Don't go

"Misaki is gone!" I yell as master enters the bear room with me under his arm, "He's left the house!"

"What?!" My brothers and sister say in reply, almost sounding like a choir. They seem to be just as shocked as I am by the matter. I didn't see this coming at all; it practically happened out of blue.

Master carefully places me onto a stool and stares at my brothers and sisters on the shelves. I can hear him sigh heavily as he studies their small black eyes, probably sad that he can't see the life in them. He should know that he's not alone. He should know that we are always watching him, listening to him and thinking about him.

"But…what happened to Misaki? Did he and master have a fight?"

"No, but Takahiro called yesterday, saying that he wanted to take Misaki back home or something. They were talking about Misaki's brother coming back after being transferred for work." They all look at me like they don't understand a word of what I'm saying, but I have to admit that even I can't comprehend why Misaki would have to go live with his brother again. Besides, it was all going so well between him and master.

Speaking of master, he appears to have already left the room without me noticing and without taking me with him. He must be really upset; he never forgets to take me back with him. Come to think of it, ever since Misaki left, he hasn't been taking care of himself anymore. He didn't even eat breakfast this morning. Normally he would make some weird looking yellow rock—which is supposed to be an omelet—but he didn't come near the kitchen at all. I really hope that he's not sinking into a state of depression.

My brothers and sisters are chatting, but I hear none of it. I'm too worried about master to listen to them. That poor man must feel lonely after living with Misaki for so long. We're all so used to the brunet's presence that I can hardly imagine a life without him anymore.

Yet, he's gone now.

"So, basically this means that Takahiro kidnapped Misaki?" Wait, where did they get that from? Master allowed Misaki to go back to his brother, telling him that he should live with his family, but now he seems to be falling apart slowly. It's like he forced himself to let Misaki go, but why?

"Perhaps master thinks that Misaki doesn't want to live with him," one of my brothers says, "After all, the boy has never been clear about his feelings and he's always protesting. That is, from what I've seen and heard." That's true, but isn't it obvious that Misaki cares about master? I don't think that he would've stayed here for so long if he didn't want to.

"Well, one thing's for sure; we need Misaki back!" another Suzuki-san points out, "The big question is…how?"

"We just create an army of teddy bears and go over to his brother's house to abduct Misaki and bring him back here!" I mentally roll my eyes at his stupidity.

"You idiot, we can't move," I say in reply, earning an irritated growl from the other. It would be very convenient if we could, but we're nothing more than stuffed animals. Our only purpose is to sit in a room and be cuddled by our owners, if they even want to cuddle us to begin with. Our epic operation plan to save Misaki just won't work.

An unexpected silence fills the room and it surprises me that no one has got anything to say. I guess that we're all very sad that Misaki is gone, and it doesn't help that we can't do a thing to get him back. I'm really going to miss him—actually, I'm already missing him. It's been one day, but the house seems so quiet without that cheery boy around. He's always yelling at master when he tries to pounce on him and he hums songs whenever he's cleaning the house. Those are only little things, but they're precious to me.

"You know," a sister of mine says softly, "Before Misaki left, he changed our ribbons...all of them. He's never done that before." I didn't even know that master has so many ribbons for us, but it appears that he's the type of person that needs to buy everything in large quantities, no matter how useless it is.

Suddenly, the door to our family room opens again, revealing master. He has a sad, lifeless expression on his face, one that makes him seem so empty that it scares me. I don't think that he's ever been this miserable before. Slowly, he walks over to me and lifts me up, holding me in both arms. I'm surprised when he suddenly gives me a hug, but what surprises me even more is the sobbing sounds coming from him.

Master is crying…

Oh for the love of that God that humans seem to believe in, how many days has it been? It feels like it's been ages since Misaki left.

"It's been a week," my brother replies as he sits on the other couch, his usual spot, "Come to think of it; tomorrow is Misaki's birthday, isn't it?" Oh man, that means that we won't even be able to celebrate his birthday with him, and I was really looking forward to it. I really hope master will go visit him tomorrow.

Master is currently talking on the phone to someone. I can't quite hear what he's saying, but it must be about Misaki staying at his brother's place. Is master trying to get him back now? Humans really are indecisive creatures; they constantly change their minds.

"Shouldn't you be happy that he wants to get Misaki home again? You are the one who's constantly complaining about his absence." The real reason why I've been complaining so much is because master has actually cried quite a lot in the past seven days, which breaks my heart. I really hate seeing him like that, so I keep wishing that Misaki suddenly just barges into the apartment and tells him that he wants to stay with him. Of course Misaki wouldn't do that…

My eyes study master again, noticing the mild smile on his face as he listens to the other person. Could it be that he's talking to Misaki? That would explain why he seems happier all of a sudden.

Unfortunately, his smile soon disappears, and I can see the sad glint in his lavender eyes again. He opens his mouth, about to say something, but remains silent.

"Master really hates being alone, doesn't he?" my brother asks, his observation making me wonder how master managed to survive those years before meeting Misaki. He was always lonely, I know that for sure, but he's most certainly never been this depressed. Whenever he smiles, it only lasts for a few mere seconds. Even Aikawa is worried about him, because he hardly talked to her during her last visit. The only thing that lady ever worries about is him making his deadlines, so this is definitely bad.

If anyone can hear my prayer, then please give us Misaki back.

"You're seriously praying even though you don't believe in God?"

"Just because I don't believe in 'Him' doesn't mean that I can't pray," I reply, a bit irritated by my brother's remark. He simply mutters a 'whatever' and decides to say no more, which gives me the chance to try and eavesdrop the conversation master is having. This doesn't work as he seems to have just ended the call, and within a few seconds he's run up the stairs. I mentally blink in surprise; what's gotten into him?

He stays upstairs for a pretty long time before he dashes down the stairs again. Isn't he the one who always tells Misaki not to run down the stairs? He looks like he's in a hurry—he's running towards the hallway like someone's about to drop dead.

My brother and I stare at one another, completely overwhelmed by confusion as we hear the door slam shut. What the heck just happened?

"You know," my brother says, laughing a little, "I think your prayers have been answered."

"I really hope so," I say, an imaginary smile decorating my face. Master will bring Misaki back, I'm sure of it.

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