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12 months after the final battle

Harry sat at his desk at Lion's Den with Damien at his side and sighed. He knew it was time for him to leave the wizarding world now. For the last year he had worked with the ministry and at Hogwarts to improve the standard of living and education for all magical beings. He had been the backer for many new creature laws allowing them to live as freely as a witch or wizard as well as allowing them access to Hogwarts. He had also helped to improve the curriculum at Hogwarts so that well qualified were hired and new subjects were introduced e.g. politics and languages. Overall he was satisfied with his work. But there was a constant pain of those who had died in that final battle. Dean Thomas had stayed to fight and had been killed by Pettigrew before Remus had ripped the rat to pieces. Hermione was also dead; she had taken a curse for Luna and had only lasted a week before she died. There were countless others who had died in the war and Harry had been determined it wouldn't happen again. Hence the changes.

Harry got up from his desk and went downstairs where a small bag was sat on an armchair. It was pretty much all he had to take with him; he had donated large amounts of money and property to aid the recovery after the war. He took the bag and shrunk it before tying it to a collar on Damien's neck. He took one last look at Lion's Den before using his Lord Rings to take them to a house he had bought in Scotland. He shifted into his wolf form and began running a familiar path that he run just over a year ago. As he ran he remembered his goodbyes to his friends, his allies and business partners. Harry and his familiar ran until they reached the familiar surroundings of the Fae kingdom. The guards recognized him once he had shifted and bowed to him before letting him in. He walked into the council building where the ritual to change was just beginning. He removed his clothes and kneeled in the middle of the ritual circle. He listened to the chanting of the elders around him and accepted the pain of the transformation. When the pain was over, he stood and looked at himself in one of the reflective surfaces within the hall. He was taller than before with black and green wings and eyes. He turned to face the leader of the elders waiting for his acceptance. The elder said:

"Welcome to your new home, Hadrian Le Fey."

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