Akuma no Musuko

Chapter 2: New Friend

The first thing he should do, he decided, was to dig as much information as there was provided on the identity of the mysterious demonic troops. His best bet was The Grand Library, where all archives and knowledge ever known in Sunagakure was compiled in the form of spacious and two-stories-tall rows of wooden ancient shelves.

Naruto had been there several times, without the librarian's notice of course. 'A nine-year-old won't be allowed in without guardians', he reasoned. Using polished stealth that earned him the fresh title of Anbu *back in Konohagakure*, he managed to sneak in for several hours to gouge information out of numerous scrolls he indulged himself in in a day.

'But as far as I've read', blue and purple orbs flicked inquisitively upwards, wide-eyed and observant, 'from Demonology, Blood-shed History, Hell related things, even divine punishment theories all proved to be useless'

A fox leaped over a proprietor's fruit-filled wooden box. No one even bothered to spare a glance, it looked quite ordinary as any fox, what made it different was its odd-colored coat which was clean golden. A long tail with a snow-white tip wagged curiously from side to side before it settled on a leisure pace towards its temporary home. Sasori's.

It started as an accident really. One night he slept as a human and the next day he woke up as an animal. He went absolutely frantic due to extreme shock. Thankfully, when one of the maids hurried over to check what the ruckus was about, he had returned back in the last second. He figured it was because his yoki leaked out a bit too much when he was aslept which eventually converted his physical form. As a lesson, Naruto swore that the first thing he would busy himself with for his night-time preparation was to always wear yoki-suppression seal. At least until he could act as a demonic-energy container without so many damn holes.

To be honest, Naruto felt extremely elated about his new form. It was as if he had always been a fox from the day he was born. To see the world from lowly animal's point of view was really refreshing. It made him fully-realized his insignificance compared to what this vast world contained. He was allowed to see everything from below, he inwardly chuckled when the thought of pompous aristocrats who believed they knew everything from their seats above popped up in his mind.

The fox suddenly stopped, its two ears stood erect flicking ever so slightly. A cacophony of noise had earned its attention as it trudged closer to the source.

Naruto arrived in what looked like a small children's park. But what made the fox tilted its head in wonder was the state of the various broken childrens' playcrafts littering across the sandy expanse. Dangling swingset, mutilated merry-go-round, wrecked slides, and dismembered chin-up bars.

His ears perked up when he heard hysterical cries of children several metres out of the sandy-yard. Soundlessly, he sauntered closer and hid himself behind a tall cactus. A furry head poked out to quietly observe the scene occuring in front of him.

"Get away you bakemono!", a child shrieked as he threw a stone.

"Demon! Don't get near us!"

"Mari is scared! Mommy!", a girl bawled out behind several boys who stood up in attempt to shield her from whatever, or whoever freaking them out.

Naruto gaped when he saw a certain someone that brought a soothing emotion washing over him, 'Ga-Gaara!'

There, standing loomingly like a berserk, was the smaller version of his best-friend, Subaku no Gaara. The child with wide wild teal eyes and deep red hair was huffing in what looked like to be depressed fury. Vengeful sand was hovering around the small form like protective but frightening limbs that was ready to lash out in any given second.

When a big stone propelled over towards the trembling child, the sand surged forward, tackling away the projectile and continued its vicious path towards the stunned children.

Wide-eyed, Naruto converted back to human form in a flash as he leaped towards the danger's approach, "Stop!"

Gaara snapped his head as he watched with tearful eyes a blond stranger that stood on the way of his sand, which attacked without his consent, again. He tried to mouth a warning but the sand had already crashed upon the poor child.

The children cried out in terror as they fled right away from the tragic scene.

Alone with a blond stranger that was perhaps badly injured or worse, dead, Gaara could only stood on shaky limbs and arms that hugged himself in fear. He berated himself for losing control again and caused an innocent boy to be a victim on the accidental onslaught. He clenched his fists, toning down his fear, and approached the still lump of sand in front of him.

What he didn't expect was for the stranger to break out of the sandy-confine that buried him, unscathed except for the numerous rips adorning his clothes. He flinched when the blond-haired boy looked up to him.

And again, this weird boy surprised Gaara by smiling sweetly at the red-haired boy. His quirky dual-colored eyes shone with friendly light that was alien for a love-deprived child like him.

The stranger held out an arm in a classic way of greeting, "Hello, my name is Irigasaki Naruto. What's yours?"


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