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After a spectacular defeat at the end of NFA, resulting in all life in this dimension ending, the Powers have decided to give the dimension one more chance. They decide our favorite blonde vampire is just the guy for the job. Numbed from recent events Spike thinks they've gone barmy, he's not a hero but the Powers insist. What's a souled vamp to do when he is sent back in time?

Just a warning: This is an AU spuffy story. BUT Buffy is only 16 when this starts so the spuffy lovin' while it will happen won't be for awhile. There will be briefly Bangel. I don't mind Angel, but I do not like the pairing of Buffy/Angel but it is necessary to the plot. I have rated this M for now for adult language, eventually there will be smut but like I said it won't happen right away so try to be patient. I hope you enjoy what I have done with the characters. I have used certain elements of the show, certain bad guys and even some dialog. In those instances I will make the necessary acknowledgments.

Whistler found that this Giles was far more accepting of the theory that not all demons were evil. Whistler took the time to inform Giles that because of his actions in a different dimension Spike was being rewarded and he was now a Champion of the Powers. While Spike would still be a vampire but he was evolved from regular vampires, a gift from the Powers. Giles was told that Spike and Whistler were there to help the slayer who would also be arriving soon.

A few weeks of casual meetings and the two had established the beginnings of a friendship.

"I receive visions from the PTB to help Spike, and potentially you and your slayer, guard this hell mouth. I recently received one of those visions. There is another vampire in the picture, named Angel; he was cursed with a soul over a hundred years ago by gypsies for the brutal torture, rape and murder of a young girl in their tribe. He slowly made his way to America over the last century and as of last year was in L.A. He somehow saw your slayer a few months ago and has become, infatuated with her. I believe that he will follow her to Sunnydale; at least that is what I was shown. Use him, if you wish, as another fighter but I caution you not to allow him to get close to your slayer. As of now she has had no contact with him but if that changes the choices that are made after that become very important. He will try to remain evasive and mysterious, don't let him. He will keep secrets and it is up to you reveal them. If not he has the power to cause a lot of harm to you and your slayer." With that cryptic warning, Whistler stood up and left the meeting.

Giles, a curious man by nature, proceeded to find out all he could about Spike and Angel. He found quite a lot written about Angelus, but other than the approximate date of his siring and his vampire family line there wasn't much written about Spike. The books said that he left his demon family shortly after he was turned and kept a low profile, until now.

Whistler and Spike had decided to not purchase the mansion on Crawford Street.

"Too many bad memories in that place mate." Spike explained when Whistler asked why they hadn't bought the mansion. " 'Sides don't need a place that big. This one will do us just fine." Spike looked around at the house they had just purchased. This Sunnydale was a funny town. There was a hellmouth housed under the high school just like in the other dimension and the mayor was a demon. But this one had no plans on ascending. Mayor Thomas was a demon, who over many years and with numerous changes in identity, had run the town with humans and demons alike in mind. All the services that were available to humans were also available to the more civilized non-harmful demons. There were civil courts for disputes over mundane things. Demons were also able to purchase property, obtain identification and own businesses. There was even a special medical center set up at one of the hospitals that treated only demons. The tunnels that ran underground followed the same paths as the streets above and were named the same to make travel through town easier for those that couldn't blend in with the human population.

It had been a busy week for the two. After checking one of the real estate agencies, run by demons, for property Spike had chosen a house on Paul Street. The house sat on an acre of shaded land. It was a two story house with a basement, three bedrooms, living room, family room and two and a half baths. The basement and attached garage were the biggest selling points for Spike. After spending a small fortune furnishing the house Whistler finally got Spike to stop procrastinating and agree to meet with Rupert Giles.

Whistler answered the knock at the door admitting Giles into the house. "Mr. Giles please come in."

Spike sauntered into the living room. "Watcher."

"Giles this is Spike." Whistler made the introductions, leading Giles over to the living room. Once everyone was seated the atmosphere in the room became awkward.

Clearing his throat Giles started speaking first, "Whistler tells me that the Powers have sent you here. I would like to know why they would elevate a soulless demon to Champion status and send him to an active hellmouth?"

"First of all the state of my soul is none of your bloody business. Second I thought Whistler explained that to you already."

"Yes, well I am afraid I will need more to go on before I would ever consider trusting you."

Whistler suddenly threw his head back, his eyes rolling up in their sockets. When he finally calmed down he turned to Spike. "Got a job for you. The Master is here in Sunnydale, he's waiting for the slayer to arrive. He's going to turn her if you don't get to him first."

"I'll ask around see if any of the Brachen's know anything. See what they can dig up before I go in and take care of 'im."

"Giles you and I are taking a road trip. The Oracles want to see you." Whistler gives the watcher no time to object leading him out to the car and on the road to LA before the older man could even blink.

Once in LA Whistler wasted no time getting Giles into the chamber with the Oracles. The female speaks first. "The Watcher, knowledge is your weapon is it not?"

"Yes, yes it is."

"That is what we offer, do you accept?" The male asks.

"Will this knowledge help me execute my duties?"

"That is up to you." Both beings intone. Suddenly images are projected on the bare wall next to the Oracles. Giles watches fascinated as images and voices flash before him of people he has never met. He raised his hand as Angel appears on the screen. The images paused as he asked his question of the two higher beings. "Who is that?"

"Angel, the cursed one. We had hoped he could be a champion. But he did not live up to our expectations." The female responded as the images started up again.

Giles stops the picture show again when Spike appears. "Spike has killed slayers? And you sent him to us to help? Tell me why I shouldn't go back there right now and stake him?!"

"Watch and learn."

The images start again and soon Giles has his answer. Giles watched in horror as an innocent Buffy was terrorized by a soulless Angelus. When Spike came to her and offered to help Giles was stunned. As the years went by on the wall, Giles watched as Spike changed and started actively helping the group whereas Angel, with his soul restored, walked away. The watcher was unaware of the tears running down his face as he saw his slayer ripped from heaven by well meaning friends. The tentative friendship Spike and Buffy had immediately after her return was destroyed when sex was introduced into the relationship. Buffy was drowning and he watched as everyone ignored it, even him, everyone but Spike. Giles saw how he tried to help her, his missteps pronounced, saw Buffy and her friends refuse his help, belittle his attempts. The incident in the bathroom had him furious one moment and stunned the next. The look in Spike's eyes was astounding, Giles could swear he saw sorrow, horror and guilt in those blue eyes. The measures he took to atone for that single act were astonishing, as were his actions upon his return. He stood by Buffy's side as her lieutenant in the war against The First helping her to train the potentials and in the end gave his life to end the battle.

Interspersed with the scenes from Sunnydale were Angel's actions in LA. For every good outcome there was just as much sorrow and pain. It seemed that those that aligned themselves with Angel thinking they were his friends and partners were pawns for the souled vampire to use as he saw fit. With no thought or care for their end.

When the images finally stopped Giles took a moment to get his composure back before speaking, not noticing that Whistler was no longer in the room. "What am I to do with this knowledge?"

"We have sent our Champion to you now, at this time. You have seen his history, seen the path he has walked. He is redeemed, he has atoned for his sins. Souled by his own free will. The time of the prophecy is at hand."

"Prophecy? I... I don't understand." Giles stammered.

"You must find them. Watcher and Mother, Disgraced and Vengeance, Wolf and Key, Carpenter and Countess, Witch and Wicca, the Warriors for our Champion and Chosen One." Both voices were speaking their voices blending into a musical sound. "Our seer will give his power to the Countess if she so chooses."

"But they each must choose. Of their own free will to join in the fight. Our Daughter died alone not knowing our champion had returned. The heavens weep with her pain. She waits to return to him. Waits for the time when she can become one with herself on this plane. If this one abandons her calling, our daughter's soul will remain in pain, never to find peace."

"You're saying that the Buffy you showed me has died and is in heaven waiting to come to this time? That somehow she will return? What will happen to the Buffy of this time?"

"None will be lost, they will blend; innocence and zest for life will merge with strength and wisdom."

"Are you certain? She has been ripped from her reward before with terrible consequences."

"He needs proof to believe." As the two beings finished speaking, one final image played out on the wall. A young man, Giles had only glimpses of in the images of the other timeline, was pinned to a wall by a very upset Buffy. As the sound was added Giles could hear Buffy questioning the man about Spike. "He was alive? He was here?"

"I'm sorry Buffy. He's … As soon as the news came from LA I asked Willow to look for him. She said he's dust, he died fighting with Angel in LA."

"And now those demons that Angel unleashed are destroying the world and we can't stop them." The sadness in her voice was easy to hear. "He died and came back and died again. Why didn't he come to me?" Tears were clogging her voice as she let go of the man she was holding.

"He did." At her shocked look he swallowed audibly. "He came to Rome and saw you with Alberto."

"Oh god! He thought I didn't mean it." At the man's confused look she continued, "In the hellmouth I told him I loved him and he came here and saw me with Alberto and he must have thought I lied to him." At that Buffy broke down in tears and the vision stopped.

"Our Chosen One fought until the end. But her heart was no longer in the fight. She disrupts the heavens with her mourning. Will you assist in the fight? Will you return Our Chosen to her hearts desire?"

"Yes." Giles answer was succinct and to the point.

"This knowledge is for you and you alone. They must chose to fight and do so for the right reasons. Not for honor or glory but because it is just and right."

"I understand." Giles found himself outside the white room with Whistler waiting for him. "Did you get what you needed?" With a nod from the watcher the balance demon started walking back to the car.

Giles went home that evening and tried to write down everything he had been shown. He was certain he had all the broad strokes of what had happened in the previous dimension, but wanted to talk to Spike to make sure he was correct with his assumptions.

The following evening Giles was knocking on Spike's door.

"Rupert." Spike said as he opened the door.

"Good evening Spike, may I come in."

"Yeah, got some time before I go out patrolling."

"I wanted to speak with you about what I was shown by the Oracles. I wrote down what I remembered but I know I missed quite a lot. Perhaps you could fill in the blanks?"

With a deep sigh Spike started speaking. Whistler warned him it might come to this, baring his soul to the Watcher. Spike talked for hours, leaving nothing out. Giles scribbled furiously, only stopping Spike to ask him to clarify something. By the time Spike was done with his story both men had finished half a bottle of Scotch.

"From what I can discern, you are the equivalent of a slayer. You said Buffy wanted a normal life. So if you have no objections, between the two of us we shall try to make that happen. For the time being we can conduct our meetings at the school. I have an extensive library of occult books there to help in our research."

Whistler walked in the room and joined the conversation at this point. "We were planning a trip to LA for this weekend to pick up some books and other supplies. Why don't I show you around? We set up an area of the basement for training and a library in the back of the house." The two men left the living room as Whistler showed Giles the house.

" Oi, while your givin' Rupes the grand tour I'm heading out to patrol." Spike yelled down the stairs.

Giles waited until he heard the front door slam before addressing Whistler. "It's all a bit hard to take in you understand." Removing his glasses and cleaning them with a handkerchief from his pocket Giles continued. "Spike knows everything that is to come. Not only that but he knows some of everyone's deep dark secrets. It is quite disconcerting."

"You're wrong. He knew the secrets of the people from the other dimension. No two dimensions are the same."

Giles was hard pressed not to reveal what the Oracles had told him. But he knew if his plan had any chance for success he needed to keep his knowledge to himself. Excusing himself from Whistler, Giles made his way home. Pulling out his journal Giles started to put together the makings of a plan. As a watcher Giles knew that each girl that was called was as different as could be. But inside each of them was the pull to fight for the innocent. There had been a few over the course of history that had tried to deny their calling. They chose to walk away from the fight, but eventually they all found their way back. It was part of why they were called, a deep seated need for justice and a love of humanity that shone brighter in them than others.

With that thought in mind Giles saw the beginning of a plan. From what he was shown Buffy was a typical California teen. Shopping, hanging out with friends, days at the beach those were high on her list of things to do. Taking up the mantle of slayer again after the disastrous results in LA was not something she would willingly do. But Giles also saw how much Willow and Xander would come to mean to her and the others that joined them. The popular crowd and their attitude towards others would rub against that love of humanity deep inside of Buffy. So Giles thought that by forcing her to be on the outside looking in as ordinary students took up her calling to protect those lives he might be able to tempt Buffy into choosing her calling and thus finding peace with it. Now he just had to figure out what prophecy the Oracles were discussing and who the rest of the people were.