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My first kiss

"I'm so tired!" I awake from the sound of Misaki's voice and look over to the door, watching him walk in with a paper bag in his hands. "Next time you can go get the damn burger yourself."

Master chuckles as he closes the door behind him, his eyes never leaving the brunet. He slowly follows Misaki to the kitchen and wraps his arms around the boy as he's come to a halt.

"Baka, what are you doing?" Misaki mutters, a faint blush decorating his round cheeks. Carefully placing the bag onto the counter, he looks over to me. His eyes wear an empty look, as if he's thinking of something, and he doesn't even struggle when master suddenly starts kissing his neck. Whatever is going on in his head must be very important.

"Misaki, I love you." It's only a soft whisper, but I can still hear the man's confession even from this distance. A small smile creeps onto his face as he starts roaming his hands over Misaki's clothed chest.

I can hear my brother sigh. "Sheesh, they've just gotten back and he's already in the mood?" I can't help but wonder…is master ever not in the mood? Sometimes I really think that he is absolutely insatiable, but I guess that it's simply his way of expressing his love for Misaki.

Suddenly, Misaki swiftly moves away from master and laughs somewhat nervously. "I was really surprised to bump into Kamijou today."

"Me too," master admits, making no move to pounce on Misaki, "Come to think of it, he still needs to return those books he's borrowed. I should call him so he doesn't forget."

Misaki eyes widen dramatically and his jaw drops. "Wh-what? Usagi-san and Kamijou are acquaintances?" He seems really taken aback by master's remark, like he has discovered something very shocking. That confuses me though. If I remember correctly, Kamijou is that guy that frowns so much. Has Misaki never seen that man around here?

"I think that he always visits when Misaki isn't home." It's hard for me to remember; Hiroki has been here a couple of times to borrow books from master, or to get his own books back. They both seem to have a love for literature, especially Hiroki.

"Well, he did mention that he's a literature professor."

"I believe that he's Misaki's teacher," I say in reply, "The boy doesn't seem to like him all that much though. It must be because he always acts like he's angry or annoyed."

My brother hums in agreement. "You did mention that he has a lover, right? How did you find out?"

"Well, he sometimes gets phone calls from another guy who calls him 'cute', and master is writing novels about him and that lover." Actually, I was very surprised to find out that Hiroki has a lover as well. Whoever the guy is, he must have the patience of a saint. His name was…Nowaki, I think. I can't really remember, because I haven't read Junai Egoist in a while—master has been too busy with his normal novels. [1]

Speaking of Junai Egoist…I wonder if Hiroki knows that master is writing those novels about him. Has he ever read any of them?

"You want him to read that stuff?! Brother, I'm starting to believe that you have a BL fetish." He sighs mentally, as if he's mocking me.

"Fetishes are good for you; they give you a reason to be happy with your life."

"Why would you need a fetish if you have an entire family living here? Aren't we the reason why you should be happy?" Brother sounds like he's…jealous. This is the first time I've heard him talk like that. "What? Don't be ridiculous! Of course I'm not je—"

"Usagi-san!" Our conversation is cut off by Misaki's sudden whining. "Come on, just tell me!"

Master simply looks away, slowly walking off to the stairs as he ignores the cries of his lover. Shouldn't he be glad that Misaki is interested in his matters? Why is he giving him a cold shoulder all of a sudden?

Large green eyes dart around the room, until Misaki's gaze locks on me. His brows are furrowed in thought, and his lips are clenched shut. Then, he looks back at master, a blush covering his face. "Fine," he says, "I'll do as you ask, so close your eyes."

Wait, is Misaki…going to kiss master? It seems so unbelievable, but why else would he ask him to close his eyes?

The expression on master's face tells me that he is just as confused and surprised as I am, but there's also a tiny little smile on his lips. "Are you serious?" he asks, a small laugh evident in his voice.

"Just hurry up!" I can't suppress the giggle as I notice the determined look Misaki is wearing, but I'm caught completely off guard as the brunet walks over to me and takes me in his arms, carrying me towards master. What in the world is he trying to do? Is he going to use me as a shield to protect himself against master's 'attacks'?

Master's face comes closer and closer, his eyes closed as he's waiting for something to happen. When I'm just an inch away from him, Misaki freezes for a moment, but then presses my mouth against master's.

Wait, does this mean that master is kissing me? What the heck is going on in here?!

As I try to recover from the shock, I'm starting to concentrate on the feeling of master's lips on mine. His mouth is surprisingly soft, and the feeling is strangely pleasurable. Still, it's hard for me to describe the weird feeling I get in my belly. So this is what it feels like to be kissed by someone…

"How can you even feel that much? Isn't it just a light kiss?"

"Well excuse me for having a sensitive mouth!" I spit back at him. Sheesh, does he have to ruin this special moment? This is my first kiss for crying out loud; I'm supposed to be enjoying and savoring this moment to the fullest…or that's what I've read in various romance novels.

It only lasts for a few mere seconds, and then master opens his eyes again. I can easily see the irritation in his eyes as he stares over my shoulder, probably looking at Misaki. His frustration is understandable though; I'd be disappointed if someone refused to kiss me on the lips as well.

Two strong arms surround Misaki as he tries to run away, trapping him between master's body and mine.

"Why is it always so easy to see through your lies?" the man growls, his grip tightening. I wonder if Misaki realizes how much he's hurting master, but I can't really think straight right now. The kiss made me feel weird, and I'm still a little dazed. Now I finally understand why humans enjoy kissing their lovers so much. Yet, I find it odd that my stuffed body is feeling so fluttery all of a sudden. Is that normal?

Closing his eyes, Misaki leaned in as he was met with the wonderful feeling of Akihiko's lips on his. He could feel himself shiver with pleasure as those cold hands ran down his bare back, but his body felt so hot that even those freezing fingertips left burning tickling sensations on his skin.

As Akihiko deepened the kiss, shapeless emotions dwelled up inside of him, and he could feel butterflies in his stomach as he was overwhelmed by his love for the lovely brunet. He would never love anyone like he loved Misaki.

That's right…I remember now. The feeling is often described as 'butterflies in your stomach', and it means that you are excited to be kissing that person. Does that mean that I…love master? I mean, of course I love master, but not like that! That would be weird, because he's human and I'm a teddy bear. Besides, I can say for sure that I don't love him, because I want him to stay with Misaki. They're happy together, so why would I want to have master all to myself?

"Are you seriously thinking that you could be in love with a human being?" my brother butts in again.

"I know that I'm not in love with him," I answer, a little annoyed by his apathetic behavior, "If I were in love with him, I'd want to steal him away from Misaki, and I don't want that at all." Truth be told, I am kind of happy that master was the first one to kiss me. It does make me feel happy inside.

Yet, despite that, I hope that Misaki and master will stay together and love each other forever. I want master to be truly happy, with that adorable brunet by his side…and the rest of our big happy family.

[1 - Suzuki-san started reading Junai Egoist after his first meeting with Hiroki :P]

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