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"Who do you prefer, your majesty?"

The Emperor of Japan looked down from where he was seated, eyebrows twitching. Ever since he had revealed that he prefered men over women – one that had shocked most of the people in his country – his court had been urging him to claim one of the candidates as his own.

Not even sending the concubines a second glance, Tezuka Kunimitsu said, "Oishi, how many times have I told you that I am not the least bit interested in starting a relationship with any of them right now?"

Oishi Syuichirou, his advisor – and personal worrywart – shook his head. "Please, your majesty. At least choose one of them to spend the night in your chambers. You do not have to do anything other than to talk with them, if you wish."

If he were the type to sigh, Tezuka would have. He gave the concubines in front of him a cursory glance, gauging their reactions.

There was a redhead that seemed to be totally and utterly bored, glancing to his left and right, as though looking for someone. When magenta eyes finally caught the teal ones of Niou Masaharu, one of the Generals under his army Commander, he grinned widely, not at all paying attention to the Emperor.

The one in the middle was a demure looking bluenette, whose head was bowed respectfully, although when he straightened up again, the sapphire orbs that pierced through him gave him a sort of respect for the bluenette. Perhaps he would speak with him sometime, but he knew that 'talking' came with consequences, and he felt that the bluenette would not be compatible with him, relationship wise.

The last one was a brunette, with sand coloured hair, and cerulean eyes that were similar yet entirely different to that of the blunette's standing beside him. Both had the ability to pierce through him, as though looking past him into his soul, the those of the blunette's had been cold and proud with a little arrogance, but those staring at him that very moment were mischevious and twinkling.

"Your majesty, your choice?"

Tezuka felt a mirgraine coming on, and thus, to save himself further pain, he gestured a hand towards the brunette standing at the right, before the servants whisked him away to his bedchambers, and the concubine to prepare for joining him that night.

Of course, ever watchful ruler that he was, he didn't miss the relieved sighs from Generals Yagyuu Hiroshi, Niou Masaharu, and Commander Sanada Genichirou.

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