Thomas the tank engine and Rosie the pink engine Friendships

Set after Season 16

"Quite a busy year this year." Puffed Rosie.

"Yeah and Gordon's is still moaning." Sighed Thomas. "But forget Gordon just think we haven't been talking to each other much this year and I apologise."

"It's ok Thomas I know why you've been doing it because you're trying to make it up to Percy for that Dieselworks Fiasco." Puffed Rosie. "Oliver and Arthur still aren't sure they can trust you."

"I better give them time to forgive me that stuff with the Dieselworks was my fault as well as Diesel 10." Sighed Thomas. "I hope me helping Luke will convince them I'm not as much of a jerk as I once was."

"Thomas you may have been a jerk but you helped Percy regain control of the Steamworks and I personally think you should be with Percy enough times before Diesel 10 tries something like that." Puffed Rosie.

Thomas sighed.

"I don't know why I act the way I do sometimes." He said.

Then Oliver, Arthur, Bertie, Harold, Edward, Henry, Duck, James, Toby, Mavis and Percy came along.

"True none of us know why you act the way you do sometimes." Puffed Edward. "The thing is you need to make sure you never do anything stupid that can offend a friend."

"Speaking of that Rosie really wants you to be more than a friend to her." Oiled Mavis.

"I think Thomas you seem to forget that it's friends that is more important than anything else and that includes photographs." Said Duck wisely.

"I doubt Gordon has learnt anything since then." Puffed Rosie.

"Yeah he still says that he had more photographs than Thomas." Said Bertie.

"Nothing we can do about that." Said Harold.

"Oliver, Arthur you two are right I really should treat Percy and everyone better respect can you both forgive me?" asked Thomas.

Oliver and Arthur could see Thomas was sorry.

"We forgive you just remember when new recruits come let Percy help." Both Oliver and Arthur told him.

Then the Fat Controller arrived on Whiff.

"A lot of engines here you giving someone a talk too?" asked Whiff.

"Yes Whiff telling him that he should think before he does things." Puffed Henry.

"We know it's for you to do the telling off sir but Thomas forgets he has friends and gets over his head." Explained James.

"And Thomas promises to be a better friend." Puffed Rosie.

"For all of us." Puffed Toby.

"I am pleased with you all." Smiled the Fat Controller.

"I think Rosie wants to talk to Thomas." Puffed Percy.

"Thomas I love you." Puffed Rosie happily.

"I love you too Rosie." Smiled Thomas.

And the engines cheered as it became the new year.

"I like endings sweet and loveable don't you?" smiled Toby.

The End