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Red lipstick

"Damn Usagi, wake up!" I'm rudely awakened as Misaki barges into master's room once again, holding one of author's books in his hand. "What the hell is this?! You said that it would just be one novel, so why is my name in this one as well?" Wait a minute… is he referring to those BL novels that master writes? Does that mean that master is writing love stories about Misaki and himself?

I can feel something move next to me and I hear an irritated grumble coming from underneath the sheets. Seems like master is awake… The man sits up slowly and looks over his shoulder with a glare, obviously pissed off as usual. You'd think the boy would learn, but apparently he doesn't.

"What did you say?" master says, his voice dangerously low. Crap, he really is pissed. "I didn't hear you just now. Could you repeat yourself?" In slow gestures, he crawls out of the bed and walks over to the helpless brunet, who is staring at him with wide eyes.

"Ah, i-it's nothing." Misaki is stuttering, which means that he is scared, "Excuse me for disturbing your slumber." He turns around and is just about to walk out of the room when my owner grabs his arm and throws him onto the bed. I think that I've seen something like this before and although I didn't really want to watch it last time, I just can't look away.

One of master's large hands travels up to Misaki's chest as he kisses the skin, the bed shaking as Misaki struggles. Several protests come from the boy's lips, but he is cut off when master kisses his lips.

"Good morning!" The door flies open once again, but this time I can see a red haired woman standing in the doorway. "This is Aikawa from Marukawa publishing," she says, her voice loud and a little shrill, "Sensei, you have finished manuscript, right?"

Who… the hell… is that? Her name sounds familiar, yet it doesn't really ring a bell.

Master groans in irritation again, still holding Misaki down, but then the teen suddenly pushes him off and gets out of the bed.

"I'm so so sorry!" Misaki says, bowing down in front of the woman, who simply smiles at him and waves her right hand.

"It's fine, don't worry." That lady has a very pretty smile—a very friendly one. She must be someone who works with master. "Oi Sensei, get your ass to work! I need the manuscript!" Wow, she sure is fierce. I can't help but think that that bright red lipstick matches her somewhat bitchy behavior.

Misaki has already made his way back downstairs and master slowly gets up, muttering something unintelligible as he practically rolls out of his bed, scooping me in his arm. He walks over to Aikawa and hands me over. "Do me a favor and take Suzuki-san to the living room while I get dressed," he says. Now I finally recognize her; she's master editor, who always barges into his apartment to pick up the manuscripts—which he never, ever finishes on time. I've seen her a few times before, but because Misaki suddenly started living here I'd kind of forgotten about her.

Aikawa stares at me with her beautiful blue eyes and then leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She gently presses me against her chest as she walks down the stairs and looks at Misaki, who is already in the kitchen.

"Ah, I'm really sorry that he causes you so much trouble," Misaki says as the lady places me onto the couch.

"It's not your fault. Sensei is the kind of author that simply can't meet his deadlines, no matter what you try." Sighing softly, Aikawa sat down next to me, her eyes still on the brunet. "Even if he's writing one of his BL novels, I have to beg on my knees to get him to work. He's utterly hopeless sometimes."

Misaki laughs softly, but silences himself when master enters the living room, fully dressed, with a notepad and a pen in his hands.

"Oh right, before I forget," Aikawa says suddenly as she jumps from the couch again, reaching for a small bag lying on the table. She pulls out a small package and gives it to Misaki. "I've brought you some Kuma cream puffs."

"Ah, thank you very much!" Misaki has that cute thankful smile on his face as he accepts the gift. At the same time, master takes a seat next to me and starts writing. The pen flies over the paper and it makes me wonder why he can't finish his work on time. Surely it cannot be because he doesn't have any inspiration for his writing. Maybe he doesn't like writing stories? But then again, why would you become a writer if you dislike writing?

I'm too lost in my thoughts to hear what everyone is saying. I've been living here for over a year now, but in all honesty I haven't met a lot of people yet. So far, the only humans that I've seen here are master, Misaki, Takahiro and Aikawa. That probably means that master isn't the kind of person who makes friends easily, but I must say that it doesn't surprise me.

All of a sudden, Misaki starts running to the hallway, his lover following him. I can hear Aikawa sigh as she starts reading master's work, but soon she starts giggling, pressing her pen against her lips. She's probably reading one of his BL novels—Aikawa really loves those stories.

"You shouldn't just barge into people's bedrooms like that," master mocks as he returns to his seat, sitting across from the redhead.

"If I don't do that, you would never come out of bed," Aikawa replies, not looking up from the notepad, "Besides, I had the right to; the actual deadline was two weeks ago." She only receives a growl in reply, but still doesn't pay any attention to master and focusses on reading.

Master glances at me and pats my head, as if I'm the one who's in need of attention. In actual fact, it is him who is always feeling all abandoned and lonely whenever Misaki is gone, even when Takahiro and Aikawa are around. I must admit that the house feels emptier without Misaki; he brings liveliness to this place and to all of us.

Large blue eyes stare in our direction. "Sensei, the manuscript's good, but there's something that has been bothering me…"

"What is it?" master asks in an irritated voice, obviously not wanting to hear his editor complain, "If this is about me not being creative enough, then don't bother. Misaki won't let me try anything new with him." A smirk decorates his face and I mentally roll my eyes. Sheesh, he really is a pervert.

"This isn't about work," Aikawa says, earning a confused look from me—which she cannot see, of course. Normally, she just keeps talking about master's work, telling him to meet his deadlines and set himself to work, ranting about how she always has to babysit. "It's about Misaki…" She looks so…serious.

Upon hearing the boy's name, my owner's eyes dart up to meet his editor's. "What about him?"

"His last name is Takahashi, so… is he Takahiro's brother?" I think I understand what she's thinking; she thinks that master is using Misaki as a replacement for his brother.

Violet eyes soften and a smile taints the man's lips. "Don't worry, there's no reason for me to replace Takahiro. I don't love him anymore. Misaki is the one I love now." Master is always so straightforward when it comes to his own feelings, which is also one of the things that I like about him. However, he didn't confess to Takahiro, because he didn't want to lose a precious friend. Man, it's so tough to figure him out.

Aikawa puts the pen and notepad onto the table and shows us a weak smile. "I don't mind, as long as you're really sure about your feelings. It wouldn't be right to use a boy like Misaki—he's too kind and sweet. Surely he would be heartbroken if he ever discovered that—

"Aikawa, I love him," master repeats, his tone as confident as his expression. He crosses his legs and continues to stare at her. Yep, he's straightforward all right.

I watch Aikawa's smile widen, this time turning into a real, honest smile. She nods, probably implying that she believes him. Even though she can act very fierce and mean sometimes, that redhead does have a sweet, caring side. It's quite interesting to see how everyone acts differently around master from time to time, but I must say that master himself shows more sides of him when he's with Misaki.

"That's good to know, sensei. It's great that you have a lover now!" Despite her words, her smile suddenly disappears from her face, and she turns serious again. "Now, we still have some other projects to discuss…" A loud, frustrated sigh comes from the man next to me.

"Well, you can't blame her," I say to him in my head, "After all, Aikawa is only doing her job… and you should do the same."

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