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Beginnings Prologue

No words could describe how much pain Crash Bandicoot was in, but regardless it felt as if his body was being stabbed and thrown across the room.

Crash used every amount of will power he had to keep from crying as he was strapped down to the table in the ominous room he was in.

Crash was originally a normal developing bandicoot that lived on the of the three islands off the coast of Australia. But, one day he was taken from his home and transformed into the anthro being he was now.

Due to Crash not being a fully developed bandicoot, his age only came to preadolescent.

The experiments and testing stopped for one minute as the two scientists moved away and conversed with each other.

Crash took this time to breathe…he wanted more than anything to escape. This place was messed beyond his reasons and he needed to leave before it was too late.

Finally the one scientist pointed at table and left the room.

The other scientist came to the table entrapping Crash before roughly grabbing him and leading Crash back to his cell.

Back in the dungeon, Crash sat in his cell all across the other cells were even more prisoners. They all locked sad, afraid or emotionless from their transformation. But, it wasn't just anthros that were locked in these rooms', human children and adolescents made some of the rooms in the dungeon. Regardless everyone's thoughts were bent on escape.

"Crash…" A female bandicoot in her mid-teens asked. "How bad was it today?"

"Horrible…they just kept shooting shots and syringes into my body…they said I'm going under tomorrow." He replied anger and rage in his voice.

A human boy about his age looked at him. "What…happens then?"

"Then I will become the general of the armies."

Everyone in the room exhaled deeply. Then a human girl starting banging her head against the wall. She was about 15 and had long messy blonde hair that looked almost white. Her eyes were a weird shade of brown that under the right conditions made them look blood red, she was dressed in a dirty white dress, a beige wool sweater, brown knee high stocks and brown laced shoes.

"I'm not supposed to be here, I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be back in California, I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE, MOM, DAD HELP ME!" The girl cried.

A brown Wombat came towards the girl and embraced her tightly.

"It's okay Valerie, everything's going okay." The wombat tried to keep himself from crying.

Crash had learned when Valerie had first come here she was suffering from Manic Depression…but known better as Bipolar Disorder. The scientist had something special in mind for her so they had completed the treatments…they claimed that because of her mental stability, that they would do it right before she went under. Crash and Valerie had become very good friends…but most days she would crying or screaming or hurting herself which horrified everyone realizing in this place you had to sink or swim.

The bandicoot female came towards him. She had long hair and green eyes with a brown shirt and denim shorts.

"Crash what are you thinking about?" she asked.

"We all need to get out of here…all of us are being treated like dogs…then we will be turned into emotionless slaves that is not a way to live."

"What choice do we have…days are being numbered…and the beings that have gone under now…are completely dangerous…and way too strong for us to handle."

"But determination is the one thing that can give us strength…I don't want to be an emotionless killer."

"I don't think any of us do." A male wallaby said in the back.

"How will we escape?" Valerie whimpered.

"I don't know time is not on my side anymore…Tawna…thanks for being there for me, you were great and quite the hottie." That made everyone laugh a little.

"Of course babe." She grinned.

For the rest of the night everyone talked keeping their mind off of the end of their sanity the end of how they got to live.

Suddenly the dungeon opened. Everyone coward in their cells as a tall bald man in green lab coat and red and blue jumpsuit came in. Behind him was a large muscular koala bear.

Time to go Crash today is the day you become are general."

Valerie started crying and screaming begging them not to take Crash away. Her response was the koala grabbing her and ramming her against the wall knocking her out cold. Causing a little echidna to cry and sob, the wombat and wallaby hugged her tightly to keep her calm and not happen suffer the way Valerie did.

The koala grabbed Crash and led him out of the dungeon.

Crash felt his heart beating quickly as he led down the hallways toward his doom he needed to get out of here regardless of what could happen.

Finally, they reached the lab. Crash was thrown in front of a man. He was in early to mid-forties. He was dressed in a white lab coat over a black jumpsuit and black boots. He wore yellow gloves. This man had a rather large head; he was bald with the remainder of the sides of his hair wild and frizzy, and a messy beard. But, what stood the most out of this man was the large N on his forehead and his sadistic blood red eyes.

"Dr. Cortex, everything is ready." The other man explained.

Cortex simply nodded and pointed towards a metal table with a frightening looking machine above it.

Crash was dragged towards the machine and strapped down tightly. Crash looked around his mind was racing, he struggled not to cry, how could that monster Cortex do this him to everyone here…what did he want to prove.

Suddenly Cortex and his assistant were above him masks covering their faces making only their eyes visible.

"Dr. Cortex…are you sure the Cortex Vortex is ready for Crash you said Crash has had some strange irregularities…should we wait a little longer before completely commence?"

Cortex turned his head slowly toward his assistant.

"Brio…care to repeat that to me?" Cortex's voice was very deep and spine chilling and was almost sweet sounding the way he asked his assistant which Crash knew he was going to get mad and explode.

Brio was sweating nervously. "W-w-well s-s-seeing as Crash is not like other minions he might not go through."

"Brio…I've worked hard on this plot and I'm not going allow this to delay not when I've come so close…this bandicoot will lead my army and help achieve world domination no matter what it takes to achieve…and no one will stop me." Cortex's voice was calm but venom was present.

"But, you don't know what the Cortex Vortex could do." Brio pleaded.

Cortex aimed his laser gun at his head.

"Got anything else to say?" He growled lowly.


"Good…commence the procedure."

Crash felt the table rise toward the machine. He struggled and pulled at the bonds, but there was no escape. Finally, he was placed inside. Bright lights surrounded him inside the machine.

He suddenly saw a head piece come towards his head before it mounted roughly on him.

"Suddenly the lights whirled and surrounded him he felt electricity rush through his body.

"Commencing control on subject." The computer rang. Suddenly pain ran through the bandicoot's body.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO!" Crash screamed struggling against the pain and the controlling headpiece. He would not become an emotionless being he would not allow himself to.

Suddenly the machine winded down and Crash was lowered back to the scientists view.

"The machine rejected him…how is that possible…every minion that's' gone through has been successful?" Cortex was looking almost stunned.

"That is strange but Crash is different…how could he resist?" Brio piped in.

Crash was breathing heavily on the table. He figured out will he didn't succeed. It was his will…He had no interest in obeying Cortex and fought against his mind games. He won.

"Bah…we'll increase the power level…he will obey even if it kills him."

Suddenly Crash felt a newfound strength inside him and he broke the bonds that held with no effort. Crash without pausing ran for the exit.

Brio's mouth was wide open.

"Dr. Cortex…did he…"

"It doesn't matter…MINIONS GET HIM." Cortex demanded furiously.

Crash ran down the halls of the castle feeling almost good that he managed to resist mind control suddenly he heard the sounds of minions screaming and chasing after him. He blindly looking for an escape or the dungeon where he could free his friends.

"You have nowhere to go…the exits are guarded." A minion demanded angrily.

Crash didn't care he would fight his way past if he had to. He suddenly felt the minions close in on him. Crash made the mistake of turning around but when he did he forgot to turn causing him to go right through a glass window.

"OH NO!" Crash screamed as plummeted towards the ocean below. The second Crash hit the dark waters, his world faded to black.

"Where did he go?" The minions demanded as the searched the endless sea for a hint of orange.

Brio came to the window. "Where's Crash?" He asked.

"He fell into the ocean." A minion explained.

Cortex came to the window looking down for a long time without saying anything.

"Well regardless, Crash is probably dead he cannot, swim such a far distance without dying of exhaustion." Brio scoffed.

"Not necessarily." Cortex interrupted.

"Master what do you mean?" Brio asked carefully.

"I have this feeling Crash will make it to shore…he values himself too much to die now."

"I guess I see what you mean…so what will you do?" Brio asked.

To everyone's surprised a wicked grin spread across Cortex's features.

"If Crash wants to play…then we'll play…Brio I want you to inform the minions and natives on the other islands about Crash's presence and order them to capture him…and if he gives them any trouble then they permission to kill him."

"What about the Cortex Vortex?" Asked Brio.

"I'll tweak one more time…then we'll put that Tawna in…she's probably the reason he'll try to come back to save her and those rats he calls friends…we'll commence in five days…Now report to posts."

"Yes sir." Everyone saluted before walking away. Leaving Cortex to stare out the broken window into the dark the sky.

"Get ready to die, Crash Bandicoot." Cortex mused as he laughed quietly.