This idea just came into my mind instantly after looking through some AceLu fanarts (You could probably guess what pictures I came across that gave me this idea XD). Well, I have some plans for this stories but I am still sorting things out so that the ideas could connect with one another.

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"Luffy! Don't go near them!" A voice called out harshly.

"Eh? But why? They look really familiar. But they don't belong here, do they?" Another voice, which is a lot more child-like, responded.

The two figures that was sprawled unconscious on the sandy ground was oblivious to their surroundings. A few distance away from them, there were two little kids, who happened to came upon them before, were investigating them quietly for a few more minutes before the one of the figures on the floor started to show signs of regaining conscious, making them jump a step away in shock.


"What the hell?!" The taller kid exclaimed.

"He is calling for you," the shorter kid pointed out.

Luffy blinked when he finally realized that something was wrong and looked around. The place seemed really familiar-no wait, it was Fuchsia village and he was sure of it. He had came to this beach many times with Ace and Sabo when he was young. But how did they land there? The last thing that Luffy remembered was Ace blocking the attack that was meant for him and had gotten severely injured. At least, that was what Luffy wanted to believe even though Ace stated that he was dying.

His gaze finally landed on the two small kids that had been around them ever since they were found.

Wait a minute…

"Ace?" Luffy called out to them, "And… me?"

Little-Ace was in front of Little-Luffy in a protective way incase the strange man in front of them decided to do something unexpected that would hurt Little-Luffy. With what Little-Ace had gone through with Little-Luffy, he was extremely cautious around strangers-even though said stranger had an uncanny resemblance to Little-Luffy. Even the scar below both of their left eye were identical.

"Who the heck are you and how do you know my name?" Little-Ace demanded.

Little-Luffy's head poked out from Little-Ace's side and was glad that he could finally have a better view. "Ah! No wonder he looks familiar! He looks a lot like me! That's sooooo cool!" Little-Luffy exclaimed in excitement and would've went to Luffy if Little-Ace had not put his arm outstretched in front of him.

"Me? I'm Luffy!"

"I'm Luffy too!" The mini-sized version pipped up and pointed to the lying person behind Luffy. "And… who is that person behind you?"

Luffy turned his head 180 degrees which made Little-Ace and Little-Luffy jumped back for the second time in shock. It was then Little-Ace had realized, judging from the way Luffy had managed to do that, was that Luffy had the exact same ability as Little-Luffy. Both of them were rubberman! And Little-Ace knew that there was only one type of devil fruit across the whole world.

"Ace!" Luffy shouted in relief when he saw that his brother was alive.

"Ace…?" Little-Ace murmured as he raised an eyebrow at the figure that was sharing the same name as him. Just who the heck were they?

There was blood covering the majority of Ace's abdomen and the areas which were not covered were of a nasty blue-black color. But Luffy had to admit that this was a lot better than seeing Ace with a gaping hole in his stomach. He doubt that Ace would even be breathing if the hole had remained… but thank god to whomever that had closed that hole. But even so, Ace didn't look completely well at all.

Luffy went towards Ace's side and tried to lift him up so that they could get to a place whereby there will be doctors until there was a sharp pain that shot through Luffy's own body. He had realized that he, himself, had over-exerted his own bodies during the war and was already feeling the after effects of it.

But despite that, he still needed to bring Ace somewhere.

"Nnngh…" Ace mumbled as he was also starting to regain his conscious. When he did, he tried to focus on his sights better while numerous questions flooded through his head. "What the-am I in hell or something?"

"You're awake!" Luffy cried out happily while he was still holding Ace up in a semi-sitting position by the shoulders.

"Luffy…?" Ace was even more confused now. He tilted his head back a little to have a better look at their surroundings until his gaze finally landed at their staring audience. And apparently out of the four of them, Ace was the smartest one. "Aren't they… us? Why are the younger versions of us doing here?"

Little-Ace finally snapped out of his staring and glared at them suspiciously instead. "What do you mean by 'younger versions'? Don't tell me that you are saying that you are us or something crappy like that."

Jeez, was this really how himself acted when he was young?

"Yes, I am…"

"Cool! So you are Ace when he grows older or something like that, right?" Little-Luffy exclaimed in excitement as he attempted to go over to them.

"Luffy! Don't go near them!" Little-Ace warned again as he held his little brother away from the strangers. "Look, you may be able to fool Luffy but you won't be able to trick me. Who the hell are you guys and why the heck do you have the same ability as Luffy?" Little-Ace demanded while pointing a finger at Luffy.

Luffy pointed at himself and tilted his head to the side. "I ate the Devil's fruit and became a rubberman when I was young. But now that you mention it, they really do look like us when we were kids!"

"Because they are, Luffy…"

"Enough with that already," Little-Ace snapped and Ace was starting to feel as though Little-Ace really wasn't him. "Where did you people come from anyway?"

Luffy glanced upwards as though he was thinking hard. "Um… Let's see. We were at a war and there is this guy who was trying to attack me. Ace defended me and had this huge hole in his stomach and died. That's all I can remember," he explained with a solemn tone in his voice while looking down sadly.

"A-Ace… d-died?" Little-Luffy stammered, his eyes getting teary and watery at the thought. Ever since Sabo had passed away, Little-Luffy's greatest fear was having Ace dying next. Without another second, Little-Luffy started to cry.

"Idiot! Don't make Luffy cry!" Little-Ace shouted and pulled Little-Luffy into his arms. "Lu… it's okay. Don't cry."

Little-Luffy buried his face into Litte-Ace's chest as he continued to weep. "B-But Ace i-is going to die…"

"Don't listen to him. I'm not going to die that easily…"

Ace sighed and whacked Luffy over his bowed head gently. "I'm still alive and right beside you, Lu." Then he brought Luffy close to him with an arm and kissed him on the forehead. After that he used a hand to tilt Luffy's chin up and placed his own lips on top of Luffy's. The younger teen didn't seemed surprise at the action; he closed his eyes and responded to the kiss while a small blush tinted his cheeks.

Their show of affection seemed to have gained Little-Ace's and Little-Luffy's attention. Little-Ace was looking at them like a gaping fish while Little-Luffy was staring at them in wonder. After Little-Ace had snapped out of his staring for the second time of the day, he immediately used his hand to cover both of Little-Luffy's eyes and demanded for him to stop watching because apparently, kissing was still considered too young for Little-Luffy to be witnessing.

When it comes to worst, Little-Luffy was going to demand that he wanted to try it with Little-Ace too.

"Oi! Get a room!" Little-Ace snapped.

Ace broke the kiss and looked at them with an eyebrow raised and pulled Luffy closer to his chest as to further elaborate on their relationship. "Eh? It's fine, isn't it? You are technically us and if things goes the way it did, you guys are going to become lovers like us."

"Lovers?" Little-Luffy pipped up, having already stopped crying long time ago. "But Ace and I are going to get married!"

"Lu! Don't talk about that!" Little-Ace exclaimed in embarrassment. He had only agreed to it because Little-Luffy wouldn't stop pestering him about it… and partly because the thought of marrying Luffy was a lot better than having himself getting married to anyone else. But still.

"You have to be lovers before getting married," Ace pointed out helpfully.

"And you! Shut up!" Little-Ace barked while his face already couldn't get anymore redder than it already had.

How could Ace be him?!

Luffy laughed at their antics joyously. This was really hilarious to him! Little-Ace's face was still beet red while you can practically see steam coming out from his head. Little-Luffy's eyes had brightened up and was tugging onto Little-Ace's hand expectantly while the corner of Ace's mouth had twitched upwards into a smirk. It was technically like bullying himself but it was still fun nonetheless.

"Anyway, we have to get Ace to the doctor but I don't think we can carry him because he is too heavy."

"Oi! Are you calling me fat?"

Little-Luffy giggled at them. "Don't worry! Ace and I will try to get help from the village!" Little-Luffy said helpfully while ignoring the incredulous look that was sent towards him. Apparently, Little-Ace hadn't fully trusted them yet. "Come on! Let's go Ace," he urged as he dragged Little-Ace to the direction of the village.

"Thanks a lot!" Luffy called out behind them.

During the time when they were gone, Luffy had already moved the both of them to bottom of the nearest cliff so that Ace would have something to support his body since he had insisted to sit instead of lying down. It was a difficult feat for both of them to move in the state they were in but they managed with some difficulty anyway. Luffy could hardly feel his own muscles having already pushed his own body which exceeded the amount which it could take.

Ace leaned his back against the rocky wall while Luffy decided to sit beside him instead of his usual place in between Ace's legs in order to avoid having contact with his bruise.

It had truly been long since they could have time to themselves. Being on different pirate ships really didn't guarantee them to meet as often as they would liked-which made his own crew wonder how they could manage to stay in such a strong relationship despite their distance apart from each other. Ever since Alabasta, Luffy hadn't seen Ace anymore until Marineford. They had already have their relationship established before Ace had departed from Fuchsia village.

Ace glanced at Luffy, who was being unusually silent, from the corners of his eyes and wrapped an arm around his waist, making him jump slightly at the sudden contact before relaxing in his hold. He kissed the side of Luffy's head as he looked at him with a loving gaze while Luffy managed a smile back.

"Don't look so sad, Lu," Ace murmured.

"Sorry," Luffy replied with a sheepish grin.

Ace chuckled, already knew what was Luffy mostly thinking about. He felt a pang of guilt for having to put Luffy through the pain but he hadn't regretted his actions at all. Luffy's fear of losing Ace was no higher amount of Ace's fear of losing Luffy. But after being apart from each other and not having a healthy quality time together, it was cruel to have one ripped away from another's life so suddenly. The experience had really struck something deep within them.

With another tug with his arm around Luffy's waist, Ace leaned over to kiss Luffy on the lips again, planning to take this chance, no matter how weird the situation they were in was, and enjoy his time with Luffy as much as possible. As long as Luffy was around, he wouldn't feel the need to care about anything else around him.

Luffy smiled against the kiss and pushed his lips against Ace's as well with one hand resting on the other side of Ace's broad shoulders.

Soon, their kiss had grown a lot more passionate when Ace had successfully slipped his tongue into Luffy's lips, making the younger teen moan in excitement and opened his own mouth wider. Ace grunted softly as he tried to get his tongue as far in as possible while roaming around within Luffy's mouth as much as he could as the heat of the moment danced around their whole bodies.

He pushed Luffy down onto the sand, ignoring the small sharp pain that had struck through his abdomen for the sudden movement although he also let out a small groan of pain against Luffy's lips, making the younger teen open his eyes slightly in worry. Ace grabbed the side of Luffy's head gently as to reassure him that he was alright and they continued their passionate moment until…

"OI! I told you guys to get a room, you perverts!" Little-Ace snapped while covering Little-Luffy's eyes.