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The first time I open my eyes I saw was my gray ceiling I like to zone out a few minutes before I wake up in the morning, I undressed myself in my room and throw all my clothes into the basket

After I took a bath I grab my bandage and bind it up around breasts,they already small now look even more smaller,I sigh it such a mystery for me why the others girls want they breasts big anyway I mean they are just get in the way,I feel somehow lucky my breasts are small

Thats why I like to wear baggy orange jump suit not only they are baggy but they hide my breast,eventhough by normal clotches they already look as flat as wall. Its not like the shop owner would give me another piece of clotches for me to wear anyway .This orange jump suit is the only one they would sell it to me

I am not blame them though if they forgot that I am a girl, for all my life I have been acting like fool,idiotic boy. I never let anyone know I have a long silky blonde hair,before I went out usually I tie it in bun chinesse style and slip it in my the back of my head

I prefer to life like a boy, eventhough there are so many great kunoichi in this viliage but without a doubt there are a diffrent ways of teaching between male and female ninja

Female ninja have a lesson like a cooking(well that okay after all I live alone so I can cook),flower arrangement(YUCKS!),sew (not my thing) and the worse how to flirts with male that. Abosolutely .no .way .In .hell. . .

In the other hands male ninja more focus on ninjutsu,taijutsu,genjutsu,etc which will be needed in the fight,I prefer to do more boy like traning it more fun that way. I will be more stronger than any male in this village and proved it to them all that I am not a monster like they said to me

My last thought really made me feel depresssed,I sigh and then I breath in and let it go usually I do that as my fuel of energy,beside today I am determine to ask hokage jiji to give me at least c rank mission because all of this D rank mission made me crazy

With a new feeling I open my door to my new day

Hokkage office,1700

"JIJII give me at least C rank mission!,this D rank mission is full of crap"I glared at jiji before Iruka sensei hit me with his thick book that I-donot-know-where-he-pull-it-at. Its like that book show up whenever he wants it, it crazy I know but belived it, its true

"Its hurt a lot iruka sensei"I whined

"For once I agree with naruto"sasuke suddenly that the first time I heard him said more than three words,I clapped my hand

"Sugoi na sasuke I just knew that you can speak more than three words" after I said that he glare at me with his uchiha its useless for me though I had seen more deadly glare for all my life,I mentallly add

"Naaruto how dare you said that to sasuke"here she come pink haired b***H I pace hit my head in the place where iruka sensei hit me before so it is hurt so much.I looked at iruka sensei searching for help

"Its your fault,please show your respect to hokage sama" Iruka sensei put both of his hand in his waist and back to his I-am-your-teacher-you-are-my-student mode and when he is like this nobody can win

I pout,hokage jiji just laugh and wave his hand at iruka sensei" It is okay iruka, Naruto is right. It is time for me to give you a higher rank mission" he give mehis grandfather smile that never fail to make me feel save since I was a kid

"Izuna san please come in"

If I know this mission is my dome I would never suggest it,but at that time I have not relized how dangerous and how this mission turn out revealed my secret that lead to disaster and misery

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