Akuma no Musuko

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A Legion of vengeful demons was wrecking the village with merciless carnage, tearing through bricked-foundations and scarlet flesh, all the while relishing on the voices of ultimate terror they caused.

The formerly luscious land was now torn raggedly with endless grief. Carcasses laid strewn carelessly on the bloody mourning dirt-ground, fire cackled high and bright-red, blood-curdling screams constantly pierced out from the dry lips of horrified villagers, of who were struggling desperately to not fall into the pit of ultimate darkness, death.

They didn't want to believe it, trying to cling on a imaginary hope being if they held on a little longer, help would definitely come. And they would be saved.

But the word didn't exceed its caliber of definition, a hope. A mundane feeling which was based with uncertainties and inane miracles. A mere hope.

Before they were able to comprehend anything, everything was gone.

Konohagakure no Sato was no more.

Uzumaki Naruto's clear-blue orbs peered through their swollen eyelids. Immobile as he was, what with his two lower limbs were torn apart of him with the same creatures who were now obliterating his dear home, he could only helplessly watch the world around him crumble apart to nothingness.

"Why... Why?", a hollow whisper escaped his cracked lips, flashes of scenes ran across his disarrayed mind in cruel hastiness, "How can this happen? Sakura... Baa-chan... Kakashi-sensei... Neji... Kiba... Hinata... Lee... Ero-sennin..."

When these unknown force attacked, they fought well, they gave their all, they fought while carrying their pride and honor as loyal shinobi. They responded readily when the first red alert was being announced, Kiba and Naruto even had the time to joke around before they went to the battlefield. Sakura then bonked them on their heads and chastised them to remain focus. Jiraiya the Sannin was also present to help which assured them of their victory even more as they confidently and viciously defended their beloved Konoha.

But it didn't go as they expected.

Now they're all dead and Naruto could only wait for his turn.

A swirl of rueful blue light floated above the weeping land. The faint sky-blue color flickered its dim light in steady rhythm in contrast to the blackened sky, "Uzumaki-kun"

Naruto didn't even twitch.

"Uzumaki-kun, I could do nothing to stop these demons. As a holy priestess, I truly don't have any excuses to elude the responsibility of this failure. I've failed you and Konohagakure"

Naruto was silent for a moment, "Doesn't matter, they're all dead...", his voice was so hollow that he was no different than a dead man. Tears were no longer rolling off his eyes. His heart had been squeezed so tight with unspeakable anguish until he no longer feel, just a mere beating lump of flesh which pumped life he no longer desire. His friends were gone, his home was being wrecked apart with catastrophic force. He no longer desire any future.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't make this right, even at the cost of my life", the gentle voice whispered.

"I can't change what this village had experienced as of now nor can I chase away these malicious evil beings. But, you can. I can return you back in time. The time where Konoha was still smiling without worry, where children were still chasing each other jovially without any care of the world, when peace still ruled, when everything was right"

Naruto tipped his head slightly upwards to face the floating blue light as his eyes slowly returned to focus. His tear-streaked face showed hopelessness yet still hopeful. A hope was a strong feeling after all. It was what made humans able to believe, to expect more, to fight, to be alive.

Kyuubi roared its disagreement inside its gigantic metal cage.

"Would you like to change fate?"


Heavy droplets of water showered down the drenched land thoroughly wetting the grains of sand to golden clumps. The road was absent of its regularly rushing throngs of people, despite it being the long-awaited rain, Sunagakure people still refused to be drenched to the bone by the strong downpour. It was nearly dusk, street lights which were spaced adequately apart were lit, but the illumination didn't do much good because of the heavy rain.

A cloaked figure soundlessly weaved through the continuous teardrops the grey sky shed. The hood was tipped downward, for he didn't wish to challenge the ferocity of the nature, as he trudged silently on the empty path.

Brown eyes which remained apathetic were foreign to be sighted on such a young 15-year-old face. They flicked and blinked when coming upon a clothed lump stretched carelessly in a narrow alley.

The silent steps stopped.

He bent over and kneeled in front of the lump, which upon closer inspection was identified to be a human. He then carefully flipped the person who stayed limp in his hands to face him. The person abandoned in the rain was small, only a little over four-feet, clothed with tattered fabric which seemed too big for his child body. Short locks of golden hair were plastered to his face from the rain and his lips were nearly purple from the cold. The man bent down to rest his ear on the child's left chest.

Beat. Beat. Beat. Weak beats could faintly be heard from his small body, indicating life, but it would be no more otherwise the body was granted much needed medical attention immediately.

Loud pitter patter of footsteps approached close. Several silhouettes then stopped behind the kneeling man.

A hard barritone voice boomed out a man with tall stature, "You shouldn't be going home alone in this kind of weather, I've told you to wait for us to pick you up from the Research Department didn't I? Chiyo-sama is very worried, Sasori-sama"

Sasori turned his head to stare at the man looming over him. His neck tilted slightly upwards, revealing a young man's face with deep red hair and round brown eyes.

He didn't say anything and turned back to inspect the boy.

The standing man blinked, he just realized the extra person, "Sasori-sama, is he...?"

"No", Sasori scooped the boy's light weight in his arms and stood gracefully, "He is merely unconscious"

The rain continued flowing down, its liquid droplets rampaged down and scattered like fragmented glass to flood the sandy ground. The road returned its absence of life as the sound of leaving steps became absorbed by the moans of crying sky.




~Golden Mist Fox