Light thinks no-one can see what he's doing in his room. But what will happen when L is watching the surveillance by himself?

Light breathed a small groan of pleasure, eyes half shut with an aroused blush across his cheeks as his fist pumped rapidly up and down his aching member. He could feel the build-up inside of him almost morphing into pain as he humped desperately against his hand, longing for release, for his rock-hard cock to be relieved. His hand cramped and he slowed down, the fantasy inside his head wandering.

No, no, no, no he wailed inside his head, gritting his teeth. It had felt so fucking good just moments ago. Light screwed his eyes shut, trying with all his might. Ah, ah, ah, oh yes, yes,yes... Fuck.. His breath came out in little whimpers and sweat poured down his back as his face screwed up in ecstasy. Yet he wasn't quite there...

Now frantic to gain freedom from his agonising erection, he pulled a wad of photos out of his desk drawer, snatching them close to his face and just managing, with all his strength to open his eyes. Oh! Oh God, yes, that's it! Oh yeah! Come on, fuck fuck fuck! And he came in a beautiful, exhilarating spasm, muscles twitching as he dropped the photos and grabbed a paper bag from the bed, shoving it over his penis, suddenly humping into the air one last time with such a ferocity that he almost dropped the bag. The cum seemed to burst out of him as he gave a deep moan, before flopping back, hair stuck to his face from sweat. Light lay there for a few moments, staring up at the ceiling and trying to absorb the sheer excitement he had just achieved, then, after a good number of minutes, rousing himself and getting ready for bed.

L woke up, rubbing his eyes before fetching a coffee and a large helping of cupcakes as he made his way to the surveillance room. He'd been watching Light for a while last night, but stopped as Light was getting dressed. He'd been pretty tired and figured he could quickly fast-forward through Light's sleep in the morning.

But he did not expect to see what he did.

Light was masturbating.

L watched in stunned silence for a few moments, before gradually becoming aware of the fact that he was getting harder and harder and that his cheeks were burning. He gasped, mortified, even though he was completely alone in a room without surveillance. I can't be gay... Can I? I can't! L began shaking his head frantically, falling on his hands and knees to the floor.

"No.." He whispered.

But a treacherous voice in his head had other ideas. You've been feeling an attraction towards Light lately... Haven't you, L? L's eyes opened wide, stunned.

"No. No, I haven't," he replied, clutching at the carpet with his nimble fingers.

Just admit it. His mind retaliated. L sighed, climbing back into his chair and looking to the screen once again. His cock went up as soon as he laid eyes on Light's, ahem, activities, and suddenly he was feeling so very horny. Well, he thought angrily, If I'm going to be gay, I might as well do a good job of it.

Upon this decision, he tentatively unzipped his pants, then, growing bolder, grabbed his dick and began to pump it hard, biting his lip as he got a delicious reaction, his back arching into the chair and his legs stretching out as his toes curled and he let out a series of almost feral groans.

Oh yeah, he was gay alright.

Just as L came in a whimpering mess, his whole face burning and body shaking, he saw Light grab the photos out of his drawer. Initially, L froze in shock, his features a construction of disbelief, before a small, triumphant smile slid across his face and his eyes darkened with perverted thoughts.

The photos were of none other than him, L.

Hope you liked it!