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After a spectacular defeat at the end of NFA, resulting in all life in this dimension ending, the Powers have decided to give the dimension one more chance. They decide our favorite blonde vampire is just the guy for the job. Numbed from recent events Spike thinks they've gone barmy, he's not a hero but the Powers insist. What's a souled vamp to do when he is sent back in time?

Just a warning: This is an AU spuffy story. BUT Buffy is only 16 when this starts so the spuffy lovin' while it will happen won't be for awhile. There will be briefly Bangel. I don't mind Angel, but I do not like the pairing of Buffy/Angel but it is necessary to the plot. I have rated this M for now for adult language, eventually there will be smut but like I said it won't happen right away so try to be patient. I hope you enjoy what I have done with the characters. I have used certain elements of the show, certain bad guys and even some dialog.

It only took a few days for Xander and Willow to make their decision. They had both been hemming and hawing about it before the decision was practically made for them. On one hand the idea of fighting creatures that could kill them in the blink of an eye was daunting. But on the other hand the thought that they would be helping to save the world, well that part made them feel like they weren't the losers of the school anymore. Even if no one ever found out about it they would know just what they had done. It was a Tuesday when an event during gym class brought the truth home to both teens. A screaming girl had run from the locker room. When every one ran to see what happened a boy's body could be seen hanging out of a locker. His body was so pale that he reminded Willow of Spike. Two deep puncture marks on his neck confirmed that the boy had been killed by a vampire.

"Are you sure Wills?"

"Xander I know what I saw. He had two holes in neck and he was white, I mean really white. Like all the blood had been drained from his body."

"Vamps in the high school. We should probably tell Giles about it." The two teenagers started walking towards the library. They could hear raised voices as they approached the double doors. Not one for subtlety Xander pushed the doors open and walk in. "Hey Giles a vamp got a snack today in the locker room."

"Xander, be nice. Hi Giles." Willow gave a little wave to the librarian.

"Really must you two? I have asked you repeatedly to watch what you say." Giles tilted his head drawing attention to the other person in the room. "Xander, Willow, I would like you to meet Buffy. Buffy these are the two classmates I was telling you about."

"These two? Really? Two geeks?" Buffy tone was full of scorn as she looked over at the two seated at the table. "You really think these two can take over my sacred calling?"

"Hey! Just because we weren't all chosen doesn't give you the right to talk to us like that." Willow forgot her normal shyness to defend herself and Xander. Deciding to ignore her for now Willow told Giles what she had seen in the locker room.

"Are you certain it was a vampire?"

"You described a vamp bite to us and Spike showed us his so yeah I'm gonna say yes."

"Spike? Who's Spike?" Buffy intruded on the conversation.

"No one you need concern yourself with Buffy. I think we can handle this matter ourselves. You should head back to class. Willow Xander? Do you know the name of the student? We need to investigate this." Buffy watched as Giles the boy and the redhead sat at the table to find out who killed the student. With a start Buffy realized that this could have been her. Could she slay and have friends? She had tried it back in LA with disastrous results, but somehow this seemed different. Pike enjoyed the rush but the reality was too much for him to handle. But these two, it looked like they were in it for no other reason than a sincere desire to help. With a lot on her mind Buffy left the library and made her way through the rest of the day in a bit of a fog.


After a particularly harrowing patrol late one night, Spike and Giles started teaching Willow and Xander some self-defense moves. The four had been in Shady Rest when they were surrounded by a group of 8 vampires. "There he is! The turncoat! Get him!"

The vamps charged and suddenly everyone was fighting for their lives. Spike quickly staked the two that started fighting him and moved to help Willow who was having difficulties with the two that went after her. Spike moved in and started hitting the vamp that had gone after Willow. Stumbling, the redhead fell backwards jamming her left wrist into the ground. She rolled over and reached into her bag with her good hand to pull out a vial of holy water. Pulling the cork out with her teeth she yelled, "Spike Duck!" and tossed the contents. The scream of pain startled the other vampires. Everyone turned to look and saw the vampire that had attacked Willow smoking from the holy water. But what stunned the entire group was the sight of Spike. He was standing there with the blessed water dripping from his head and not smoking.

"What the hell?" One of the remaining vamps questioned. As the vampire turned to dust Giles took advantage of the distraction it provided and staked the other two vampires. When the dust of all 8 vamps finally settled the two teenagers were sporting a few bruises and Willow had a sprained wrist.

"How? That vamp went poof. But you..." Xander sputtered.

"The Powers. Told me I was immune to religious items. Never tested it out though seemed a bit dangerous yeah?" Spike replied.

"I... I mean I know what they told me. But…"

"Yeah Watcher I know. You didn't quite believe me did you?"

"Well it seems you were telling the truth now weren't you. The Powers have chosen you to be their Champion."

"So how's about we keep quiet 'bout my upgrades yeah. Don't need a bunch of demons trying to figure out what makes me tick."

"I agree, if any other vampires found out about your, um upgrades they might try to capture you to find out why." Giles agreed and swore the children to silence.

After that the two teenagers could be found every day after school working out in Spike's basement.

The next night Giles and Spike were patrolling alone, giving Willow and Xander time to heal from their injuries, when they came across a Sathari demon hiding in the bushes across the street from Buffy's house. After dispatching the demon Giles finally agreed to set up a meeting with Mrs. Summer's and Dawn to tell them about Buffy's calling and the situation they were now in.


There was a stunned silence in the high school library as the two Summers' women tried to process everything they had been told. "Let me see if I understand this. My daughter was chosen by some 'beings' called the Powers that Be, to fight vampires and demons." Joyce quickly grabbed Dawn's hand and dragged the girl from her chair trying to escape the room and the people in front of her who were obviously delusional.

"Mrs. Summers please I know how it sounds, it's almost unbelievable I know. But it is the truth." Giles quickly stepped in front of the fleeing pair blocking their path to the door.

"You are all crazy you do know that don't you?" Joyce said as she wrapped a protective arm around Dawn.

"I can prove it. I would like to formally introduce my companion. Spike, 'William the Bloody'." Both women turned to look at the up till now silent man with bleached hair. When Spike was certain he had their undivided attention he slowly slipped into game face. Walking carefully with his arms at his side he approached Joyce.

"Vampires and demons are real, Mrs. Summers. If you would both sit down we have a lot more to tell you." Giles carefully escorted them back to the table. Spike went back to his human face and sat down across from Dawn, while Giles went to make tea in his office. Dawn being the inquisitive girl she was couldn't help her self and started asking Spike all sorts of questions about being a vampire. He chatted with her while they waited for Giles to come back into the room. Joyce, tense in her chair, kept looking at Spike with undisguised wariness.

After handing out cups of tea Giles began with the tale of Sunnydale's history and then gave a brief description of Spike's activities in the other dimension. He decided that telling Joyce of alternate dimensions might be more than she could handle at this point he just told her that Spike had become a champion for the powers and had been sent here with some knowledge of future events. When he started talking about Buffy's role Joyce had lots of questions.

"So when she burned down the gym there really were vampires in the school?" Joyce gasped, her eyes filling up with tears. "We….we had her committed." The room was silent while she sat deep in thought and took a few moments to regain her composure.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I do understand though, the thought that the monsters of our childhood are real is something most people don't acknowledge. They either can't or won't admit it." Giles took a moment to gather his thoughts. The rest of what he needed to tell Joyce was complicated. "Buffy is not happy with her life at the moment. As you have told us her calling has brought her nothing but sorrow at this point. She blames the dissolution of your marriage, being kicked out of school, the loss of her friends and her stay in an institution on her calling. We are at a unique point in history. The majority of people do not believe in the supernatural as they did in years past. The modern world makes it difficult to carry out the duties of an ancient sacred calling."

"Yeah the cops came to the house after Buffy burned down the gym I thought they were going to arrest her!" Dawn piped up.

"Yes, exactly, these girls, some of the things they need to do put them on the wrong side of the law. Not to mention having to skip classes, stay out late into the night. Plus the need to constantly explain broken bones and bruises to teachers and social workers, not to mention their own parents. You can see why Buffy would want to turn her back on all of it and that brings us to Spike. He will be taking over her duties for as long as need be. I hope that Buffy might return to her calling in time, but the choice must be hers and hers alone."

The room was quiet for a few minutes while Joyce absorbed all the information she had received. "I have one question. Why tell me all this? If Buffy has turned her back on all of this then she is just a regular girl now. She won't be getting into trouble or cutting classes so why tell me?"

Giles cleared his throat before answering. "I was initially against the idea. But recent events forced me to reconsider. Just because Buffy isn't out patrolling every night doesn't mean the evil demons in this town don't know she is here. She is still the slayer with all the special abilities that come with it, and therefore all of you are targets. In the past two weeks we have come across two different groups that were planning an attack on Buffy." At the shocked gasps from both Giles hastened to reassure them. "Spike was able to eliminate both threats. But those instances made it clear we needed to inform you. Demons in general can enter your home with no issue. Vampires need an invite, the first time. As you can see," Giles gestured towards Spike, "they look completely human and once you invite them in they can come back anytime unless you perform a spell to revoke their invitation. We wanted to let you know to help keep your family safe. Now that you know, make sure that you never use any words in to invite anyone in after dark, always use hand gestures. I will give you a supply of holy water and crosses to protect yourselves."

"So you kill vampires and demons, even though you are a vampire? Explain that to me because I don't understand." Joyce broke the silence that had descended on the room when Giles finished speaking.

"Happened a few years ago, there was this military group in the town I was in. They were capturing and experimenting on demons, and they got a hold of me. They put a computer chip in my head that stopped me from hurting humans. After a bit I figured out I could still hurt demons and I started hanging out with some do-gooders fightin' on their side. There was this girl, she was amazing. Fell for her. She was up against a real baddie so I fought by her side. She asked me to protect someone important to her. I failed, was too late and the kid got hurt. The girl, she died that night. Made a promise to protect the kid till the end of the world, so this here, my being here? That's me keeping my promise."

"Do you still have the chip?" Dawn asked with all the inquisitiveness of a child.

"Nope, bloody thing started misfiring had to have it removed."

Joyce shoved back her chair startled by the news.

"Mrs. Summers, I promise Spike is of no threat to you or any other human. Spike underwent some legendary trials over a year ago. He had his soul returned to him of his own free will. He now fights on the side of good." After Joyce settled herself Giles started to speak again. "Not all demons are evil. It's true that most vampires are evil, only interested in the kill. This town attracts them by the droves. But you have nothing to fear from Spike. There are other demons in town that are also no threat to humans. They're not necessarily good but they are not evil. Neutral is how I would describe them."

Giles took a look at the two women before him, he could see that they needed time to process the information they had been given. "I know you must have more questions, but I think we should take a break right now. You can always contact me to ask me anything."