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Chapter one- Training

Harry was back at Privet Drive for another summer. His fifth year had been and gone, and what was he left with? A dead godfather and huge amounts of anger (mostly directed at Dumbledore). Harry sighed and got out of his uncles car and went around to the boot to get his trunk and Hedwig's empty cage. He had let Hedwig out at Kings Cross so that she wouldn't be stuck in the trunk. He wheeled his trunk up to his room, or prison, for the summer. However as soon as he had sat on his bed his uncle voice broke the peaceful silence, "BOY! Get down here now!" Harry sighed once again and made his decent down the stairs into the sitting room where the Dursleys were waiting.

Harry entered the sitting room and saw that his uncle and aunt were waiting expectantly on the couch whereas Dudley was just watching the TV again, not paying Harry the slightest bit of attention. Aunt Petunia was the first to speak, "Listen to me boy; we don't want any of your freakishness this summer. You will stay in your room unless you need the bathroom. I will bring you up your meals and you eat in your room. If you do this we will leave you alone this summer and will not ask you to do any chores. Ok?" Harry was in shock! His auntie and uncle were being nice to him, well as nice as they got… He nodded dumbly then headed back up to hiss room. A whole summer of freedom to do what ever he wanted as long as he stayed in his room. A plan quickly formulated in his mind, he would spend this holiday training so that when he next met Voldemort he would be able to actually fight rather than hiding behind Dumbledore and the aurors. Harry reached his bedroom and immediately began to write a letter to Hermione:

Dear Hermione

I would just writing to you ask a quick question, do you know whether or not Flourish and Blotts has a catalogue or order list so that I can start to read up on next years material. I really want to be able to do well on my NEWTs so that I can become an auror. And I am really sorry that I dragged into the mess in the DoM. I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt.

Your friend


Harry rolled the letter up and whistled for Hedwig. She arrived about one minute later and looked at her human in a caring way. He was her human and that meant to she had to look after him. Harry smiled at her and said "Hey girl, can you deliver to Hermione for me? And stay around after you have delivered it so that she can reply" Hedwig looked at him as if to say "Of course I can stupid" Harry smiled at her again and let her out his window. He then started to think about the training plan that he about to force upon himself. He knew that he was weak, physically, his stamina levels weren't high enough to last in a real duel and his knowledge of spells, both offensive and defensive was severely lacking. The only good things about him that would serve him well in a duel were that he was fast and that he had lightening fast reaction times. Both of these traits had been developed in his childhood when he had to run away from Dudley's gang and dodge punches from both his uncle and cousin. These two skills were useful for getting away but didn't help him very much on a duel itself. Harry decided to start his training then and there by doing some physical training. He cleared a space on the floor and started to stretch. He made one of his goals become more flexible. He had spent about an hour and a half stretching his body when he heard a tapping on his window. Harry let Hedwig back in, relived her of her load and fed her some of her owl treats before letting her fly over to her cage to rest. He then turned his attention to Hermione's letter.

Dear Harry

I am so glad you are finally taking an interest in your studies! I am so worried about our NEWTs this year; they are going to be so hard! I have sent you the latest Flourish and Blotts catalogue, so that you can order as many books as you wish! All you need to do is tick the books you want, and spend Hedwig off with the appropriate amount of money. Your books should arrive a couple of hours later if they aren't busy. Harry, nobody blames you for what happened at the ministry, don't you dare start blaming yourself.



Harry shook his head at Hermione's letter; it was obvious that she didn't know the full story. She didn't understand what it was like to be depended on by so many and then fail so badly. He the started to read through the catalogue hoping that in it, he would find the books which could help him win this war.