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Daphne could not sleep. She helplessly lay in her bed waiting for sleep to claim her. She had met her parents today after two years. She still could not trust her father and his intentions and some questions seemed unanswered. But through everything Harry had trusted her parents, something had made him trust them and Daphne had no idea what it was.

When she had returned from her father's study her mother's tone had changed. When Daphne and Harry had first entered the foyer her mother seemed doubting, nervous and anxious but when she returned from her father's study she was joyous and the odd thing was she was showing it. She seemed to be doting on Harry all evening which was something totally unexpected. It was obvious that something had happened between Harry and her mother but Daphne had not got any chance to ask Harry about it. Daphne got up in a sitting position on her bed and sighed placing her head in her hands, giving up the prospect of sleeping she got up and went down to the kitchen. Some chocolate or ice-cream would definitely do her good.

She treaded silently through the passageway as she crossed Harry's room. Remus, Tonks and Teddy were out on a family weekend, which they definitely needed, as on Tuesday Remus would be drinking the potion, and a week after that was Christmas. She just then realized that she had not bought any gifts and this Christmas she had a long list. She shook her head as she reached the kitchen door, 'Who would have thought Harry Potter would be in my Christmas list?' she thought.

She opened the door to find Harry in front of the open refrigerator, his head turned towards the door, "What are you doing here?" he asked as the surprise of her presence faded.

"Can't sleep." She replied with a sigh, "You too?"

He nodded and extracted a tub of chocolate ice-cream from the freezer.

'Looks like great minds do think alike.' She thought as he offered her a spoon and she took it.

The settled on the sofa in the drawing room, sitting close to each other and the tub of ice-cream between them.

"What about did you talk with my mother today?" Daphne asked Harry as she took a spoonful of ice-cream and licked it clean.

Harry smirked at her, "Something between us."

Daphne raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at him and asked, "Between you and my mother?"

Harry chuckled at her tone and touched her cheek as he removed the loose bangs of hair from her face, "She was just worried about you" he said softly, "and I assured her there was nothing to worry."

"What did you say to her? She was practically doting over you and mind you that is unusual for my mother." Daphne said, enjoying his touch on her skin, it spread tingles through her body and she involuntarily leaned into his touch.

"Hmm..." Harry said pretending to be in deep thought, "I just said her that she need not worry about you because I am eager to take their job."

Daphne's face broke into a sunny smile as he continued, "And I love you."

That is the moment Daphne knew that there was no way she was going to get tired of hearing those three words from him, again and again.

"I love you too." She said and Harry smiled and kissed her.

There was something different about this kiss, it was same yet different from all the kisses they had shared there was something more deep and yet a promise for more...

...Scene Break...

"What do you think I should give Draco?" Harry asked Daphne they were doing their Christmas shopping together.

"A pink cell phone" Daphne said seriously and Harry laughed, that is a nice idea as mock gift but what should I actually give him?"

"Ugh, I suggested it as the actual gift." Daphne smirked and Harry shook his head.

"On second thoughts," began Daphne, "You know I saw that couple gifts in the last store, you could give it to Draco too. I mean we all know you are his Prince Charming."

"You really should not know those Muggle phrases and using them in this way!" Harry exclaimed rolling his eyes.

Daphne and Hermione had this strange habit of making him and Draco a couple I quote, 'All those hatred was passionate none the less.' Hermione had said seriously and Daphne had said, 'The sexual tension is so thick that I can't breathe.'

"You know, sorry for asking I am just going to buy him the latest version of the 'Which Broomstick' with a credit card to buy the one he likes the best." Harry said.

"Okay, I am gonna go to the bookstore I am not at all interested in spending an hour in the broomstick shop, again."

"Could say the same about bookstore." Harry retorted.

"Touché" Daphne replied and kissed him on the cheek to buy gifts for Harry and she had something perfect on her mind.

Harry knew that she was going to buy something for him because he had already got Draco's gift and had to buy her gift now.

He made his way towards the jewellery store next to the Brooms shop.

"Ah one more" the shopkeeper smiled, "gift for a young lady, I suppose?"

Harry nodded at the old shopkeeper who smiled knowingly and led him to the bracelet section, "Well" he said, "these are quite popular at the time of Christmas, with specific charms and runes and protection spells." The shopkeeper informed him and Harry nodded.

"Look, I was thinking about something different than um a bracelet, it should be different and special for her." Harry said a bit uncomfortably to the shopkeeper.

"Hmm..." The shopkeeper was a bit thoughtful for a moment and then said, "You wait here, I think I have a thing for you."

Harry waited for a while as the man went to what he assumed the workshop or store. He looked around the artefacts and chose a bracelet each for Hermione, Luna and Hannah, who had become a good friend since she started dating Neville.

The shopkeeper returned a while letter with a delicate looking box in his hand.

"Well. I don't generally keep it on display as bracelets, rings and necklaces do but if you want you can try this..." he opened the box to reveal a silver pen with intricate designs on it and golden linings accenting it. A look at the pen and he knew that this was something Daphne would like.

"These are special runes for protection and basic not get lost, this artefact is quite old and actually acquired from Muggle royal family."

"How much?" Harry asked immediately, he had finally chosen a gift and he would not go tallying on this one. The shopkeeper chuckled and asked him would he like something engraved on it. Harry decided on her name and a quote he loved.

After that Harry paid for his purchases and as he was about to leave the store his eyes fell on a ring, a promise ring...