"Hey Aomine, don't forget to pick up some parsley and salads on your way home. Also, be here by eight, you copy?"

"Yeah yeah I'll be there on time. And how does parsley looks like again?"

Kagami eyes opened wide, he was about to shout to the phone tucked between his shoulder and his ear, hands occupied with spatula and frying pan in each before the man at the end of the line cut him.

" – I'm kidding, just kidding, Kagami so don't start shouting at me, I can see it's coming. Just relax, okay? You cook for us two every day, so why are you so worked up about this one? Anyway, I have some stuff to do, gotta go now. See you at home."

Aomine hung up, Kagami took a split second to put the phone down on the counter and get back on the pan to toss the mixed vegetables he was cooking up in the air. Two to three rounds more of the same motion; he then poured the dish in the plate, finally done. He'd want to garnish it with parsley, finely chopped and sprinkled on top, but that would have to wait till Aomine gets there.

He brought the platter to the dining table; almost no empty space left due to the overwhelming number of dishes already served. There was also a little chocolate cake with Christmas decoration he bought from the bakery across the street. He arranged it neatly on the square table and took a step back, folding his arms over his chest and grinned in satisfaction. Perfect. Aomine might say that he was being a little worked up for the dinner, but this was important to him. He grew up in America, and it was one of his favourite celebrations since he was little; the joy of spending time together with the people you love and eat good food. It was a yearly tradition and the only one that his family would celebrate in full scale and all out, more than lunar New Year or other holiday deemed more important here in this part of the world. Aomine might never understand this, but Kagami wouldn't force it on him. He'd be glad just by having him around to eat the food he cooked.

He glanced at the clock above the TV, one more hour until eight o'clock. It had been a while since he did that little mission with Kuroko and Kise, an investigation he thought he screwed up but in the end, accidentally became fruitful. Aomine might still be working; even as winter holiday arrived, he'd go off early in the morning saying that he'd go back to his parents' house yet appeared in front of his door with eyes half closed each night. It was a poorly developed excuse in Kagami's opinion; Aomine might not have thought it through but perhaps because he didn't ask, the bluenette would probably assumed that he bought into the story he offered and he had gotten the matter in his hand.

Being his lover and knowing that Touou ace so well, he wouldn't be around until the very last minute, so Kagami had plenty of time for himself. He took off the apron, stripped off of his shirt as he waltz towards the bathroom for a quick shower.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Geez," he was all dressed up but still wasn't done drying his hair up with the towel. Kagami rushed to open the door. "What are you, five? Stop assaulting the bell button."

"You're slow. It's freaking cold out here," Aomine\perched in front of the door, his hands tucked behind his body, clearly hiding something. Kagami cocked his neck to peer but the man immediately shifted to his side. "Don't peek! It's a present for you so don't spoil the surprise!"

The redhead rolled his eyes and walked inside. "Fine, whatever . Let's eat. I've been doing nothing but cooking all day and the smell is so tempting it's killing me."

Aomine grinned sheepishly as he entered the house; walking in a crablike pose, body tilted in a weird angle as he took one step at a time, to avoid Kagami from seeing the present he prepared for him. The redhead followed him from the corner of his eyes as he headed for the kitchen. He managed to steal a glance at his surprise gift; a box of the size of a microwave wrapped in a glistening red wrapping paper and a little green ribbon on top. The bluenette carefully tucked it behind the beautifully lit little Christmas tree they decorated together a few days before.

Aomine joined him in the kitchen for one last preparation for their meal that night; handing him the ingredients he had told him to get to make salads.

"Oh my god, Kagami. This is crazy," uttered the bluenette as he rubbed his stomach. " You cooked too much food. I'm seriously stuffed. There's no way I'm getting any more of that in here. Aomine Daiki, out."

"Oh come on, you can do it," Kagami was almost done with his 4th serving. "There's like a quarter more of everything, who's going to eat it? I ate half of it already."

"Can I do it later? If I eat anymore I think I'm gonna puke."

The redhead scowled in disgust. "Gross."

Aomine rose from his seat to drop himself lazily in the center of the couch. "Also the dishes, I'll do it later. Can't do anything right now, I'm too full."

Smiling to himself with Aomine's antics, Kagami took one last bite and wiped his mouth with a tissue before joining the bluenette in front of the TV. "Okay. What are we watching?"

"I don't know. Some Christmas special singing show," Aomine swiftly positioned his body to lie on his back, head on Kagami's lap. "Why do people even watch TV anymore? There's nothing worth watching at all."

"Well it's their choice. Probably to kill some time? Hey don't lie back after eating. People said you'd get a pot belly for that."

"The great Aomine-sama that is the epitome of great high school basketball player in Japan, strong and unrivalled has a pot belly? Yeah sounds legit," Aomine smirked before continuing. "Hmm but I don't see anything wrong with that either. I think the world should know I have an awesome boyfriend who can cook and feed me well, also might be the only person who rivals this great Aomine-sama."

"Stop being all high and mighty," the redhead slapped the tanned teen's stomach lightly but still drawing a loud ow from the man. "I'll beat your ass the second we get on the court. It's been a while since you play basketball after all."

"Hey, who do you think I did it f– " stopping in the middle of his sentence, Aomine jumped on his feet and scrambled towards the Christmas tree. He took out the gift he bought for the Seirin's ace and handed it to him.

"Here. Merry Christmas, Kagami."

Kagami stiffed expression from the shock of the sudden jolt of movement by Aomine relaxed, his lips morphed into a smile.

"Thanks, Aomine," he held out his hand to pull the taller male back to sit on the couch, himself squished, being sandwiched between the arm rest and the bluenette.

"Open it. This is the reason I couldn't play with you. I didn't have the time because – "

" – because you were too busy working. I know," Kagami smiled fondly at the man next to him, startled at the revelation. He gently unwrapped the present as though it was the most fragile thing in the world.

"How did you know? I thought I managed to escape you guys spying on me the other day! Don't tell me it was Satsuki who told you?"

"Huh? Wait – you knew we were following you?"

"Only dimwits would miss it, Bakagami. You guys stood out way too much. So I brought you guys walk around the town for a little while before I hid myself. Newspaper with holes, wearing sunglasses in the train; really? And what the hell with the trench coat gig Kise was pulling? Instead of blending in, I think he stood out like a perfect little sore thumb."

The redhead could only laugh at precise fact pointed out by Ahomine. He wasn't as dumb as Kagami think he was.

"You can ask Kuroko, it was all his idea. The trench coat that Kise was wearing," he giggled louder at the recollection, " – was also inspired by Kuroko. So yeah. That's your friend, Tetsu."

Aomine shook his head. "I don't even want to imagine what's going on in that little head."

"Yeap, exactly. Wait, one moment. You didn't tell me but you told Momoi-san?"

"Huh, of course, you idiot. Why would I tell you if I want to surprise you? I need an ally to feed my coach and teammates with excuses now that they're expecting me to come to practice. We lost two years in a row to you guys in the Winter Cup. They won't just let it slide in the chance that's coming up next."

"Hmmm," hummed Kagami as an answer, almost done unwrapping the gift.

"You haven't told me how you got to know about me getting a part time job, by the way."

"Let's just say I was lucky to be walking into that grocery store you're working at. I was on my way back from the stalking mission and suddenly reminded that there were no vegetables for dinner. And then I saw you," the redhead peeled off the last cellophane tape and opened the box. "You look so dedicated and charismatic I felt like pouncing on you at the time."

Whatever he was saying trailed off when his sight fell on the object inside the box. Kagami's double eyebrows met in the midline.

"A teddy bear? You worked your ass off for a teddy bear?"

Aomine facepalmed and heaved out a sigh. "Look closer, idiot."

Kagami followed the instruction given and did what he was told; inspecting the brown teddy bear in the box, little red bowtie on its neck. He then saw something on the bear's arm that was reflecting, glistening under the light above their head. He slid it off its arm and put it on his wrist.

It was a big bulky Montblanc watch; metallic strap, analogue, there were two subdials indicating seconds and milliseconds. Its hand of clock was red in colour against the black background.

"It looks... expensive."

"It is expensive. Oh, the teddy bear was Satsuki's doing okay," Aomine rested his head on his knuckle, sitting facing Kagami, satisfaction radiated from his face from the astounded look on his lover's face."She said giving it just like that would be too plain, so she suggested the idea."

The redhead stared at it in silence, eyes flickering at the sight of the sparkling beauty. Only one word managed to escape his throat.

"Why?" He wasn't a materialistic person; even if Aomine were to give him something from a 100 Yen store, he'd still be happy. So why?

"Not sure. I passed by this one clock shop on my way home one way and saw it on display. I just thought it'd suit you and went ahead to ask for its price. I was shocked. But I am not one to back down from a challenge, so with a little help I got a part time job and yeah, finally that little baby found its way on your hand. I'm happy for you."

"Uh-huh. In the end, it's all about your pride."

Aomine snickered at that and inched his face closer to the redhead next to him. Kagami could feel his breath on his cheek. He was expecting a kiss but instead the man nuzzled his head on his shoulder.

"Maybe I also want you to be constantly reminded of me wherever you are. Every time you look at the watch. No, even when you are not, every moment that pass by, I want you to remember me."

Kagami got a feeling that Aomine did what he did to hide his face, red and flustered for uttering something so embarrassing and out of character.

"I thought your head is only filled with basketball and sex. Who'd have thought you'd be this gooey, warm and mushy on the inside," said the redhead with a smug face.

"Shut up, Bakagami," the bluenette muffled against his sweater. "I only do this in front of you."

The Seirin's ace covered his face with his palm; he could feel warmth creeping on him face.

"I feel so happy I think my heart's gonna burst."

They remain seated like that for quite some time; stretching out the blissful moment, of which was hard to come by that descended upon them. Kagami was fiddling with something in his jeans pocket before he cleared his throat to get the bluenette's attention.

"I – Those bunch of small presents under the tree are all yours. I know that it won't add up to the value of what you've gotten me, but I hope this will make up for it."

Kagami took Aomine's hand, gently uncurling each finger. He placed a key on the palm, a little basketball keychain attached to it. "A key duplicate to this apartment."

The midnight blue orbs widened in delight, joy in his eyes was uncontainable.

"Does this mean – "

"You've considered this place as home already, so – just come home every now and then," his words turned into murmur at the end, the colour of his cheek deepened.

"And now you're making my heart feel like bursting."Aomine stood up, yanking the teddy away from Kagami's lap to straddle him against the couch, whispering in his ears."This is the best Christmas gift ever as for now – I get to have a new home. That means I get to own everything in it. And that includes you. That's the best part."

Even if Kagami couldn't see it, he could hear the naughty smirk that was playing by his ear. Aomine grind his hips against Kagami's.

"That is some messed up logic you got there," he thrust his hips forward, enjoying the tension.

Aomine dismissed the redhead, growling provocatively in his ear. "I want to do you so bad."

"I thought you are too full to do anything just now."

"Doing anything and doing you is a different thing."


"Oi Kagami. Kiss me."

Kagami pulled Aomine by the collar and gave him just that. An intense, breathless kiss.

The night had just begun.


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