a come-what-may attitude, and both are filled with the fire of living. This makes their fights worse than anything they think they can deal with, sometimes. But it makes the making up better than anything they've ever experienced, always. Sabrina knows Puck loves her, when they're making up. There's no way his kisses can be this passionate if he doesn't. It almost makes the pain okay.


Daphne and Pinocchio are buying groceries with Granny one summer, and they're waiting for her by a rack of sunglasses, and because she's bored and she's Daphne, even though she's nearly fourteen, she starts trying them on and making funny faces in the mirror on the rack.

"What are you doing?" Pinocchio asks.

"Oh, come on, Pinocchio!" Daphne protests. "Loosen up! I'm having fun! I'm bored!"

"I don't know..." Pinocchio wavers.

"Try on the sunglasses," Daphne orders.

"I... suppose I could..."

Daphne shoves some on his face.

When Granny returns, both Pinocchio and Daphne are modeling sunglasses for each other.

Suggested by hermione321:

Star (inspired by Estrangelo Edessa)

"One... two... three... four... five!" Basil counts in unison with Puck.

Sabrina, who has been outside the room, runs in, excited, calling, "You did it! You counted past three!"

Puck glares at her.

"Oh, I'm so proud of you, Puck!" Sabrina exclaims. "It only took you four thousand years, but you can finally count to five! Oh, this is so exciting! I can finally tell people I'm not dating an idiot! You deserve a gold star, both of you do, for real!" She runs back out of the room, screaming, "Everybody! Puck counted to five! Basil taught Puck to count!"


They're fighting again. Allie hears it in the tone of her parents' voices as they talk around each other, like they're islands in the water of their voices. Allie feels like an island, too, because no matter how many times her parents promise her that they love each other, she can hear that sometimes they hate each other in their voices, and it breaks her heart. She can't talk to Emma about it- she's too young, and she certainly can't talk to her parents about it, so she sits alone in the kitchen at dinner and feels so, so alone.

Suggested by yorkie999777000:


Puck comes home with another cat, and Sabrina sighs- their house is practically turning into a petting zoo, with two dogs, the multiplying rabbits, and now two cats- but she's almost willing to put up with it until she recognizes the cat Puck's holding. The clothes are gone, yes, but this cat is unmistakably Puss in Boots, and that she will not allow. She tells Puck, and he's flabbergasted.

"I had no idea," Puck says, staring at the cat. "Puss in Boots? Seriously?"

Sabrina and the cat both nod.

Puck sighs. "Fine," he says, "We won't keep him."

Puss leaves.


It's the cigarette that sets her off. It's been a bad day, and she's been itching to start a fight for hours, and she comes home and sees Puck smoking.

She snatches the nasty thing out of his hand and demands, "What the heck are you doing?"

"Trying it out," Puck says, his voice as venomous as hers, and she knows they'll be off again now, just like they always are. "Aren't I allowed to do that, mother?"

She doesn't let him see how that hurts her as she readies her response. Because this is how they always are. Fighting.


Steve was a Military man before he moved to Ferryport Landing. He misses it sometimes, but he had to leave. Dishonorable discharge and all that. And when Jack approached him... well, he needed the cash. And it was a chance to fight again, and he's always loved fighting. So he's happy to go beat up someone else, even if it's an old lady, an old man, and two little girls. He's a bit sorry about the little girls. He's always loved them. They're adorable and happy- though this one looks kind of grumpy. Maybe that makes it okay, he decides.


Granny Relda buys Neapolitan ice cream because it's the only kind that satisfies everybody. Red, Mr. Canis, and Henry like the vanilla; Veronica, Daphne, and Relda herself like the strawberry, and Puck, Basil, Sabrina, and Jake like the chocolate. She's found a way to satisfy everybody at once- though they do tend to run out of chocolate a little sooner than the other flavors, maybe because there are more people that like it, maybe because Puck is a bit greedy. Now if only she could make a container of ice cream last more than one night, things would be perfect.


The giants have a memorial for everyone they've lost, year after year after year. Jack killed most of them, and maybe some were evil, maybe some destroyed as many humans as Jack destroyed giants, but not all were. And several were plain old farmers who just stayed up in the clouds until Jack followed them up and started stealing things and stabbing people with that sword of his.

The giant who has Jack shows him the memorial on the way to the queen. He doesn't think Jack is sorry, yet, but he hopes the queen will make him sorry soon.


Daphne tells Sabrina she's going to Alaska to look for vampires (even though Uncle Jake told her they're not real), and Sabrina knows it's about Twilight.

She sighs and says, "I don't know what you see in that book series."

"It's amazing!" Daphne says. "So romantic, and he's so sweet-"

"And Bella's a helpless weakling," Sabrina interrupts, "And he's a creeper."

"He's not!" Daphne protests. "Not really!"

Sabrina sighs. She looks at Red, who shakes her head, and shrugs saying, "You know what? Go to Alaska. But if you want a self-loathing stalker, I can probably find you one here."

Wiener Dog Derby

Arthur misses his dignity. He's missed it since he almost died and, in order to be brought back to life, gave away his kingdom. And now what is he doing? He's refereeing a weiner dog derby for the younger Grimm girl and Beauty, because they wanted to see the dogs race. In soapbox cars. And he's short on cash, so the offer of enough money to pay his rent from Beauty made it worth it. Almost. He's changing his mind, now that he's standing here among small dogs in cars. How the mighty have fallen. He'll never live this down.


Puck can't believe what culture's turned into, suddenly. It's all so incredibly different. He goes to sleep in Greece, and he wakes up in this place called New York, surrounded by strangers.

Mustardseed tells him that he's lost his memory, when he appears, and takes him to his mother's home. Puck supposes this must be true, because everything is so different.

They throw a party hoping it'll spark his memory, but nothing looks familiar. The girl hovering off to the side looking sad fascinates him, though, and he decides he'd like to meet her. Maybe this future isn't so bad.


Wilma Faye is the media in Ferryport Landing. She does everything: weather, news, 'sports' (t-ball), and anything else you could imagine. She hates it, though. She's positive she's meant for greater things- world broadcast news! CNN! NBC! The big stations!

But here she is, stuck in Ferryport Landing, waiting for someone to recognize that her talent is being wasted here. She wonders how long she'll have to wait. She's getting impatient.

She's also getting desperate. So when the house collapses, she's determined to chase this story to its gritty conclusion- and it's looking more and more gritty. She's so close.


Granny left Daphne the house with one caveat: she must hang all the pictures she finds in the house on the walls. In fact, the house wasn't even left to Daphne, it was left to the picture hanger, and Daphne was the only one to accept. Daphne doesn't even know where Granny got the idea for this scheme, but she likes it- until about halfway through. Then she starts getting a bit tired, much as she loves looking at the photos that now coat the walls. When she finishes, Daphne has hung all of seven thousand pictures on the wall.

Glorious Mother Time

The Orangutan in book one just wants to go back to the jungle. He's tired of pretending to be a human- he's not, and he's not cut out to act like he is. 'monkey see, monkey do,' his foot. Besides, he wants to see his mother. And he can't have his glorious mother time without his mother, who is back in the jungle, pretending to be a perfectly ordinary Orangutan who isn't a hundred years old- that would really confuse the scientists, and then they'd study her, and nobody wants that. But he can't leave until the Grimms are dead.


Puck's managed to get himself stuck in a tree, flying after Sabrina while they're having a snowball fight. He's hanging by his painfully-looking tangled wings from some tight branches, and he's dropped all his snowballs.

Sabrina, who's been running desperately from him through the woods, because he's too fast in the open, briefly contemplates helping him. Then he demands she help him down, insulting her in the process, and her mind is made up. She grins. His eyes widen and he realizes that maybe insulting her wasn't the best idea. She throws her snowball. Her grin widens.

"Bullseye," she whispers.


The white rabbit always tries to be on time. He works at it and works at it and works at it until he's driving himself a bit insane- he's always been sure he's too sane for Wonderland, but now he's not positive anymore, and that terrifies him. But he's determined to be on time. It's his eternal endeavor, and he will keep trying. He wonders if someone cursed him to always be late. It would be just like some people. He doesn't know who, but still. He can beat this. He's been on time to one thing this year already!


Technically, Bobby is a Nark. He told their names to the old people and the kids. He'll never live this down. He'll be eradicated from the Book of Goons for this. For saying 'Steve,' he'll be lost forever. His career is ruined now, thanks to one slip-up. It's not his fault that he phased out a bit when they told him not to say anyone's name, or that he slipped and said it while they were there. It's not his fault Steve was being kind of dumb, either. So why should he be ruined forever due to this one mistake?


Wilma's cameraman is pretty sure it's gang violence that's causing all the trouble in Ferryport Landing. He doesn't know why anyone would pick a little town like this, but it's the only thing that makes sense. Hired thugs attacking old ladies, farmer's houses collapsing for no good reason, the party that only select members of the town are invited to...

The whole thing just screams of gang activity.

Wilma disagrees, though. She tells him he's been reading too many detective novels, and this is why he's the cameraman and she's the photographer. He sighs and shuts up. She'll see someday.

Drug dealer

Turns out Jack is a drug dealer. And because the trio are in desperate need of drugs, they're perfectly willing to beat up an old woman and two kids to get them. Besides, maybe they won't need to beat them up. It could just be a threat. Old women and kids scare easy.

Nobody told them about the old man, but that's okay. Old men scare as easy as old women, and they're just as easy to beat up. And they all need the drugs. Desperately. The leader can feel his heart rate go up as he raises his club.


Daphne and Pinocchio fall out of touch once they're grown up. He grows faster than she does, once he figures out how, in spurts and gasps like cars during rush hour (she's always found that funny- nobody rushes anywhere), and she's still in her early teens when he's made it to grown up enough that he can go to college and learn even more. They've got less in common, and he's far too busy for her. But still, it takes his absence for her to realize just how important he was to her, just how much she misses her homie.


What makes everyone laugh, in the end when Basil and Red are finally together and married (and he said he'd be a bachelor forever, they all tease him; and she said she thought of Basil as a little brother, they all tease her), is when Red gets pregnant, not with one kid, or even two like Daphne's twins, but with five. Different. Children. At. The. Same. Time. Basil is frantic, muttering 'Quintuplets!' under his breath over and over, and Daphne's trying to help Red prepare- how can you prepare for this many kids?- and Puck and Sabrina can't stop laughing.


Ichabod wants to be left alone. Everything terrifies him, and people tease him because of it. He hates being teased. It's just... not fair! If they'd been through what he's been through, they'd understand, because they'd be terrified, too! He's very tired of kids dressing up as the headless horseman just to get a few laughs, or break someone out of jail. It's just not right. He doesn't go dressing up as their worst nightmare, does he? So why should they? He just...

He's so done with this. He'll show them. Someday. When he finally gets up the courage to.


It's just a fragment, a toothpick sword, a filament of metal. And the girl holding it is the size of his little finger- smaller, maybe. Definitely thinner. He can take them both, and the second girl, who's just standing there, cowering. They have the smell of the Englishman on them, and if they know something, they can lead him to him, and then he can finally get back home. So he reaches down to the girl to pick her up and put her in his pocket, too, and she stabs him with her toothpick. It hurts. He knows no more.


Bagheera is close friends with Snow White. He has a human disguise that looks similar enough that he could be her brother, so when the situation calls for it, they pretend it's what they are. He's Bob White, Snow's younger brother. But he doesn't like his human disguise and uses it rarely. Unlike most of the others, he didn't come by it naturally, and he has to drink a disgusting nectar sort of thing to get it on, and his shape change isn't natural for him, he feels as if he's wearing someone else's skin. He prefers his own shape.

Cross My Fingers Hope to Die

Cross my fingers hope to die.

It's a silly kid's rhyme. Puck only had her say it because he thought it was a funny way of making sure she'd keep her promise.

Cross my fingers hope to die.

But then she didn't keep it. And he wouldn't have gotten too upset, really, because it wasn't that important.

Cross my fingers hope to die.


Cross my fingers hope to die.

But he never thought it actually meant anything.

Cross my fingers hope to die.

Of all the ways for Sabrina to go out, Puck's pretty sure this is the worst.

Nikola Tesla

Chicken Little has always been a fan of Nikola Tessla, ever since he first discovered that the man existed- long after Chicken Little was born, honestly, so perhaps not quite always. But the man's insane antics paired with the brilliance of his inventions made him feel a sort of kinship with him- here was someone else who was discounted despite the fact that he was just trying to help. And who wouldn't want free the free energy provided by a Tessla coil? Even Chicken Little wanted it, and he was just a chicken, albeit one that was a little different.


The three blind mice are technically one person, they think sometimes. It's like there's an invisible string that binds them together. They think the same things, finish each other's sentences, and are none of them whole.

They also use a literal string to keep themselves together, so they don't run off by themselves and get hurt, or separated, or something horrible like that. Because they're like triplets but not really, and they're determined to stay together for the rest of their Everafter lives, because they love each other that much. Besides, being together is safer than living without each other.

Brad Greene

Mrs. Applebee has always been a fan of Brad Greene. She's so excited to see him on Broadway. It's simply inexcusable that she can't. So she's perfectly happy to turn that British man in for his crimes. Especially now that their house has been smashed. She hopes they can catch him. She really has no idea how the man could have collapsed their house, but she's sure he's at fault. After all, houses don't just fall over on their own, not perfectly sturdy houses that were fine when a woman left them. So this man must be at fault somehow.


Shere Khan is reformed. He's always been a classy sort of villain- just out to eat people because that's what he does. He's a tiger. He eats meat. And it used to be he could only get it still living. But now he's living in Ferryport Landing, and he's discovered the wonders of supermarkets and cooked beef. He loves it. So why is everyone still terrified of him? He's polite, he's gentlemanly, he's not trying to eat them anymore...

He simply does not understand these people. They're ridiculous, and far too low class for him. Though he'd like a friend.


Mr. Applebee is sure that the fuzz will go away. It'll just take time. Then he'll remember. Probably. Because there's no way he could forget that his house has been crushed, not if he was there, not if his wife tells him he remembered just the day before. No way at all. He may be getting up in years, but he's perfectly sound of mind. He's just a bit confused because of all of his medicines.

So the fuzz has to go away. Because really, how could someone forget something as enormous as his house falling down around his ears?

Mysterious Bottle

The mysterious bottle falls as Sabrina's carrying it, breaking and releasing a cloud of smoke around her and Puck. When the smoke clears, she stares up the smaller than usual distance between her and- Puck?

She blinks. Blinks again. "Puck...?" she says slowly.

"What?" He... she... asks.

"You're... a girl." She says, and her voice sounds different. She runs a hand across her face. "And... I'm a boy?"

Puck grins down at her and says, "And I'm still taller than you!"

"Yeah, whatever, great," Sabrina says. "How are we going to get back?"

Puck's face falls. "...Oh," he says softly.

Beard Time

They're on a mission in New York, to reassure Snow about something to do with the dwarves- she was suspicious about something she'd heard, or something. They didn't know if she had any cause to be, and the dwarves didn't think so, but they checked it out anyway.

And now, three weeks later, they're locked in a closet with Mr. Two, and they definitely just heard a plot to kill the dwarves, and Mr. Two is brushing his beard complacently, and they don't understand, but when they ask he just says, "It's beard time. I always clean my beard now."

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