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Pretty green eyes

It appears that I was right; Misaki is now living with us. He and master seem to get along a lot better than before, but Misaki still yells at him occasionally. Right now, he's in the kitchen making breakfast for the both of them. Misaki is almost like a woman; he can cook, clean and he does the dishes and the laundry. I think women like that are called 'housewives', but I'm not sure. Either way, Misaki fits that role perfectly, despite the fact that he's a boy.

Master, who has been sitting next to me in the living room, slowly rises from his seat and walks over to the kitchen. He opens one of the cabinets and takes out a mug and turns on a certain machine that makes brown juice… or something…

"That 'brown juice' is called 'coffee'," my brother teaches me and I sigh mentally, "Humans drink coffee to get an energy boost so they can get through the day." I guess master needs that, because he often locks himself up in his office to work all night. No wonder he looks like a zombie whenever he's finished another novel, but fortunately he has his coffee.

When I look at my owner again, however, it doesn't look like he's really interested in his coffee. He's staring at Misaki with a contented look on his face, a look that I could almost translate to 'I'm so glad you're in my life.'

"So corny…" brother mutters.

"Shut up!" I reply, "I'm just happy that master doesn't seem so sad anymore." Ever since Misaki started living here, his mood has become a lot better and he smiles more frequently. At least he's not heartbroken because of Takahiro anymore. Maybe he has realized that he is in love with Misaki.

"Uhm, yeah… They like… had sex two days ago." Wow, is he serious? Does that mean that they're lovers now? That's great!

"U-Usagi-san, what are you doing?" Hearing Misaki's voice causes me to look up at the 'lovers', only to see that master has wrapped his arms around Misaki. "Could you let go? I'm trying to cook here." Master says nothing and just tightens his embrace some more, pulling the boy even closer. His lips latch on to the other's exposed neck and Misaki mewls softly. "S-seriously, cut it out! This is dangerous."

"I can't," master replies dryly, "I'm out of Misaki." After those words leave his lips, he pulls the boy away from the stove and drags him towards the couch. Misaki struggles and yells at him, ordering him to put him down, but my owner doesn't listen to him. While that is one of the things that I like about master, it would be good if he'd listen to Misaki's wishes every once in a while.

"Oi, let go of me!" Misaki yells, now sitting on master's lap next to me. I can hear my brother sigh as the boy struggles to break free and my eyes study the couple curiously. The two are facing each other, their upper bodies barely touching as a soft pink color decorates the brunet's face. Master places a finger on Misaki's plump lips to silence him and then runs a hand through the rich chocolate brown locks. I have to say that Misaki's hair looks incredibly soft, but unfortunately I can't touch it.

They just sit there for a while, just looking into each other's eyes, both of them wearing a small smile on their faces—although Misaki's is very, very small. It appears that he doesn't want to admit that being with master makes him happy, but as soon as said man places his own lips on the boy's, his eyes flutter shut. They're kissing, how sweet. Master slowly pulls him closer, one hand on his back while the other is still in his messy hair. Misaki's trembling hands find their way up to my owner's broad shoulders, one of them travelling to the back of the man's strong neck.

Seeing master and Misaki like this makes me realize that the two really love one another. They're obviously far away, in their own fantasy world, where there's nothing or no one else. When master pulls back for just a mere second, I notice that their tongues are intertwined, gently playing. It really reminds me of that novel I read about master and Takahiro. I wonder if he's already writing those novels about himself and Misaki.

"Mmm…" I stare at the couple again as Misaki moans softly into the other's mouth, followed by master's chuckle. A large hand travels to Misaki's cheek and fingertips caress the apple cheek slowly. Feelings of happiness and endearment fill my imaginary heart and I smile inwardly at the two. Master seems so happy, so purely in love that it almost makes me want to cry tears of joy—which I unfortunately can't.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity of watching, Misaki breaks the kiss and moves backwards, master's hand still on his back to prevent him from falling. His blush only intensifies as he stares into those dark lavender eyes, obviously enchanted by them. Despite the fact that he's undoubtedly very pleased, he still tries to hide it.

"I love you, Misaki." By now, the brunet's face flushes to a bright red color, one that I can only describe as utterly adorable. Once again, master chuckles before he releases the boy, allowing him to get away. Surprisingly though, Misaki remains there on his lap, an action that confuses me and my brother. Then, for a tiny moment, large green eyes stare at me, and Misaki blinks a few times before getting off.

"Where are you going?" master asks, his voice sounding like a purr. He has this almost predatory look in his eyes, as though he wants to devour Misaki.

In a swift movement, Misaki dashes towards the stairs and goes to the room where the rest of my family is staying. I hear the sound of rustling and master furrows his brows, probably wondering—just like me—what the boy is up to. Our curiosity is stilled as Misaki returns with a polka-dotted piece of cloth in his hand—no, two in fact. I recognize it as the ribbons that master's bought for me and I can hear my brother hum happily as Misaki walks over to him. He takes off the blue ribbon that my brother is wearing and throws the red and white dotted patch around his neck, tying it into a perfect bow.

"Misaki is so nice," brother says happily as Misaki walks to my couch. I study the brunet's face carefully while he changes my ribbon for me. His eyes are large and a lively green color—the exact same color of the leaves during springtime—mixed with countless other shades of verdant. They look beautiful, innocent, sweet—they wear every characteristic that fits his personality. Needless to say, I really like Misaki and I'm glad that he's living here with us. Although I had my doubts about him at first, he's actually a very nice and kind person.

"There we go," Misaki says as he moves back, smiling proudly at himself for changing my plain purple ribbon to a white one with pink dots. My eyes find master, who is staring at the boy with a smirk visible on his face. Perhaps it's simply because of the age difference, but my owner looks a lot manlier than Misaki.

"You want to change my clothes too?" he asks, his expression somehow… playful? I've never seen him look like that whenever he was with Takahiro.

"What…no! You stupid perverted rabbit!" With that, Misaki stomps away from us, his face bright red. He's obviously embarrassed by what master just said, but I think I can understand why. If I remember correctly, I've read that humans wear clothes to cover themselves, because it's embarrassing to be naked.

"Yes, humans are weird." Can't argue with that, but it's also what makes them fascinating.

"Mi-sa-ki," master purrs again, that hungry look back in his narrow violet eyes as he stands up straight.

"Uh-oh... He always makes that face whenever he wants to pounce on Misaki." What does he mean by 'pounce'?

Almost too fast for me to process, master grabs the boy by his arm and pushes him down onto the couch where my brother is sitting, earning countless protests from his younger lover.

"Wa-wait, get off me!" Misaki yells, trying to push the man away, "The stove's still on and I have to make breakfast."

As expected, master does not comply and simply smirks. He locks both of Misaki's wrists in one hand and showers his face with soft, fluttery kisses. "Breakfast can wait," he says, his smirk even noticeable in his voice, "I'm still hungry for more Misaki."

I think that I have just discovered what 'pounce' means.

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