3/3/2013: Happy birthday Usami-san~

Hey everyone, I've finally finished this chapter about Akihiko's birthday...on his birthday xD Isn't that lovely? Anway, enjoy!

Good old rabbit

For where I'm sitting, I can see the calendar hanging on the wall, a bright red circle marking today's date; March 3. Today it is master's birthday and I can't help but feel excited. We stuffed animals don't really celebrate our birthday, but I've learned that humans consider it a very important day.

"Why the heck do they even need a calendar?" my brother asks, "Is it so hard for them to remember important things?" It's a little weird to write down your own birthday, but I guess that humans have a lot more to think about than us. After all, master leaves the house every once in a while and he's often very busy with work.

My brother scoffs. "Yeah right, he never even finishes work on time. He's always too busy pouncing on Misaki to even care about his books." I can't help but laugh inwardly as he says that, knowing that it's true. Even after all this time, he still hasn't changed one bit.

No, wait, that isn't true; he has become happier. Misaki came into his life and turned it upside down…that's what's changed.

"Come to think of it, where did Misaki go? He suddenly left the condo and hasn't returned yet." To be honest, I didn't even notice that Misaki's not around, and it embarrasses me. How could I not miss the boy's presence? He is an important member of our family.

My train of thoughts is interrupted by the sound of footsteps, coming from the stairs. Wait, did master manage to finish his work on time? What on Earth is happening here? I catch sight of him as he walks over to the kitchen and takes a glass from one of the cabinets. At the same time, he turns on the coffee maker.

"Uh-oh," my brother says softly, "That isn't a heat-resistant glass he's got there." That guy never learns, does he? I hope that Misaki comes back before he does something stupid.

"Where's…Misaki?" master asks tiredly, as if he's just woken up from a deep sleep. He must have worked very hard this morning; he looks even worse than a zombie this time. Seriously, master needs to learn how to take care of himself properly.

All of a sudden, I hear the annoying sound of the phone, followed by an irritated growl from master. I guess he isn't in a good mood because Misaki is out. He slowly walks over to the ringing device and then finally answers it.

"Usami Akihiko," he says, his voice low and grumpy. Surprisingly, his expression changes to a more joyful one as he listens to the person on the phone. It must be someone he knows. "No, I've just finished work, so you can come over if you want." I wonder who that is. Perhaps it's Takahiro?

After the conversation has come to an end, master approaches the couch where I'm sitting and takes a seat next to me, forgetting about his coffee. He pats my head and sighs, the look in his eyes telling me that he misses Misaki. I wonder why the boy left without even leaving a note for him. He should know by now that master is a worry wart when it comes to him.

"I wonder if Misaki has forgotten about it," he mutters in a sad voice. It couldn't be, right? Would Misaki really forget about something as important as his lover's birthday? Maybe he is going to try to surprise master today…although I don't think that Misaki is the type of guy to do something like that.

"Well, the boy does have his moments," brother points out, and I have to agree with him. There was this one time where he tried to seduce master, but he ended up failing miserably. I bet that it must have hurt his pride a little, because he hasn't made a move on the man ever since. Well, Misaki isn't exactly bold to begin with, so it doesn't surprise me.

Just when master is about to get up, the doorbell rings, and I can see the corners of his mouth turn upwards. He quickly walks over to the front door—yet still as gracefully as ever—and opens up for a man who I've never seen before. The stranger has brown hair, a slightly lighter color than Misaki's, and he's a little taller than the teen.

"Hiroki, it's good to see you again." Master keeps smiling mildly as his friend takes off his shoes and coat, but the other only growls.

"You know, you're lucky that I don't have too many essays waiting for me at home," the man says, sounding a little irritated. What crawled up his butt and died?

Strangely, the smile on master's face still doesn't fade. "I'm glad that you're here," he replies kindly, not bothering to say anything back to this Hiroki guy. Normally I would've expected master to say something blunt in return, but he appears to be in a very good mood right now. Then again, I guess it's nice if someone visits you on your birthday.

Still, I'm starting to feel irritated. Where is Misaki? He better not leave master hanging like this!

"Relax bro, he'll be back."

"I do hope so," I mutter in reply, staring at Hiroki as he sits down on the other couch. Now that I can see him more clearly, I notice how much he looks like Misaki. Heck, the two of them could be brothers! Well, except for the fact that Misaki doesn't frown as much as Hiroki does. If he keeps looking at me like that, he's going to get wrinkles soon. That's what I've read in some random magazine that Aikawa brought along the other day.

"So, Akihiko, I assume that you have seen the light and that you'll turn in your manuscripts on time from now on?" Hiroki asks, his tone a little doubtful. He doesn't seem to be so sure of what he's saying.

Master laughs softly as he sits down next to me. His laugh is…really dreamy. I've never heard him laugh like that before. "No, I simply didn't want my editor to come murder me on my birthday."

"You should really take your work more seriously." It's not like no one has ever told master that before though; Misaki says it to him all the time. Sometimes I really wonder why master calls his lover stubborn…

"What, did you come here today to lecture me?"

Hiroki sighs and then shakes his head. "I know that it won't change a thing," he admits, and I'm glad that he knows master so well. He then takes a small wrapped package out of his pocket and hands it over to Akihiko. "Happy birthday." How nice, he's giving him a present! I wonder what's inside.

With another pure smile, the other accepts the present and unwraps it, taking out a small hardcover book. He studies the title carefully before looking back at his friend again. "Thank you, Hiroki. I was really looking forward to this book."

The brunet rolls his eyes. "I know you moron, that's why I brought it for you." Why does he always sound so…angry?

"I think that he's just being shy."

"So Hiroki," master starts, "How is everything between you an—" He stops talking as the door suddenly flies open, revealing Aikawa and another brown haired man. What's with all the brunets all of a sudden?! Who is that guy anyway?

"Usami-sensei, we have arranged a birthday party for you to celebrate this special day!" the man says loudly, a large grin on his face. What's up with him? "There will be tons of people who'd love to congratulate you, so get yourself all ready and dressed." What the hell? Who does that guy think he is, ordering master around like that?

"I'm not interested." Why am I not surprised?

"Sensei, please just go with it for once," Aikawa practically begs as she moves closer, "It's just for one day and it will raise your popularity for sure!" I don't think that master cares about his popularity at all. After all, the man already has tons of fans, and he's filthy rich compared to most people.

"Okay, that's it." I look at Hiroki to see that he's standing there, eyeing Aikawa and the other man sternly with his arms crossed. "I know that I hardly ever say this, but Akihiko is right. If he doesn't want you to throw a party for him, then don't force him to go. It's his birthday, so just let him be."

I think that I was wrong about Hiroki. At first, I thought that he's just some guy who always mocks and scolds master, but he stands up for him as well. In the end, it appears that Hiroki is a nice guy.

"But still, he shouldn't frown so much." I giggle softly at this.

Aikawa and the stranger stare at one another for a while, but then the redhead finally nods and smiles at master. "That's right," she says, sounding surprisingly friendly, "We shouldn't force you to go. I'm sure you want to spend some more time with Misaki-kun as well." Slowly, she moves backwards and tugs the man's sleeve. "Let's go Isaka-san." The man furrows his brows, but then complies and leaves the condo again. I'm glad that they aren't going to ruin master's birthday.

"Wait, who's Misaki?" Hiroki asks, studying his friend curiously, "I didn't know you had a lover."

"I do, but he's not here at the moment." Master sounds so calm, but I know that deep down he's worried about Misaki right now.

Hiroki is about to say something back when suddenly a phone starts ringing, but it has an unfamiliar ringtone. The brunet digs in his pockets and flips his cell phone open. "What is it? No, I'm just at a friend's house right now." The voice on the other side sounds like a younger man. I can't hear what he says, but he sounds very friendly. "Don't say such stupid things, you moron! I'll be there in second." With a bright red color on his face, Hiroki clicks the button to end the call and puts his phone back.

A chuckle comes from master's lips. "Is your lover missing you?" he teases, smirking evilly.

"What kind of nonsense are you spewing over there?" Wow, he talks just like Misaki. I guess that they have a lot more in common than I thought. "Anyway, I have to go now."

"Hiroki, thanks for coming over today." The smirk on master's face changes into a faint smile as he watches his friend leave. The other simply mutters a 'whatever' before getting out and closing the door behind him. I think I'm starting to like Hiroki more. He seems like a good friend.

"Usagi-san, I'm home!" Finally, Misaki is back. It sure took him long enough.

As soon as he sets a foot in the living room, master traps the boy in his strong arms and drags him towards the couch. He pushes the brunet down, Misaki's head landing on my stomach, and hovers over him. The look in his eyes is serious, stern, and yet…loving.

"Misaki, where have you been? I was so worried about you." His arms tighten around the brunet's slender body as he stares into his green irises. "Why didn't you leave a note?"

"Because…I didn't think it would take so long." Misaki's face is already reddening, even though master hasn't said anything embarrassing yet. Is it just me, or do all ukes blush a lot?

"Ukes? What are you talking about?"

"Well, in a relationship between two men, the uke is on the receiving side, and—"

"Stop reading those perverted BL novels whenever you get the chance!" I don't understand why my brother gets so upset every time I mention master's novels, but I like reading them.

Misaki whimpers sweetly as master starts leaving a trail of kisses down his neck, his hands trying to push the man off—which, as usual, isn't working at all. Instead, he is rewarded with a soft kiss on the lips, and all of a sudden his protests seem to have come to an end. It appears that he is finally giving in.

"Uhm, Usagi-san," he says as he pulls back from the kiss, reaching for a plastic bag that's lying next to the couch, "I-I didn't really know what to get you, so I hope that you'll like this." He retrieves a black box from the bag and hands it over to master. The box is covered with white bunnies, making me snicker. What a fitting gift for a man who's often called 'rabbit'.

For a few seconds, master stares at the box curiously, but then a smile decorates his face. He gazes lovingly at the brunet and pushes him back down, kissing him more passionately. Seeing that makes me smile mentally as well, and a warm fuzzy feeling bubbles up inside of me.

"Happy birthday, master 'Usagi'."

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