Sequel to "Believe" – can act as a stand alone fic however.

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Abby was watching Gibbs sand down a section of the boat as she sipped on a beer from where she sat on the work counter. "So what's this one gonna be named? Do ya' know yet?" She swung her legs wildly back and forth as if keeping rhythm to a silent song.

Gibbs shrugged lightly, "Had some ideas. Nothing concrete yet."

"What kind of ideas?" She swallowed more beer.

"Thought about naming it The Abby." He paused to take a swig of his own beer.

Her beer was paused in mid-air as she absorbed what he'd said. She lowered it from her mouth slowly, "Re-really? You wanna name the boat after…me?"

Gibbs stood up straight, beer in hand. Cocking his head at the boat as if trying to picture it finished, he started to nod, sipping more beer. "Think it'll work."

Abby leapt from the counter, leaving her beer behind as she ran at Gibbs, arms outstretched. "Oh, Jethro!" She threw her arms around him and jumped so that she wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him fully with excitement.

"Then you like the idea?" Gibbs smirked at her as they pulled away, Abby still held in his arms, and his beer still grasped in his hand around her back.

"I love it!" Abby lowered herself down slowly, straightening his shirt and giggling. "In fact…I can show you just how much I love it…" She wagged her eyebrows at him with a suggestive smile.

Gibbs leaned his head down to her's, "Perhaps I should put my beer down in that case."

Abby took the beer from his hand and placed it on the floor next to the basement wall. "Done. Now…about that boat name." She yanked at the hem of his shirt, inching it up over his head. "Ya know what would be hot?" Abby whispered to him in a raspy voice.

"Hmm?" Gibbs had busied himself with unbuttoning the shiny, black shirt she was wearing.

"There's enough room under the boat frame for us." She licked her lips in anticipation.

"Nothin' to lay you on, Abbs," Gibbs kissed her deeply, unhooking her bra with expertise.

"Who says we need to lie down?" Her hand trailed down his chest to his belt buckle.

Gibbs considered this, stroking her breast as he leaned in to kiss her again. She let out a moan at the touch as she unbuttoned his jeans. "I have a better idea." Without warning, he picked her up, walked them both across the basement and set her back down next to her beer on the work counter. Reaching his hands under her short metal-studded skirt, he yanked her panties down and tossed them to the ground. Kissing her again, he slipped his own pants and boxer briefs off simultaneously, freeing his own erection.

Abby scooted towards the edge of the wood counter, keeping her legs spread wide for Gibbs as he shoved himself up against her. Her skirt remained around her, cushioning her ass as she sat on the wood. Pulling her lips to his, Gibbs thrust into her, feeling her moan through their kiss. "Jethro…" She muttered his name, her voice deep and lustful.

He pounded into her, placing his hands on her ass as he thrust into her. Abby cried out with pleasure, loudly calling Gibbs' name as she edged closer to an orgasm. Digging her fingers into his back, she thrust herself to him before bringing one hand around to play with her clit.

"Come, Abby," Gibbs growled into her ear, still concentrating on his rhythm.

She rubbed herself faster and squeezed her muscles to tighten herself around him as he thrust. She could feel herself rising over the edge and suddenly she shook with the force of the climax, her voice fading in and out as she screamed his name.

Gibbs suddenly increased his speed as he felt her tighten and shudder around him. He waited until her climax was almost through before he pounded harder, allowing himself to fly over the brink and spill into her. He relaxed against her, pulling himself from her as he lifted her off the counter. "If that's what I get everytime I name a boat after you I can always make some small model ships."

Abby chuckled, "That's not really necessary. All you have to do is ask." She winked at him before reaching down teasingly to pick up her panties. "Anytime, anyplace, Jethro." With that, she tossed the panties over her shoulder, still holding them as if they were a shawl and not underwear. "Speaking of…I'm gonna go take a shower now." She grinned at him before she began to scurry up the basement steps.

"Oh, really?" Gibbs grinned back and jogged up the stairs after her.