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After the binding light finally faded, Ace and Luffy found themselves in their respective ships.

While the two was missing, the Whitebeard Pirates and the Strawhat Pirates each sought out to look for their Second Commander and Captain. The Marineford war was pronounced over when Whitebeard sacrificed himself in order to allow the remaining pirates on the island to leave by destroying it and leaving Marco with an order of looking for Ace and his little brother. Meanwhile, the Strawhat Pirates gathered to look for Luffy seperately. Before they realized it, Ace and Luffy were lying in a quite embarrassing manner on each of their decks. No really, it was awkward to see someone's face planted on the floor and their butt up in the air. However, there was a pretty good explanation for this.

At the Moby Dick, Marco approached Ace with caution, wary that the guy might just suddenly shoot up from his position and scare the living daylights out of him. Marco wasn't exactly an easy person to get most expressions out of but when Ace puts his mind to it, he can really get things done. Although, Marco thought that being captured by the Marines and becoming the trigger of the Marineford war was very unnecessary. But whatever.

When Ace started to drool in his sleep, the blond decided that he had enough sleep.

"Wake up, yoi," Marco demanded and pulled him off the ground by his shoulders.

"Luffy... there is a baby... inside you..."

Marco stared at Ace for a moment before sighing. He never knew what was happening in Ace's fantasies and honestly, he didn't need to be blabbered to accidentally. It was obvious that Ace loved Luffy more than the world thinks of but no one on the Moby Dick would've came to that conclusion if Ace hadn't told everyone that Luffy isn't bloody-related to him. The way Ace said it sounded as though he was too glad about it.

"Ace, we're on the ship," Marco reminded.

"So cute... it's a girl... Let's name her Marco..."

Then, Marco gave into his urge and slapped Ace across the face.

"OW! What the hell?" Ace yelped and opened his eyes.

"You were dreaming something stupid," Marco said simply and dropped Ace onto the ground. "You went missing with your brother during the war, yoi! You made us all worry like crazy and all you can do is dreaming about having a kid with Luffy? Either you love him too much or you're just dumb, yoi!"

"Are you my daughter...?" Ace asked as he looked at Marco with half-lidded eyes.

"Wake up!" Marco growled and smacked him across the head.

When Ace finally took the second hit to the head, he blinked and finally became fully awake. He made it back to his world. He didn't know how everything worked but at least he was able to survive and return. Not only that, Ace got to met his past self with Luffy and his own. He wondered how those two brats were doing now. The last time he saw them, they were bidding each other goodbye and Little-Luffy cried for them-or did he? Luffy was a crybaby in the past anyway. He missed the little one so much. Although he could get easily irritated with people crying, it was not the same when Little-Luffy does it. It also gave him an excuse to hold him in his arms while Little-Ace was distracted by his anger.

His little self was really trouble, huh? Ace was glad that he wouldn't be taking his jealousy out on his older self anymore.


Marco and Ace blinked at each other before turning to the source of voice behind them.

"Just wear the dress, dammit..."

Ace screamed as his eyes bugged out from its sockets at the view of Little-Ace sleeping on the wooden floor of the Moby Dick.

"Is that... you?" Marco asked slowly.

The only thing that gave away was the silly dream of Luffy that Ace always had. As for the appearance, his face was flat against the floor so Marco couldn't really tell if he was truly the real deal. On the other hand, there aren't as many people who would be as shameless as to conjure up sick fantasies about Monkey D. Luffy. Either they get toasted by Ace who somehow could detect sick thoughts of Luffy in a man or they just simply don't existed because it's stupid.

"Wh-why is he here? I thought we left them behind when we came back here!"

"You're asking me, yoi? What happened to you anyway?"

"Oh yeah. During the war, Luffy and I got sent back to the past and met our past self. We stayed there for a couple of days until something kicked in and we came back. It sounds really crazy but you have to believe me. And yes, that little kid is me in the past," Ace explained.

Marco raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you sure that you didn't somehow bring Luffy to Saobody Archiepelago during the war and got him to give birth to your kids?"

"I wish!" Ace snapped before shaking his head. "Forget about the kid, where is Luffy?"

"Forget about him? He is you, yoi!"

"And that's why I told you to forget about him. Look, I know how my past self is like and I think you'd throw him into the sea once he wakes up. I may sound self-hating but even I felt like strangling him when he got in the way of my alone time with Luffy all the damn time!"

"Sounds like a kid that I might get to like," Marco mused.

"You're a mama devil!"

"Say that again and I'll put you on chores for the whole month, yoi."

"You can't do that to me! I have to look for Luffy!"

Then, Ace felt a something chucking against his head. "So noisy..." Little-Ace mumbled before he lifted himself off the floor.

When he tried to identify the noises around him, he was struck with confusion and unease when he wasn't greeted by the surroundings he expected. The last thing he could remember was his and Luffy's older self disappearing in a flash of light and everything blacked out after that. He narrowed his eyes when he realized that he was in the ship. Was it Alfred's? Did he come back and kidnapped them after Ace and Luffy was gone? Where is Little-Luffy? Little-Ace started to panic when he realized that Little-Luffy wasn't with him. Fuck! Did Alfred put him somewhere in this damned place? Little-Luffy is in danger and Little-Ace had to find him!

When he turned his head to Ace, his reaction was the same when Ace found Little-Luffy lying on the Moby Dick.

"What the heck?" Little-Ace asked incredulously as he fetched his pipe on the ground. "And where is Luffy?"

Ace held up his hands in defense, actually afraid that Little-Ace might start going into feral mode if he were to find out that he had no idea where both Luffy are either. And causing bodily harm to himself would be the stupidest thing that anyone would try to do. As tempting as it sounds on several occasions, Ace was smart enough to leave that out.

"Don't panic. Listen to me slowly. You too, Marco," Ace instructed and started to explain the best he could.

At the Thousand Sunny, the crew members and Law gathered around Luffy in a circle as though in awe of what they found. It wasn't Luffy's butt sticking up in the view of their faces but rather, they finally found their captain after he was pronounced dead by the marines. They liked to save their faces a lot so when the two couldn't be found, they must be dead to the public in order to uphold their prid-justice. But no one really bought that bullshit and neither did their crewmates.

After a few days, the Heart Pirates joined them in their quest of looking for their captain. No one knew what was Law's intentions or trusted him but at that time, they needed all the help they could get and Nami immediately shut Zoro's protests up. During the few weeks, Law didn't pose as any threat to them and Chopper seemed to have warmed up a lot to him when they talked about medical related stuffs. Still, most of the crew members weren't ready to completely trust Law until they found Luffy to listen to what he has to say... although all of them already knew what nonsense Luffy was going to blabber, as usual.

Nami was quicker than anyone else as she immediately grabbed Luffy by the back of his collar, turned him around and started slapping him a few times until Luffy finally opened his eyes.

"Meat..." Luffy mumbled.

"Luffy! Where have you been? We have been looking for you for weeks now and couldn't get any clues to your whereabouts until now? Why didn't you try to contact us, huh? That will be 100,000 beli for making me run with my treasure to gather everyone to look for you!" Nami exploded.

"There is something on the ground too," Law commented as he picked up the sleeping boy. "And it looks a lot like your captain."

Nami stared at the little boy in Law's arms before slapping Luffy a few more times again. "Luffy! Don't tell me you disappeared with Ace during the war and yourself knocked up! I don't care what you two do but that was the most ridiculous timing of all! Plus, you made everyone of us worry when you are just... having fun!"

"Wah! Don't hit me anymore," Luffy exclaimed after coming to his senses. "Eh? Where am I?"

"You're on your ship!" Nami shouted.

"Are you alright, Luffy? Everyone gathered when we found out that you were missing during the war. Although what we read from the news was completely different, we didn't really buy it. So what happened? Did you and Ace really had a kid?" Sanji asked and took out his cigarette from his mouth.

Instead, Luffy blinked at them in confusion. "Kid?" Then, he turned his head 180 degrees to look at the boy in Law's arm. "Oh! He is me from the past. Ace and I went there and met our younger self. Pretty cool, huh?"

Nami gritted her teeth in irritation. "This is not the time to be telling jokes!"

"I'm not lying!"

"Let's believe him, Nami. Our captain is never good at lying," Robin persuaded with a calm smile. "And I've read in books about time traveling. Although it seemed like a myth, I am certain that there has to be at least a devil fruit ability that contains its prowess. After all, there is a known devil fruit that gives the ability to make one younger."

"Whatever... I'm tired," Zoro mumbled with a yawn even though he was fully awake before Luffy was found.

"You're always tired!" Nami snapped.

Law, who was still holding Little-Luffy in his arms, twitched. "Is this really the time? Since we found your captain and his little self, we should check if they sustained any injures first. After all, your captain disappeared in the middle of the war," he pointed out.

"So cool..." Chopper said in amazement.

"Law! You're here too!" Luffy chirped up happily.

"Strawhat. You're an idiot."

With that, the crew finally allowed Law and Chopper to take the both of them into the medical bay. While Law and Chopper ran tests on Luffy and the sleeping Little-Luffy, the rest stayed outside and waited for them. Suddenly, the den den mushi started ringing and Sanji was ordered to pick up the call... only to recieve an earful of curses and managed to get the word 'Luffy' somewhere in between the chaos that was happening at the other side of the phone. Since nothing he says could calm whoever that was at the other line down, he decided to bring the phone to Luffy so that he could try to talk to them. Or at least, to pass it to someone before he breaks it with his leg.

Law wasn't being too appreciative at having the noises present in the medical bay, however.

"Ace!" Luffy exclaimed in happiness when he recognized the voice immediately.

"Luffy!" Ace called back. Huh, Sanji thought that the voice sounded a bit too familiar. "You're on your ship now, right? I thought that I might try calling and I never thought that my guess was correct. Are you okay? I was worried when I couldn't find you when I woke up."

"Where the hell is Lu, you perverted bastard?!"

"Shut up! I'm talking to my Luffy now! And don't call your future self a bastard!"

"You don't deny the pervert, yoi?"

Luffy laughed at them and wanted to say something until Law took ahold of the den den mushi and spoke into it. "This is Trafalgar Law. I don't care who you are or where you are but keep quiet when I can hear your damn voice in the medical room."

"Law? Is that one of the supernovas I hear about?" Ace asked.

"Yes, I am and I'm taking care of your brother, right now," Law replied as he covered his hand over Luffy's mouth to prevent him from speaking. "And quiet down. You're disturbing us. I was having a good time examining on his body too."

"What was that?! Examining him? Good time? What are you doing to Luffy, you perverted bastard!" Ace shouted.

"Don't worry, big brother. I'm thoroughly checking through your little brother's rubbery body with my reproductive organs so he's in very, very good hands. If you know what I mean. Bye," Law said and hung up on them, ignoring the strings of curses he heard before he set the phone down.

"Why was Ace angry?" Luffy asked in confusion.

Law shrugged innocently and took out an injection needle. "I don't know. You have a weird brother. Give me your arm, Strawhat. I'm going to have to check your blood next."

When Luffy saw the needle, he immediately paled and started glancing towards the door nervously. Before Law knew it, Luffy immediately got off the bed and bolted out of the door for his life. He never liked needles and it was hell when Garp had to be the one to take care of him whenever he got sick. That was why Luffy's body somehow grew a fear of getting ill, afraid that Garp might try stupid methods to make him well so that they could proceed on with their training. At least, it was what Garp claimed to hide his worry over Luffy's pain. It didn't go well when Garp started taking out ten injection needles out of nowhere and started throwing them at Luffy as though they were shurikens during that one time.

"What do we do?" Chopper asked innocently as he removed the needle from the sleeping Little-Luffy's arm.

Law growled and felt the urge to roll his eyes. "Catch him."

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