A/N: Hello this is my first Kung Fu Panda fan-fic and it's something that I've been thinking about ever since I saw the ending to the second movie. Seeing how Mr. Ping never raised Po as his son, I've changed Po's name to Xiong which in China means grand; powerful. I thought it a fitting choice.

Chapter 1

Panda Village just outside of Gongmen city, some twenty years ago

"We looked all over the forest Li. I fear you must accept that truth—"

"Never!" Li shouted swing a long Iron wood staff before him. "I lost Hua, I refuse to lose Xiong too. Now keep looking!"

The pandas replied only with a simple node as they went back to their search. Yet, try as they might they could find no trace of the missing cub.

A distant howl crept along the breeze which caused a number of panda maids to cringe, clutching their own cubs close to their sides.

"Li this is fool hearty," a panda spoke in a hush tone. "We narrowly escaped Shen and his wolves the first time, we can't risk the safety of the tribe for one son," he paused as he saw the narrow glare that Li stared back, but pushed on through his rising fear, "you know full well that I'm right."

Li was fuming, he could not leave his son out hear all alone. His grip on the iron wood staff tighten the point of snapping it two…which would have shocked all those who beheld it…but in the end he knew that Kan spoke the truth. He was the chief of the tribe and despite his feeLi, he had to see to their need first.

Turning back to the wind driven snow, a tear trimmed his dark jade eyes. "Forgive me Hua . I—" he stopped short as he heard the sounds of something else…not a wolf or peacock…but something far grander.

The sounds of a baby cry.

"Xiong !" Li shouted and pushed off from Kan. "Xiong , I'm coming."

Following the infant cry, Li came across a set of crates filled with fruit and vegetables. Most of them were marked to be delivered as far as the Valley of Peace. Hidden in one such box of radishes, Li found a small cubby baby panda and his heart melt.

"Oh Xiong ," he cried lifting his son from the crate, "I knew I would find you."

The young panda giggled as his father held him and sought to wrap his arms around Li's neck.

"Oh my God."

Li turned to the sound of the shrill and saw a group of panda's standing along the rim of the hills. With Xiong in his arm, he rushed up the hill to see what the problem was, but was stopped as a fellow panda turned on him.

"No Li," he whispered, a look of sorrow edged his features "not with Xiong ."

Li slowly handed his son over to a nearby nurse maid, who in returned began to cry not wishing to leave his father's arms. After gently patting his son's head, flatting the small curl of puffed up fur in the middle in doing so; Li turned his attention the group of pandas along the tree lines. Several women were weeping while the males held their fits in a tight clench. In the center of the group laid Hua—or rather what was left of her.

Li fell to his knees, tears flowed down his face, and in an act of uncontrollable rage, tossed his head back and roar.

Several years later…

"I hate this," Xiong said whipping an arm across his face for want seemed like this umpteenth time. "Why do we have to do this every time we come to the valley?"

It was the middle of spring and as other people in the market were enjoying the warm weather, others were not so lucky. Strolling past the vast number of shops and stands he and Jiao did their level best to avoid attention. Then again their choice of clothing made that nearly impossible.

They wore light tan robes with sleeves far too long and baggy for any form of person with the hem draping along the floor. Over size cone straw hats rested along their forehead which provide a meager amount of shade and relief from the heat. Though the thin layers of clothe wrapped around their face barely leaving enough room for them to see was not helping matters.

"You know the tribe law better than anyone Jiao said.

"Well I hate that too."

Jiao released a small sigh. "I'm going to do some trading for supplies. You coming?"

"No, I need to find some better shade before I roast."

"Fine, I'll catch up with you back at the glade alright."


With that Xiong stomped off, bumping into several people in doing so.

His search for a shady spot proved more difficult than getting dressed to leave the village. In the end he settled for leaning against a large stone near the edge of town. He ignored the awkward stars that fell upon him as he chewed on a strand of wheat. His gaze drifted from side to side, the emerald hue of his eyes never once settled on anything for a given length of time. Something rather unsettling did catch his eye however. A small sign on nearby fruit stand. As he approached it, a sense of anger rose within him.

Wanted: Any information on pandas hiding across China

5,000 gold coins any brought in

Dead or Alive

Sign Shen

Xiong's eyes narrowed.

It was Shen's fault that he and his kin have been forced into hiding. Why they were forced to who and what they were. The one who took his mother from him!

In a fit of rage, Xiong slammed his fist against the stand. The impact shattered the back board and sent the rest flying down the street.

"Hey!" a sheep shouted. "You're going have to pay for that!"

"Send me the bill."

Several other people began to complain, yet Xiong paid them no heed. All he wanted was to face the animal who took everything he cared for.

As he returned to the shade, he saw a small turtle dressed only in a single green strip of cloth. In one hand he held a simple wooden stick with a horse shoe curve at one end. In the other was a unfurled scroll.

Thinking nothing of the turtle, Xiong returned to his place, leaning against the rock and waited for Jiao to show up. He jumped though when he heard a soft voice next to him.

"You have great strength, but it is fueled by your anger."

Xiong turned to face the turtle, a bit taken with the strength of his voice. "So?"

"Such emotion will only lead to one's own heart ache. There are ways to channel that strength through other means."

He didn't know why but Xiong felt complied to mutter, "How?"

The turtle turned the scroll and Xiong saw images of fighting stances, some using fits while other struck with their feet.

"Kung fu" he muttered, "how is that supposed to help?"

"It will bring you a sense of balance," the turtle said, "and with it peace."

"There's only one thing that will ever bring me peace." Xiong whispered.

"Then your suffering will never end."

Xiong was a bit surprise that he heard him.

"Who are you?"

A loud scream drew his attention, but just any scream. Jiao.

He pushed the turtle's crazed notion of kung fu, balance, and peace from his mind as he raced across the market where he came upon Jiao being harsh by a large over bearing rhino.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" The rhino snapped.

"Please forgive me." Jiao pleaded.

"Stupid fool. I'll teach you a thing or two."

"No!" Xiong shouted.

He rushed toward the rhino, but his scream gave him away and the rhino smacked him across the face. In doing so his hat flew off and several facial straps were torn away.

"Hey," someone shouted, "he a panda!"


Several other people shouted as they took notice of Xiong. Standing his ground, he raised his fist ready to defend himself, but turned his head as he felt something along his shoulder and saw Jiao beside him.

"You can't fight them all. We have to run."

"But—" Xiong protest but stopped short as Jiao pulled at his arm and led him down a open path. Along the way, Xiong grabbed his pack. He hated running from a fight, but he could not bare to leave without this.