Welcome to my new story, which follows on where Iron Body and Shining Soul left off, which may explain a few things, like Gajeel's new powers. We're going into the future of Gajeel and Levy's relationship which means marriage, pregnancy, kids, new jobs and more! Mostly cute and cuddly, but expect a bit of emotional turmoil along the way.

Inspired by Quierta-riddler's story 'Laugh', so check that out.

===CHAPTER 1===

New Beginnings

Gajeel is 23 and Levy is 19

"Ahhh, call it off! I'm gonna die here!"

"Gajeel, you're fine," Natsu deadpanned.

"No, I'm panicking! It feels like my stomach's gonna explode! Oh no, I'm spiralling!" Gajeel stopped as Natsu span him around and pelted him across the face.


"Much, thanks."

"Just think, in an hour or so, you'll be Mr and Mrs Redfox!" Lily said, walking over. They were getting Gajeel ready in the guild hall. Just outside, Mirajane was overseeing the strict setting up of the wedding ceremony itself.

It had quickly been ascertained that a suit was not going to work for Gajeel. Neither was anything with sleeves, since he had a habit of ripping them off to reveal his muscles. So in the end they'd settled for ceremonial robes (black, of course) that allowed him to appear fairly formal while still keeping his trademark badassery. Strangely, Levy had been fully supportive of it. After all, she clearly found that attractive.

"Mrs Redfox!? Oh god, I'm not good enough for her, she needs someone better!"


"How about Flyboy and Sprouthead? They've always wanted her!"


"She's so small! What if I break her again!?"

"Gajeel!" Lily and Natsu smacked him into the ground with tremendous force.

"Thanks," he mumbled through the floorboards.

"You're just having pre-wedding jitters," Natsu clarified, crouching near Gajeel's prone body. He held up the golden ring on his hand. "I know I had them! But nothing really changed. Lucy was still Lucy after all."

"What about when ya have kids, though?" Gajeel moped.

"Don't ask me! I'm sure things change then, but you're okay for now Metalhead!"

"My kid will be stronger than yers!" Gajeel yelled, enjoying the familiar mechanic with Natsu as a way to force away his fears.

"Like hell!" Natsu shouted back.

"Really," Lily chastised, "do you think Levy is behaving like this?"

"I can't let him see me like this!" Levy wailed in front of the mirror.

"Levy-chan, you look gorgeous!" Lucy said comfortingly.

"No,I can't fill this dress out at all! Lu-chan, you wear it instead!"

"How does that work exactly?" Lucy deadpanned. "You're the bride! Just calm down, you know that Gajeel loves the way you look!" Lucy never understood her friend's self-deprecation. She wore the sleek wedding dress well as it clung to her delicate curves, cut across her bust. And she loved the fact that she had a white headband to match it!

"It's not fair! Remember when you got married? You were practically falling out of your dress!"

"I was not!" Lucy huffed, not quite lying. "Levy-chan, there's more to being beautiful than a large chest!"

"Says the double d."

"Levy-chan! Stop procrastinating! You're just nervous for your big day! That's understandable!"

"I'm nervous, Lu-chan…," Levy mumbled.

"Of course you are," Lucy said kindly. "That's completely natural. But you love him, right?"

Levy smiled. "Absolutely."

"Then nothing else matters."

The wedding was beautiful, Gajeel thought from the head of the procession. Sunlight graced his day, illuminating the rows of seats drawn before the makeshift altar. Much better than a stuffy church in his opinion. Gajeel did not get on well with churches.

Lily stood at his feet in a little tux. He, of course, was the best man. No one else could possibly be it for Gajeel. The seats were primarily filled with the members of Fairy Tail, but there were a few others there, notably from Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus, along with a couple of guys from Red Chimera that Gajeel didn't like. But hey, they were friends of Levy.

And even more notably, there was another guest who was the main reason that the wedding was being held outside. Metalicana did not fit well in buildings. He watched with curiosity at the human custom. For a dragon, the bond was everything. This seemed like a pointless formality to him, but he was proud to see the man his adopted son had become.

The guests suddenly stood and Gajeel turned to look at the source. His breath caught in his throat.

Walking alongside Makarov was Levy, radiant in her wedding dress.

She was so beautiful that it hurt.

"You're a lucky man," Lily commented quietly.

"Shaddup, damn cat," Gajeel replied curtly, mostly because he didn't want anything distracting him from the vision walking slowly down the aisle. Lily smiled knowingly. It wasn't fair, Gajeel thought. How could a big, uneducated brute like him possibly have this beautiful, smart, tiny, perfect woman?

As Guild Master, one of Makarov's happier roles was to give away the female members of his guild, since most were orphans. And Levy had the added benefit of being one of the few people short enough to hold his hand as they went down the aisle.

"I'm so very proud of the both of you," he said softly. Levy nodded, a large stupid grin over her face, but she was likewise fixated on the man at the altar. In many ways, Gajeel could be considered a poor prospect for a husband, but Levy saw past that. Behind those piercings was a noble warrior, silly and soft in his own particular ways. Trying to make him admit that he cared about anyone was an ordeal, but to hurt one of them would provoke the wrath of Hades itself.

At last, Levy stood opposite Gajeel at the altar, both of them grinning like maniacs. It was hard to be quiet with such happiness in their hearts. The priest began the ceremony, blathering on about stuff that Gajeel never really picked up on.

"I believe that you two have prepared your own vows. Mr Redfox, if you may?"

"Um, yeah, right," he said falteringly, trying to recall what he was supposed to say. Damn cat had vetoed all of his short jokes. He looked into Levy's eyes, and it seemed to come easier. "Before I met ya, I was nothing but a violent brute. All I ever did was bring people pain." Tears were in his eyes at the memory, his hands clutching hers. "But ya made me a better person. Ya made me see the strength inside people as well as the strength without. Ya are the single best thing that has ever happened to me. I promise to never hurt ya, and to protect ya from the entire universe. I promise to love ya no matter what, and I'll care for ya until death parts us."

"Gajeel, I'm not big or strong, but when I'm with you, you give me the confidence to take on the whole world. You lift me up, both in heart and body, and carry me when I'm too weak to go on by myself." She sniffled, desperately trying to hang on for the moment. "I can't protect you from the world, but I can be your light, to keep the darkness away. You made me believe that there is good inside everyone, and I want to be with you until death parts us."

"The rings?" The priest asked. Lily floated up, opening a box with two simple gold bands inside, one considerably larger than the other. Gajeel took them, slipping the smaller one onto Levy's finger.

"Do you, Gajeel Redfox, take Levy McGarden to be your lawful wedded wife?"

"I do." Levy smiled at the brilliant grin over Gajeel's face and slipped the other ring onto his hand.

"Do you, Levy McGarden, take Gajeel Redfox to be your lawful wedded husband?"

"I do!" She practically shouted the words, grinning like a madwoman with her joy.

"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

"Ya don't have ta tell me twice!" Gajeel exclaimed, lifting her clean off of the ground as the congregation erupted into cheers. Who would have thought it all those years ago when Gajeel had attacked Levy in a dark alley? The difference in that man now was like the difference between night and day. And the association had changed Levy too, making her much stronger than before.

"To the reception!" Cana shouted bawdily. Alcohol flowed profusely as the guild celebrated. There was much cheering, singing and dancing. Levy had agreed not to touch the alcohol if Gajeel didn't serenade them with a guitar solo. Both would be rather embarrassing events. The deal was kept…in the sense that Levy drunkenly danced to Gajeel's playing. When drunk, Levy appeared to love everything, even the horrible wailing of Gajeel's musical skills. About a dozen guild members had cam-lacrymas recording the event for posterity, including Lily.

"This'll come in handy for when they're using me as a babysitting service," he noted wryly.

The next morning was not a particularly pleasant start to the rest of Levy's life as she clutched her aching head with a tiny squeal. She heard a deep chuckle from behind her and let Gajeel's arms slip around her, hugging her tiny body against him.

"How much?" Levy asked.

"Two cups of sake," he said with obvious mirth.

"I'm getting better, then. It used to be that sitting next to Cana would make me drunk!"

"Tell me ya remember the wedding at least?"

"Oh yes," Levy replied, rolling over to snuggle against his chest. "That part's very clear. What is less clear is why there was the sound of a dying cat later on!"

"Lily started it!" Gajeel protested.

"No…I meant your guitar…never mind," Levy sighed.

"No regrets?"

Levy looked up, resting a delicate hand on his cheek. "None whatsoever."

"So, yer mine now…does that mean that I can do anything I like to ya?" He asked, drawing his face closer.

"Oh? Did you have anything in mind?" Levy asked, a dirty chuckle escaping her lips before Gajeel's came down on them in a deep kiss. She giggled as Gajeel began exploring her more tender areas.

"I'm sure I can think of something!"

Six weeks later

Levy came out of the bathroom holding the pregnancy test aloft. She was grinning from ear to ear.

"Damn my amazing, manly virility!" Gajeel wailed, hands on his head. About two seconds later, the shock had passed and the startling realisation sank in. "I'm gonna be a daddy?" He whispered. Levy's head rested on his chest as her arms went around him.

"And I'm gonna be a mummy! We're going to have our own family!"

"I…I can't, I don't know how to…what if I hurt him..her…our kid?" Gajeel stammered, red-faced.

"You've got a few months to learn!" She took his hands in hers. "This is just the start of a new adventure! Let's take it together!"

I hope you liked it!