Well Everyone, this is it. This is the final chapter of Crash Bandicoot Beginnings.

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But, without further delay, here's the epilogue.

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For about two weeks nothing eventful happened to Crash. For the most part there was little for him to do but sleep or wander around jungle. Crash couldn't help but admit but he was getting bored and a little lonely. And dang it could he find the means of making a house?

One cloudy afternoon Crash found himself trekking through jungle trying to find just about anything that would entertain him, but at the rate he was going, he probably would die of boredom.

Suddenly Crash noticed a boat pull to the shore. Crash was curious and decided to go check it out.

Once he reached the shore, he came face to face with 3 humans that he had never seen before.

One of the humans, who was female with very short platinum blonde and dark brown eyes, spoke up.

"Are you Crash Bandicoot?"


"My name is Holly, and this is my twin brother Sean." The girl pointed to the tall bald boy next to her who smiled and waved back.

"That's nice, whose the kid behind you?"

Sean was about to say before the boy interrupted.

"Good on yeah, My name's Milo." The boy's voice was thick with an Australian accent matched with wild light brown and bright blue eyes.

"So what are guys doing here in this wasteland?" Crash asked.

"Our dad, Nitrus Brio told us to come down here and help you get situated." Holly explained.

"It would seem that I'm already situated." Crash sighed, looking out at the vast jungle.

"Aren't you glad we're here? We're going to help build you a house, with hot water and cable." Milo grinned.

"What's cable?" Crash asked confused.

"You'll find out soon my friend, and I know you'll love it."

Crash decided to take his word for it and grinned.

"So let's get cracking."

For 2 weeks, Crash and his new friends bustled to work building the house that Crash Bandicoot would call his home. In the 2 weeks they managed to get much farther than they would have thought. They managed to build the house and situated all the rooms that would be in the house. The house itself was small but still spacious for the young boy.

The rooms were a nice sized living room. A small kitchen and dining room combination. 2 bedrooms one for Crash and then a guest room. A rather large bathroom for a little house and then another small room that Crash would decide what to use it for.

"Great job, in about another week the house should be ready to start filling with furniture." Sean grinning.

"We all did good." Crash smiled proud of his new little house. "But I can't help but wonder if anything can make this a little better."

Sudden Aku Aku emerged from the jungle smiling brightly.

"Crash I have a surprise for you, come and see."

Crash and the others curious came towards the mask to see what it was.

The mask them gestured towards the jungle and then slowly a little girl emerged.

The little girl was a bandicoot like Crash. She had long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a light blue and white shirt with light blue overalls with pink converses. In her arms she carried a pink laptop.

"Whose she?" Crash asked although he had a feeling he already knew.

The mask smile was even brighter. "This is Coco, your little sister."

Crash's eyes widened this whole time he had a sister he never knew.

"Woah." Crash said, with a loss for words.

"Just come and hug me." Coco replied, in a sweet little voice.

Without warning Crash embraced the little bandicoot tightly.

"I'm glad I finally met you baby sister." The bandicoot grinned, giving her a noogie.

"I can't breathe." Coco rasped.

"How did you know we were related?" Crash asked confused.

"When I found her back at the third island, I felt your essence within her, and then I knew for sure you two had to be siblings."

"And you'll be glad to have me around…I can do some great things." The little girl beamed.

"Like what?" Asked Milo.

"You'll see…"

Another week had gone by and now the house was completely finished. Also within that week, everyone discovered Coco was a computer genius and was capable of inviting many interesting little gadgets. One in particular was a transporter that could teleport anyone to any given area in the world to save time on travel. With the help of the transporter, Milo was able to bring another friend for them. This was his little sister Linda who was the exact same age as Coco. Linda had short black hair and gray eyes. Also the transporter helped everyone bring furniture from the mainland to the island and a few extras in between. Finally after 3 more days, everything was completely done.

During this entire time Crash and Coco were not allowed to see the final product, as it was a surprise and now the time had come to show them the final product.

Crash and Coco were standing at the front door waiting for the signal.

"You ready?" Crash asked.

"I can't wait." Coco replied bouncing up and down.

"All right guys go on and take a look." Sean replied.

Crash and Coco stepped inside their home. In the living room there was a maroon red coach that could seat up to 9 people. On the other side against the wall there was a maroon futon. The floor was covered with a plush maroon rug that filled the entire room. The dining room kitchen combo had a table capable of fitting up to six people and a nice roomy kitchen with cupboards and a fridge filled with food. Crash's room was simple with a bed and dresser and a closet. Coco's rooms was filled with a bed and dresser, but it had a desk for her laptop. The bathroom was over the top. The bath contained a toilet and a sink. However, it had Vichy Shower, and a rather large Jacuzzi.

Aku Aku didn't understand that though.

The last room Crash had decided to let Coco have as he would probably spend most of his time in the bathroom. She decided to turn that into a small lab for all of her machines and gadgets.

"It's amazing it's great…it's home…I don't know how I can ever thank you guys."

"Don't need to…that's what friends are for." Milo grinned.

Later that night Crash and his friends decided to have a little party consisting of cheeseburgers and wumpa sundaes.

Crash remained glued at the TV while surfing the channels.

"Milo your right cable is great." Crash loved the endless possibilities of channels.

"Didn't I tell you?"

Holly rolled her eyes. "Once you turn it on, your addicted.

"Psh…" Milo replied.

"This great…I never thought things would turn out like this." Coco smiled, stuffing her face with wumpas and ice cream.

"I know, and thanks to that transporter, me and Linda can come visit anytime. And you can come to the mainland anytime you want."

"That's great, but wouldn't people notice?" Asked Crash.

"Nah…most people are clueless these days, you could walk out there in all your glory and nobody would notice."

Crash grinned. "Your right…what's to do on the mainland?"

"Crash my friend, you and your sister are about to learn about the glorys of being a kid."

Crash grinned goofily. "I can tell you guy's one thing, this is the start to a great beginning."

Until We Meet Again

And that's the end. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for Crash Bandicoot 2: Alliance. eternal1990 over and out.