Warning: this chapter contains a lemon and is M-rated! It's not too descriptive though :P

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Just like lovers

"Just a few more minutes…" Master is sitting next to me with a cigarette in his mouth, glaring impatiently at the wall clock. He really wants to go pick Misaki up, doesn't he? To be honest, I'm not sure why he's being so excited about all this; spending some time alone with Misaki isn't something rare, now is it?

"No, but if you're in love, spending time with your beloved one is something great and precious nonetheless." Brother does have a point, I suppose. It's not like I've ever been in love with anyone, so there's probably a lot that I don't understand. Come to think of it, I also love spending time with my brother, even though I see him almost every single day.

"There's no need to get all mushy…"

A soft growl comes from master's lips, making me glance at him in surprise. He has really never been this desperate to see Misaki. Could this be because they're going on a date?

"That could be the reason. Why are they going on a date anyway?" I think it all started yesterday, when Misaki came back home.

~ Flashback ~

"I'm back!" My eyes dart up to the front door to see a familiar brunet standing there. "Usagi-san, we got lots of mail today." He looks at me, then at master, who is lying on me like I'm a pillow. I know that he's just pretending to be asleep, because he was sitting upright less than a minute ago. He probably wants to 'pounce' on Misaki again.

Doe green eyes avert their gaze, and Misaki suddenly disappears into a room upstairs. When he returns, I notice that he's holding a blanket in his arms. He slowly walks over to the couch and covers my owner with the pink colored sheet, a small sweet smile tainting his lips. It's so nice to see that he cares about master so much. I'm so glad that they're together.

All of a sudden, the weight on my belly disappears, and Misaki is pushed down onto the couch with master on top of him, holding him tight. The teen flails his arms, but he's incapable of breaking free from the other's strong grip.

"Damnit!" he says, his tone annoyed and a little angry, "You were just pretending to be asleep! How many times do I have to tell you; I'm not Suzuki-san!" That doesn't mean that master doesn't like hugging him. After all, Misaki's skin is very soft, and I like it when he hugs me as well.

The arms around him simply tighten some more, pushing him against master's chest. "You're wrong," a deep voice speaks, "This is nutritional intake." How can hugging your lover be nutritional? Perhaps he needs a refill of love to get through the day… or something…

Surprisingly, Misaki's protests stop, and his gaze softens. He wears a worried expression on his cute face. "Usagi-san, you reek of cigarettes. Cut back a little—you'll die young at this rate." That is so sweet.

"You're right. I'll stop when I die." I roll my eyes mentally, paired with a deep sigh. What a damn insensitive man. Really, he can be such an asshole sometimes. He receives a glare from Misaki, followed by a rant, but the boy silences himself when he almost admits something that seems so unlike him. Almost… he almost said that he is worried about master.

Master quickly flips the brunet over, sealing his lips and kissing him hungrily. See, I knew that he was going to attack Misaki like that. However, he is stopped when Misaki suddenly puts me in between them, me sitting there upside down… which isn't exactly comfortable. I can hear a sigh coming from master's lips as he walks over to the kitchen, then a soft sweet whimper from Misaki. His large green eyes are glazed with concern. What's bothering him? He furrows his brows in thought, making me all the more curious, but when a cute pink blush covers his face, I realize what he's thinking about.

Misaki is considering his feelings for master.

How can a guy his age be so incredibly adorable? I've always been told that kids were cute, but Misaki is already a teenager and he's still very sweet. It's no wonder that my owner has fallen in love with a kindhearted person like him, but it irks me a little to find out that Misaki still hasn't realized that he's in love with master.

Furthermore, I have to say that sitting upside down is getting very uncomfortable, because all of my weight is resting on my head. It's a good thing that I can't really feel pain, because I'm pretty sure that this would hurt if I could. It's also weird to see everything upside down—it's somehow making me dizzy.

"Fine…" The sound of master's voice pulls me back to reality. "Let's go on a date. You have no classes tomorrow, right?" Misaki shakes his head, wearing a confused look on his face. "Good, then it's settled." With a mug of coffee in his hands, he walks out of the room, leaving me and Misaki all alone.

"Man, why does he always do that?" the brunet mutters, mild irritation evident in his voice. Actually, despite that I know I shouldn't, I can't help but giggle. Master and Misaki are just too cute together. They fight a lot, but they always manage to make up again, and then they have those sweet lovey-dovey moments that always paint a smile on my face.

"I hope that you will enjoy your first date, Misaki."

~ End of flashback ~

"So," my brother says, "Does that mean that Misaki is getting more serious about his relationship with master?" That would be really good, considering that Misaki seems to be very insecure about their relationship. I guess he really wants to be more like a lover to our owner. "But… what happened to you, after that?"

"Well, I had to spend the rest of the day upside down, until master finally took me back to bed." I can still remember how annoying that was. Times like that really make me wish that I could just talk to master and Misaki. Really, humans have no idea what we have to go through every day. To be honest, I don't even know what Misaki does all day, except for cooking and cleaning the house when he's at home.

"He's a college student, right? That probably means that he goes to university and studies there." Wow, it must be convenient to have a creator with such a complicated private life. Come to think of it, my creator was a lonely woman, who never seemed to want anyone near her. She would speak to me every so often, talking about her feelings. When I first met master, he kind of reminded me of her, which worried me. My creator was always very sad, not letting anyone know how she really felt. I've prayed, ever since the day that master bought me, that he wouldn't end up like her, and I'm very happy that he has Misaki now.

After these rather unhappy thoughts have entered my mind, the room falls silent, save for master's soft breaths.

"Life can be so harsh…" I have to agree with my brother. As far as I know, Misaki lost his parents ten years ago in a car accident. He's such a sweet boy; he doesn't deserve those sad memories. That is why… I hope, from the bottom of my imaginary heart, that master will make him truly happy.

"It's time." Master's voice is gentle and low, but I can hear the excitement behind his words as well. He quickly rises from the couch and makes his way out of the room, soon closing the door behind him as he goes on his way to pick Misaki up. I guess that going on a date with Misaki is very special to him.

Date… I don't even know what people do on a date, but it must be a lot of fun.

"Whether it's fun or not depends on the person that you're with," my brother starts, willing to give me another lecture, but I hear none of it. My mind is still with master, wondering what he will make of his date with his young lover. I giggle mentally, earning a growl from my fellow Suzuki-san. Misaki and master are really, truly adorable together.


No, just kidding xD

But… this is where the story turns a bit… naughty. I've warned you!

It's already dark outside when the door of the condo suddenly flies open, startling me a little. I can hear shoes being kicked off and soon Misaki and master stumble into the living room together, with master pulling on the brunet's clothes. What… what is going on in here? The light goes on, allowing me to see everything more clearly, and I notice that the two men are already half-naked. Actually, Misaki is practically entirely nude, only wearing his unbuttoned pink shirt. Are they… going to do it?

"Oh hell no!" my brother yells, but I'm rather excited. After all, I've never seen master and Misaki have actual sex. "Stop being such a pervert!" I decide to simply ignore him and focus on the couple again. Misaki is shivering heavily as master gets on his knees in front of him. The writer takes Misaki's... cock in his hand and starts sucking on the tip. It's a good thing that I've been reading master's novels; they've taught me a lot of things.

A soft moan comes from Misaki's lips, followed by a trail of sweet sounds as his lover takes more of him in his mouth, sucking on the erect flesh.

"Ahh!" Even the boy's voice is quivering as his hands rest on master's shoulders. He seems to be enjoying this a lot, yet he's still struggling a little. His legs wobble and he soon falls to the ground, being caught in master's embrace. One of the man's fingers runs over Misaki's penis, until it finds a small hole and enters it slowly. I think I remember reading something similar, but why is he doing it?

"He's preparing him. It can be quite painful to be penetrated, so he tries to limit the pain." That does make sense. After all, two men aren't supposed to have sex in the first place—it has to be one man and one woman. Yet, these two are doing it nonetheless, because they love each other. I stare at the lovers in happiness, pleased that they're being so intimate.

Misaki is now lying on the ground with master on top of him, sucking on one of his pink nipples. One of his large hands sneaks downwards and grabs the brunet's erection, pumping it steadily.

"Wait! Don't touch them at the same ti—Haa!" Why is Misaki protesting like that? He sounds like he's feeling good, so why does he want master to stop? "Usagi-san, turn the lights off. It's embarrassing!" Well, that explains a lot. Misaki is simply being shy and embarrassed. I wonder if having sex with master makes him feel uncomfortable.

Suddenly, master grabs Misaki's hands and pins them above his head, staring right into the boy's large green eyes. "But you want to know more about me, right?" he says, his voice deep and husky, even making me shiver, "I want to know more about you too, Misaki." Oh dang, they're having one of their sugary sweet moments again. How can it be that master even makes my heart beat faster?

"They're about to fuck and you're saying that they're sweet? What the hell is wrong with you?!" Yes, I know that he's just going to call me a 'pervert' again, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm simply fascinated by all this, because it's something I'm completely unfamiliar with. It's not like a teddy bear could ever have sex with another stuffed animal.

My thoughts are interrupted by a loud moan coming from Misaki's lips, and when I look at the couple my jaw nearly drops. Master is inside of Misaki, his large manhood up the teen's little ass, thrusting in a fast, even pace. Erotic sounds of bliss fill the room, accompanied by weird squishing sounds.

This is not what I was expecting to witness, but I have to say that it looks… very hot. Misaki's small slender body is wet and red, his eyes closed and filled with tears—which I assume are tears of pleasure rather than pain. Master, on the other hand, is still looking at his lover with a loving gaze, panting just loud enough for me to hear. They both look so caught up in the moment… so passionate.

It's… beautiful.

"And you, my dear brother, are the most perverted teddy bear that I've ever known," my fellow bear mutters, obviously pleased that he's on the other couch and unable to watch them. I guess someone is feeling a little uneasy, but I can't see why. Witnessing something so full of love is like a dream coming true to me, and I can tell that master and Misaki are both enjoying this as well.

An imaginary smile decorates my face. Their first date must have gone very well.

I had a LOT of trouble writing the lemon for this chapter, because I didn't really know how to describe everything. You know, when you're not writing from the person who's involved, there are a lot of things that you can't write about... if you know what I mean.

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