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There is no refuge from memory and remorse in this world. The spirits of our foolish deeds haunt us, with or without repentance ~Gilbert Parker

Prowl could only stare after the detective in disbelief as she disappeared into the house, wondering where she had gotten the audacity to say such things to him. Ironhide and Lennox were quite blatantly laughing, which made no sense to him. Just what was so humorous about the human talking to him so? He was not arrogant, he was smarter and he knew it; it wasn't his fault that she didn't recognize the fact. He had millions of years of experience and a processor more advanced than even that of some of his fellow Autobots. There was no arrogance, only knowledge, like that which showed him her presence in the 'case' was completely unnecessary. And a prick? Sure parts of his form were sharp, but he was not prickly. Human insults were completely illogical and her comments had no basis.

The continued disrespect to his authority were another issue altogether. How was he supposed to get anything done when he had an organic version of the twins he had to keep taking care of? Lennox was already one human too many, he didn't have need of another; let alone a belligerent one.

Ironhide was still chuckling over the comm as Lennox climbed back into his cab and the two Autobots pulled out of the driveway.

Prowl's hologram disappeared with a 'pop' as the projector finally gave out, the motor smoking at the constant use. 'There is nothing humorous about the situation Ironhide. She is constantly disobeying my commands and the blatant disrespect is intolerable.'

He failed to see why Ironhide continued his chuckling or saw fit to broadcast Lennox's laugh through the comms as well. If their roles had been reversed he knew for certain that the weapons specialist would certainly not be laughing.

'I like her.' Ironhide supplied.

The tactician would have rolled his optics if he was prone to such human habits. Instead he settled for a puff from his vents. 'She should be removed from the case.'

Logically Ironhide should agree with him, but Prowl was fully aware of the truck's appreciation of some of the humans, and so was half prepared for a disagreement. He wasn't expecting the black behemoth to let out a vent and say, 'She should be, but we can't.'

Prowl pulled himself up alongside the truck as they patrolled the emptying streets. Snow was piling up faster than human plows would be able to clear it. It wouldn't be long before the two Autobots would be the only ones on the road. 'It is illogical to continue keeping her presence around. We both know the Decepticons are behind this. Barricade has already kidnapped a human in this town. Major Lennox knows what he is up against; it will do no good to bring in another human who is unprepared for what she will end up facing.'

The humans already failed almost miserably against the Decepticons unless they were large in numbers and with their heaviest artillery. An officer with nothing but a 9mm would be helpless; a distraction that couldn't be afforded this late in the war. Not when the end was so close.

'The Decepticons know she is with you. They will try to target her just as they have Will and Sam.' Judging by the complete lack of reaction from the soldier in Ironhide's cab, Prowl reasoned that he had silenced the comm so that the conversation could be kept just between the two.

'I am not her Guardian; there is no reason for the Decepticons to target her. She is an insignificant human caught in something too big for her to handle. We must distance her from it as soon and as much as possible.' Targeting the officer wouldn't get the 'Cons anything, just as targeting the other victims hadn't been getting them anywhere, not in the fighting at least.

'But the 'Cons know that you have been around her. Your signal was on her and now Barricade's is all over her and her totaled car.' Prowl's engine sputtered as he processed this new information. He hadn't bothered scanning her since that morning and hadn't given a second thought to his own coding radiating from her. After all, his signature suppressors were all on the outside of his frame, he'd never had to worry about the things that came in contact with the inside of his vehicle mode.

Ironhide continued, the growling lit to his voice growing stronger with the need to blow apart some sort of enemy. 'Barricade had to opportunity to take her or kill her and he didn't. But he did take her ex-partner, which means that you and her are both targets.'

'He's tauntin' ya Prowlers.' A new voice cut through the supposedly private comm line. This time Prowl nearly drove right off the road and Ironhide stalled, swerving just in time to avoid a passing car.

'Jazz?' Both mechs questioned. Prowl's battle programming kicked into overdrive. It wasn't Jazz, it couldn't be him. He was dead, ripped in half; his spark had been crushed by Megatron. It was an imposter, it had to be. Some sort of sick trick. Soundwave had to be behind it. He threw up every firewall he had, determined to shove the intruder out with as much pain as possible.

Everything he threw at the imposter was easily batted down and slipped past. No one was that good, no one except…but it couldn't be! 'Come on Prowlers! Don't be like that! It's the one and only! 'Ole Ratch' fixed meh right up!'

Prowl's processor was running hard, flickering in and out as the dead mech's heavily accented voice reverberated through the comm. Not even Soundwave would have been able to slip past those firewalls that easily. The 'Con preferred to bash them down anyways, not quietly and stylishly avoid them altogether. That had always been Jazz's specialty and trademark. But slaggit he had seen the body!

Ironhide let out a loud laugh, 'Never thought I'd be so happy to hear a mech back from the dead!'

'How?' Prowl manage out over the stream of humming that the couldn't-be-Jazz was sending out.

A data pack pinged through, releasing a plethora of information that would take a day to speak in the human language. The Allspark fragment, Primus, a choice to move on or come back and a very detailed, active spark signature. It was Jazz.

The tactician's processor gave a loud 'crack!' before Ironhide suddenly found himself the only conscious Autobot in the area.

'Thanks Jazz, you broke him.' He rumbled as he played out the conversation to Lennox.

Jazz's lilting laughter filled the comm as Prowl's systems booted back online.

'Wasn't out long this time.' Ironhide noted.

'Ah slag, and here I was hopin' returning from the dead would knock him out a bit longer. He's gettin' better.' Jazz hummed.

'Some of it must have proven somewhat logical to him. Ratchet is still going to scrap you for it.'

Jazz laughed, his exuberant mood flowing through the comm. 'Nah, he spent too long puttin' meh back together to slag meh over jus' yet.'

'How long have you been online?' Prowl barged back into the conversation, his tone taking on the usual growl of post-crash irritation.

There was a click of hesitation as the Spec Ops commander no doubt calculated every second. 'Three kliks.'

Prowl was already sending a data packed lecture to Prime and demanding to know just why he had not been informed of the attempted—and obviously successful—use of the Allspark shard to revive the second lieutenant.

'More importantly,' Jazz continued, and both mechs could imagine him waving a hand to figuratively brush off the topic of his return to the living. 'What's this I hear abou' 'old Prowler pickin' up a human charge?'

'I have not. An insolent detective simply refuses to follow basic orders.' Prowl growled, the relief of having the lieutenant returned would come later; he hated crashing and usually everything and bot that caused one.

'I like 'er already!' Ironhide and Lennox laughed and Prowl found himself once again wishing the weapons specialist would keep his human out of their conversations. But despite many personality flaws—a new one being his readiness to like a renegade detective—Jazz was still a spectacular spy and saboteur; surely he would see the logic in keeping humans at arms' length from the Decepticons, regardless of his irrational infatuation with anything alien.

'And as Ironhide has stated, the Decepticons know that we have been working with her. It would be most logical to cease all contact. Humans have no place in this fight.' Surely he would agree to such logic.

Whatever Lennox had started to snap out through Ironhide's comm was overruled by Jazz, 'Ah contraire Prowls, Barricade was tauntin' you with this latest stunt. This is between the two of ya, which means he's gonna target any human ya come into prolonged contact with. Even if ya dump an' run, he'll still go after 'er.'

Prowl vented as the two Autobots started back on the road, he really should have known better than to put his hope in Jazz of all mechs. 'What is one human life? There are more important things we must be discussing, such as what the Decepticons are up to with all of these human abductions.'

Jazz cut across Ironhide again, his tone unusually dark and accent-free, 'All life is precious Prowl. If we can prevent a single needless death then we must do so.'

It shut the tactician up on the particular topic quite thoroughly. After all, who was he to argue about the value of life to a mech who had experience death? So for now, Prowl would allow the illogical value of a life that was fleeting even in its entirety to pass uncorrected.

'Besides!' The smaller mech continued in a lighter voice, accent back full force, 'Humans are perfect fer discreet missions! They can slip in an' out without any 'Con bein' any wiser!'

The black and white Autobot should have already figured that Jazz would find a use for anything and everything. He certainly had the optic for details most mechs would miss. Perhaps the tactician could find a use for the saboteur himself sooner than he had anticipated. Collecting together a data pack of all that he had encountered on the detective's case, he sent it to Jazz. 'What do you make of this?'

Perhaps if the case had an element of logic or pattern to it he would have been able to figure out the Decepticons' plans; but Starscream was in charge, which brought in an entirely unpredictable variable that left nothing to logic. The Air Commander's mind was a twisted mine field, which was what made him so dangerous. But with a mech equally unpredictable looking into it, then maybe there was a chance at figuring out the plan before it could be fully put into effect.

Jazz was humming over the comm as he looked over the pack, never once allowing the air waves to fall silent. Prowl left him to his musings as Prime finally responded on a separate channel.

'I apologize for not alerting you to the event. Ratchet had been doubtful of its success and I did not wish to stir false hope. Jazz was supposed to go straight into stasis so that Ratchet may run a diagnostic and ensure his health. I am sure he will be pleased to know his patient is awake and active on the comms.' There was a note of light humor to the Prime's voice that clued Prowl to the rather obvious fact that the medic would most certainly not be pleased to find that Jazz was faking his stasis.

'Ah Prowler, way to spoil mah fun! I'll have ta get back to ya once the Hatchet releases me from stasis. Spoil sport!' Then the saboteur was gone, the sudden quiet almost blaring after all of the constant noise.

The two Autobots continued down the road in relative silence, each lost in their own thoughts. They had Jazz back, a miracle and blessing in and of itself, but there was always a danger to it. If the Allspark had enough power to revive him, did it still have enough to revive others? And should the Decepticons ever hear of this, then protection of the shard would have to double, if not triple. They couldn't risk the possibility of Megatron ever being brought back. It took millions of vorns to finally be rid of him, and their numbers were too far and spread out to be able to survive another millennia under his assault. Whether the last 'Con be offlined on this planet or not, Prowl knew in his spark that however insignificant the Earth may be on its own, it would be the location of the final turning point in the war. Win or lose, he knew there would be some sort of end that started here.

It was one of those rare times where Prowl allowed part of his processor to wonder towards the future. It wasn't logical of course; there were too many variables to accurately start planning for a future after the fighting. His specialty was predicting the enemy's moves and countering them before they happened after all. But there were times, such as that very moment, when memories of the past and hope for the future would collide. Moments from before the fighting were buried so deep they needed almost outdated access codes to get to. But Prowl didn't focus on those, not on this night. Analyzing the past only made him remember all of his failures, all of the times he failed to accurately predict the enemy's moves. No, this night, coasting along besides the hulking figure of Ironhide as the snow continued to pile up around them, Prowl let his processor wonder towards a future without fighting. Even though logic said that the war would someday end, it was a surprising difficult image to picture. Would they stay on Earth for the rest of eternity? Until the very soil gave out beneath their pedes and they were forced to find a new planet when this one had come to the end of its life? Cybertron couldn't be restored, not with only a single measly shard of the Allspark left. The very thought tore at his spark; his home would remain forever dark and desolate and he would be stranded on a planet with a specie that insisted on ignorantly destroying their home all in the name of some luxurious comforts.

What was the value of one when there were nine billion others? How could he see an equal value of life with a species so overpopulated when his own kind numbered less than a hundred? And the pitiful number was dropping seemingly every day and would continue to do so until the last Decepticon had been destroyed. Even then, there was no Allspark; there would be no new life. There really was no long-term future for the Cybertronians no matter the outcome of the war.

And there would be no hope for a future for the Autobots if he didn't find out what the Decepticons were up to and stop them. Either Starscream's plan would actually be accomplished or the organic death toll would become too high for the human government to continue providing asylum on their planet. Neither option was ideal, so Prowl shoved all musings out of his processor. He needed to be focused on the here and now, it was illogical and counterproductive to spend too much time fretting over the future; not when what dictated that future was what he did in that moment.

Ironhide hit the intersection and coasted right, back up towards the mountain where they had picked up the detective. The snow was getting too deep for Prowl to easily plow through up there, but they couldn't leave possible clues to the Decepticon's recent actions to just sit and be buried beneath the frozen water. So the weapons specialist and soldier journeyed back up whilst Prowl turned left, back towards the town. Hacking into the police and hospital records was pathetically easy, but it still didn't tell him much. Only that the Decepticons had spared no human from torture and most had appeared to have used up all of their body's fat reserves and then some. Physical labor perhaps? But what could humans possibly be able to do that a Cybertronian could not?

Prowl revved as the snow splattered across his form and splashed up on his undercarriage, this was Starscream and the Decepticons; it didn't matter if they could do something on their own, if they could subjugate any race into doing it for them, then they would simply on principle. Other than labor, what other use could Starscream have for abducting so many humans? Leverage would be the obvious motive. He would simply have to threaten a few hostages and Prime's bleeding spark would force the Autobots to stand down. But the Decepticon leader hadn't played that card, even in the direct conflicts they had had in the recent months when he had been outnumbered and beaten back. There had been perfect opportunities, and not a single one had been utilized. It went against everything the tactician knew of Starscream. What was he up to?

It was then that his sensors picked up an anomaly in the otherwise pristine snow that surrounded him. Following the tire tracks that had the barest hint of a Cybertronian signature, Prowl worked to decode whose signal he had stumbled upon while stretching his sensors further. There, the tracks coasted around a corner before appearing to have slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road, where they joined with the prints of a human. Barely a foot away from the last human print, the snow was smashed and turned up in a way that could only mean some sort of struggle. Creeping along the road, Prowl followed the track, recreating what happened as he took in every little detail laid out before him. The human tracks continued, it had been moving quickly and off balanced; one track was different from the other, thicker and dragging slightly. Most likely the human—a male judging by the size of the prints—had some sort of cast or boot on one foot.

The tire tracks compacted down to ice; the vehicle had gunned it, tires spinning before shooting off. And there it was, the splattering of blood across packed snow, still in the process of freezing. The human had been hit, and drug, as it appeared. There! A piece of clothing lying shredded in the snow, compressed into the blood and ice in the left track. Driving over it gave his scanners unimpeded access to the data it held. The human's DNA was not in any government system, but the cloth had most certainly come into contact with vehicle that had run the male over, the signal on it was quite clear. Barricade. And he had been there barely one Earth hour ago.

Prowl revved as he followed the blood trail. It seemed the Decepticon was nowhere near done taunting him and had turned to running down humans who were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The blood trail continued down the block and around the corner, where Prowl discovered the shredded remains of a left arm. Further down and the blood increased exponentially, along with a grotesque appearance of slices of skin and muscle. Driving alongside the carnage, the Autobot was careful to avoid the sharp metal jacks that were obviously responsible for the bodily destruction. There was a perfect one hundred jacks, each clinging to red strained organic matter. Down and down the empty street he went, taking special note of every detail, he had no need of camera footage when he could perfectly simulate a video of what had happened; all that was left was the find where it had ended. Almost a full mile from the initial hit, Prowl pulled up alongside the body; or rather, what was left of it.

Whoever it had been was unidentifiable, but the crushed medical boot put the final piece into place. Dents on the side of the boot showed that for whatever reason, Barricade had tried to take this human, who had shoved his boot in the door before the Decepticon could close it. The human had then taken the chance to dive out of the faux Mustang and make a run for it. Irritated, infuriated or just for the sadistic pleasure of it, Barricade ran the male down, hitting him with enough force to snap the bones in his legs. Face-down in the snow, the organic then had his legs run over, where his boot had caught on Barricade's bumper, resulting in the mile-long drag. Most likely to dislodge the man, the Decepticon had then released the jacks; though it appeared he only came loose when the 'Con had gone in reverse, crushing the boot that had held him there.

Regardless of his opinion on their lifespan, nothing deserved a death so painful, and he could only hope the man had had the fortune of dying quickly. Gathering the necessary details, the black and white mech sent off an alert to the necessary humans to get the mess cleaned up, along with an edited report to the police signed by Agent Row. It would be cleaned and closed up by the time dawn arrived.

With that taken care of, Prowl turned and headed back towards the residential area of town. He certainly wasn't Officer Blake's Guardian, but with Barricade having been so close so recently, it was logical to at the very least patrol the area; at least until Ironhide returned from the mountain. The moment he passed by of the detective's house—dark and silent as he'd suspected it would be—the weapons specialist contacted him over the comm.

'Prowl, these people haven't been dead for more than six hours. And they all reek of the Decepticons.' Ironhide stated, sending the tactician all of the information he had gathered on the pile of bodies.

'Whatever Starscream is doing, we at least have a temporary advantage of knowing who all is at their base then, wherever it may be.' Prowl responded, making an idle note of how each new human had died and whose signatures were on the bodies. The amount of Energon that was being spilled on the organics was concerning. In the beginning he had hoped it to mean one of the Decepticons was injured, but with each new body that had the tell-tale burns, he was starting to suspect that it was purposefully being applied; though if it was for experimentation or torture he couldn't say.

'I don't like this Prowl; it's too obvious, too taunting. Barricade knew their personal dumping grounds had been discovered and yet he came back to them. And the strength of some of these signals is too strong to be done on accident.' Ironhide growled.

'Starscream is starting his end game. He wants us to know what he is doing now.' It was only logical. Even if the plan wasn't perfectly finalized, the Air Commander was a show boater, a full blown diva as the humans called him; he thought he was smarter than everyone else and he had to prove it, rub it in their faces. All the better, Prowl figured; after all, it consistently tipped the odds back into the Autobot's favor. Starscream had some strong points—there was a reason he had been Second in Command for most of the war—but keeping his arrogance in check was not one of them.

'Arrogant fraggers. How the slag are so many of them hiding in one place?'

It was a fair question, and one that Prowl knew the answer was bad news for the Autobots, especially with the current absence of Blaster, 'Soundwave is most likely in orbit hiding the location of their base.'

'Well how do we find it then?' Ironhide snapped, the growl deep and resonating even through the comm. Firefights were his specialty, the intricacies of cloaking and hacking simply further itched his trigger finger.

'The bodies.' Prowl started, 'The Decepticons are too disgusted by everything they deem below them to allow deceased humans to remain on their base long. Barricade is the one who dumped them, and there are no news reports of rampaging Mustangs, so we know that their base must be within a six hour drive radius at reasonable speeds.'

'That's a lot of land Prowl, we can't search it all.' Perhaps Ironhide's human charge did provide some use after all, at least it seemed he had managed to put some logic in the truck's processor where others had failed. Years ago the black mech would have sped off in an instant, calling back that he would search every square inch if he had to.

'We know it is out of this state, Starscream is too smart to dump bodies on his own doorstep. The remains and Barricade's taunting have to be to throw us off.'

'Where do we start?' If he were to follow protocol directly, then he would alert Prime to everything, call for reinforcements for the search. But that wouldn't be logical. The moment Autobots started swarming the surrounding areas then the Decepticons would know they were on to them. They would pack up and clean up and leave nothing but a pile of bodies behind. No, this was a mission that had to be carried out with the utmost discretion. Jazz would be the best option, but he was unavailable for an undetermined amount of time and they couldn't afford to wait for him.

Prowl vented heavily as he reached the end of the street and turned back around. He didn't like it; in fact he despised the very idea, but they needed someone who knew every detail of the case and the land around them. 'We start with the detective.'

It would only be temporary of course. The astrosecond he had all he needed from her then she was gone from the case, and preferably the state. But for now, he'd have to endure her company until he could get everything she knew out of her; logically this should prove relatively easy. Her continued presence would not last long.

'This,' Ironhide stated, 'I can't wait to see.'

Prowl had no idea what he meant by that.

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