Rachel Salvatore


about 100 years later

Some of you have asked for it (as if this story wasn't long enough already! :-)) so here it is!

A very big party was being prepared at the Mickealson manor and the inhabitants of Mystic Fall's were all curious, though very few of them knew what was actually going on. It was an invite only party and very few invites had been distributed. Only a few founding family members had been invited from their town but it looked like people where coming in from all over the country.

The Mickealson's house wasn't the only one seeing some unusual action lately because the Salvatore's boarding house was also much fuller than usual.

Indeed, Klaus and Rachel were celebrating their 100th wedding anniversary and for the occasion, they had invited all of their friends and family, which was quite a lot of people. Their inner circle had grown over the years as the prophecy had become true. They were rulers to the supernatural population, like royalty and they were not only respected but loved by most.

Of course a few people had tried to go after them in hope of getting their power for themselves but they had all failed. They had tried going after Rachel and had failed, they had tried going after her father and had failed. In a 100 years, people trying to hurt them had tried a lot of things to break them up and get their power for themselves but they always lost.

The Mickealson family had grown too.

Klaus and Rachel had had 6 children over the last 100 years and Rachel had just found out that she was, once more, pregnant, though she hadn't had the time to tell Klaus or anyone else yet. All of their children were either hybrids between vampires and werewolves like their father or hybrids between vampires and witches like their mother and all of them were happy with who they were. They had grown up being loved and protected, learning morals, what was right and what was wrong. They had traveled, seen the world and learned what love was by watching their parents interact together on a daily basis. The youngest one was only 20 years old and Rachel couldn't wait to announce her big news to everyone at the party.

"So, everyone's in town then?" Elijah asked Damon, who had the guest list in his hands while their wives, Celeste and Rebekah, went to sign for a delivery.

Rachel had figured out that just like Klaus could change werewolves into hybrids like him, she could change witches into hybrids like her and Celeste had been her first one so she could spend forever by Elijah's side. Just like Rachel, she was able to have children and if Elijah couldn't, they found a donor among their friends, Jeremy Gilbert and so Elijah and Celeste were now the proud parents of 3 children.

"Lexi and Caroline aren't here yet because they're picking up a gift somewhere but they'll be here in time for the big party They should be here in a couple of hours at most according to Stefan." Damon replied.

"Good. I'm still amazed that we were able to find room for everyone." Elijah sighted.

"Well, between both of our houses, we didn't need much more room. Especially with the enlargement we've made over the years. I think we can thank the Lockwood's, Forbes, Bennett's and Gilbert's for the few extra room they generously agreed to provide. That, and the actual hotel and boarding house available in town." Damon nodded.

"We have a problem!" Rebekah yelled as she rushed in.

"What is it honey?" Damon asked her, thinking that she was probably overreacting a bit.

"The karaoke machine that Rachel wanted... The transporter got into an accident and it was destroyed... It was the newest and most expensive model, we won't be able to get another one so quickly. At least we'll have the band for entertainment but she really wanted to have that machine here for people who wanted to sing and didn't know the lyrics..." Rebekah explained.

"Don't worry sister, we're ready for this." Elijah smiled reassuringly.

"What do you mean you're ready for this?" She asked her big brother, confused as Celeste arrived more calmly.

"Kol ordered 2 others, just to be sure there would be no problems. One has already arrived."

"Thank God!" Rebekah blew a breath out.

"I really hope this party goes without any interruption. They deserve it." Celeste said as she shook her head.

"That would be a first, but it would be most welcome indeed." Elijah nodded.

Indeed, every time Rachel and Klaus had tried to have a big party to celebrate something important to them with their family and their loved ones, someone had always tried to use this opportunity to attack them and try to steal their power. Some attempts had been bigger than others, and of course they had all failed, but it always put a damper on a party when someone tried to kill the host in front of all the guests.

The party they had hosted to celebrate the birth of their 1st child had been the worst yet because a group of angry vampires, allied with a couple of witches who used to serve Esther attacked not only the guests but the baby as well. Rachel and Klaus had never been so angry in their lives and had quickly, and very painfully, disposed of the enemies before making sure their first born was safe and un harmed in the arms of his Godfather, Puck.


Damon couldn't believe that his daughter, the one he still saw as his baby girl, was celebrating her 100th wedding anniversary.

He could still remember the immense joy he felt when she cried out for the first time, when he held her in his arms for the first time, the day his life changed drastically, the day she was born. He knew that things would be completely different if it wasn't for her and he never once regretted convincing Shelby to keep her. She had been a new beginning for his life and despite the sad and difficult moments they shared, the happy moments had been more numerous and he wouldn't trade them with anything in the world.

It was thanks to her that he was once again close to his brother and that he had found love and gotten married. Thanks to her he had grandchildren and a large family he loved.

"Hey daddy." Rachel said as she saw him entering the room she was in, choosing the right dress among the 50 dresses Sage and Santana had pre-selected for her.

"I love the fact that, no matter how old or powerful you are, you still call me daddy." He smiled happily.

"Well, that's one thing that will never change. Is everyone here yet?" She asked him.

"Lexi and Caroline are delayed but they'll be here on time for the party according to Stefan. I mean, if even Puck's on time, nobody's going to be late." Damon chuckled.

"You mean that for once Puck is on time? That's got to be one of the first signs of the Apocalypse." Rachel joked.

"Maybe... I still can't believe how slowly Jeremy and him are aging... They don't look a day over 40!" Damon rolled his eyes.

"Well, it's the weird hunter - werewolf hybrid thing." Rachel reminded him.

Indeed, Jeremy Gilbert had decided to become the same kind of hunter as Puck was so he could be stronger and live longer. The two of them had a couple of children in their teenage years already and wives that were witches and took herbs to live longer.

If Jeremy had donated some sperm to Celeste and Elijah so they could have children, he didn't count them as his children. To him, they were nephews and nieces, like Rachel's children.

"So, nervous?" Damon asked his daughter as she held a dress in front of her and he frowned.

"Not really. For once I've got the feeling that everything will go nicely and without interruptions. But even if someone tries to attack us, let's be honest, the house will be filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, hunters, hybrids of all sorts... Without counting all the protection spells we've placed all around the property. Anyone would be crazy to attack us." Rachel told her father.

"You're right. Here, you should try this one." He said as he handed her one of the prettiest dresses.


While Damon was helping his daughter choose the best dress, Santana and Kol, who were still happy together, were trying to help Klaus chose a perfect suit. The Original hybrid wanted it to be classic but original too so he stood in front of about 25 choices and he had a hard time making up his mind.

"Explain to me again why Rachel can't help you with this?" Santana asked her brother in law and sire.

"We, and by 'we' I mean Rachel, decided that it would be like a second honeymoon tonight after the party if we didn't see each other for the week before the party." Klaus sighted.

"Please! The two of you have been on a permanent honeymoon ever since your wedding. You've been on an 100 years long honeymoon." Santana replied with a roll of her eyes.

Kol was about to tell to his brother that it had to be a record when a knock was heard on the other side of the door.

"Daddy, are you decent?" Klaus' youngest daughter called out.

"Yes Barbra, you can come in." Klaus smiled.

Ever since she and her brother accidentally walked in on Rachel and him in bed, she always knocked. Once had been enough for them, they didn't want a repeat of it.

"Mom wants Santana's help for the dresses. Grandpa's not helping, he doesn't seem to like any of them." She smiled.

"Very well, lead the way little one. We can't let Damon convince your mother to wear just anything, it is her day after all." Santana smiled.

"Send your brothers our way honey will you? Kol's not much help either." Klaus called out as his daughter and Santana ran away.

"It's not my fault if you don't like my ideas." Kol protested.

"Would YOU, Kol, wear a yellow tie with pink ducks on it for your 100th wedding anniversary? And please be careful as to what your answer is because Santana can probably still hear us." Klaus asked his brother with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, no, but it's me. I can't help if I'm devilishly handsome with a great sense of style." Kol smirked before Klaus' 3 sons walked in the room.


Sage and Finn had made sure their adoptive children and grandchildren were ready and didn't need anything before they separated to help Rachel and Klaus get ready.

"With the way the two of them are acting, you'd think it was their first date all over again." Rebekah chuckled.

"It feels like it sometimes." Rachel smiled.

"Wow, I love this dress mom, you look great!" Barbra exclaimed.

"Nah, it's way too sexy. It would do if it was just the two of them but there's gonna be lots more people... She needs something with more class, worthy of a queen. I don't want my mom wearing this in public." Fanny, her eldest daughter, protested as she shook her head.

"I still remember like it was yesterday the first time I saw him." Rachel smiled tenderly at her 3 daughters, grown up now and trying on dresses.

"It was at the Grill, right? When I negotiated with him to un-dagger Finn?" Sage asked for confirmation.

"Yes, it was... I was so nervous... I wanted to meet him so badly but I had heard so many stories about him... And then here he was, the most handsome man I had ever seen..." Rachel remembered.

"So it really was love at first sight then Aunt Rachel?" Celeste's only daughter asked her.

"Yes, it was, even if I didn't really know it back then." She smiled.

"I wish I could have that... True Love, a Soul mate... Someone to love me as unconditionally as dad loved you." Barbra sighted.

"And you will Sweetheart. Give it time." Rachel smiled kindly at her.

"I hope so... I mean, Fanny has Marcel and Elisabeth is fine with temporary boyfriends... Is it wrong of me to want it all, right now?" She asked.

"Of course not Honey. You know what, tomorrow, we'll do a spell to guide you to your soul mate if you want, okay?" Rachel offered.

"Thank you. I love you mom." She replied as she hugged her mother.


While Rachel and Klaus were getting ready in different parts of the house, the guests were starting to arrive downstairs.

Tyler had arrived with Lexi. They weren't together or anything but since they were both single, they figured they'd attend the event together and save each other some loneliness. All around him, the human guests, descendants of their old friends, were arriving. The Saltzman's, descendants of Alaric and Jenna (who had died peacefully after long full and happy lives), arrived at the same time as Jeremy and his family. Matt's descendants arrived soon after, followed by the Bennett coven. Liz Forbes (who has died a few years before Alaric) had remarried and had a son after Caroline left town and her family was there as well.

Already, witches, werewolves, vampires and hybrids were starting to mix peacefully while Jeremy and Puck greeted each other and exchanged their latest adventures, comparing battles.

Stefan and Caroline were making sure the people who came were actually the people they had invited and that nobody would crash the party.

Of course Klaus's hybrids were here and doing the security but they could never be too safe. As he watched Jeremy's daughter laugh with Puck's son, Stefan was reminded of Elena briefly. She had died a few years ago, after a long, full human life. She had cut herself from most things supernatural, had moved away from Mystic Fall's and had married a man who gave her 4 children. Stefan couldn't bring himself to regret not staying with her. Even if he would always had a spot in his heart for Elena, he loved Caroline completely and they were both very happy together.

Suddenly, everyone turned to the staircase to watch Klaus and his three sons coming down the stairs, followed by Kol. Klaus's eldest son was named Henry, after the brother he had watched die and who had started everything. The second was named Damian, after his grandfather (Damon, close enough, right?) and the youngest of his son was named Nicholas, after himself. Klaus and Rachel always said that their next boy would be named Ansel, after Klaus's biological father.

"Why isn't he coming down with Rachel?" Stefan wondered.

"Because Santana decided that Rachel would come down after him to make a bigger impression on everyone, including Klaus." Damon replied as he arrived by his brother with his 3 granddaughters Barbra, Elisabeth and Fanny.

"Mom wanted the three of us to walk down with her like dad did with our brothers but Santana decided against it. She wants mom to make a great impression tonight." Fanny explained.

"She shouldn't be long now, go take your seat, I'll warn your father to wait for her downstairs." Santana told the girls as she suddenly appeared behind the little group.

"I swear, it's like she cares about this party more than mom and dad do..." Barbra shook her head with an amused smile as she followed her sisters and went to sit with her brothers.

"I think she has a bet going on with Puck but I'm not sure." Elisabeth replied and her sister nodded, it made sense.

Suddenly, a soft melody played on the piano in the background resonated through the room and everyone stopped talking to watch as Rachel, in a marvelous dress that made her look like a true queen, appeared at the top of the stairs and descended them to join Klaus, whom she hadn't see in a while. If she had been nervous at first about facing everyone and being alone on the spot, now that it was actually happening, she could only see Klaus, his eyes on her, his smile directed at her.

When she finally reached him and he kissed her in front of everyone, she was reminded of how lucky she was that he was in her life. She could still remember how it had felt when their bond had been broken, when she had thought she had lost him and ever since that day, when he touched her, she thanked her lucky star that she wasn't feeling that hole that had been punched in her heart anymore. When she was with her husband, with her love, she was complete and if getting and staying together hadn't been easy, it was worth it.

"You're beautiful, Love." He whispered to her, not caring that everyone else could hear him.

"And you're dashingly handsome, as usual. I love you." She replied.

"As do I, Love." He replied, kissing her once more before they turned to their guests.

It had been agreed that Rachel would speak first:

"I want to start this celebration by thanking every single one of you for coming today. It means a lot to us that we have so many good friends we can count on and who are willing to travel, sometimes a very long way, to celebrate this day with us. In the past 100 years, a lot of things happened. We had to fight to stay together, to stop the people who wanted to separate us and we've been lucky enough to have you, our friends, to help us. Thank you." Rachel said and started to clap, along with Klaus, to thank their friends and guests.

Of course their guests followed her lead and when the claps stopped, Rachel spoke again:

"I also want to take the time to thank our family for being here for us not only tonight but ever since the beginning of our relationship. Klaus' brothers, his sister, my father, his brother, our nephews and nieces but also Santana, my best friend and adoptive sister without whom this celebration wouldn't be half as good as it's going to be. Most of all, I want to thank our children. Henrik, Fanny, Elisabeth, Damian, Nicholas and Barbra. You've been the joy of our lives ever since you were born and we couldn't love you more. We couldn't be any more proud of you and the only thing left for me is to hope one day, you'll all be blessed with a love as strong as the one I share with your father." Rachel added and everyone clapped for her children, who stood and blushed, thanking their mother silently.

"I guess now come the part of the speech where I tell you about the first time I saw Niklaus... Most of you know it already, it was also the first time we met, at the Grill, in this very town, a few days before he broke his curse. I remember this day everyday and thanks the gods that I insisted my father and Aunt Sage let me come along that day. As cheesy as it sounds, every second spent in your presence since that day has been a blessing Klaus and I love you. I've never doubted that feeling and I know I never will." Rachel finished, speaking directly to Klaus who smiled and kissed her softly before he started talking too:

"Well, like my beloved wife here, I thank you all for coming. Know that if you were invited, it means we trust you and consider you among our closest friends. To our children I don't have much to say that I haven't already said over a thousand times in the past. I love you all and couldn't be any happier and prouder of you 6." Klaus there stopped a few seconds to smile at his children before he started talking again.

"It is true that the first we met was at the Grill but what Rachel still doesn't know is that I saw her a while before that. I was in New York, I'm not sure why any more because I don't really care to remember but I saw her on the sidewalk as she was shopping with Sage. I was too focused on breaking my curse back then to do anything but I remember finding her quite intriguing even then. She amazed me from the first moment I saw her, from our first discussion... The first time I heard her sing, it was a Glee Competition and she was singing New York State Of Mind. I remember that as she sang, the memory of the first time I saw her, in New York, didn't leave my mind and I thought that it was foolish of me to think it was a sign that we'd be together. I don't know if it was a sign but I fall more in love with you every day that passes, Love." Klaus kissed Rachel's hand after the last phrase and a few people 'awed' in the crowd.

"Tonight is not only a celebration of our past 100 years of marriage, but also a celebration for the future we have built and fought for. The first song we sang together, before we even got together, was A Party For Two. Tonight isn't just for the two of us, it's for all of you as well, along with those we lost over the years, either in battle or because it simply was their time to go. Tonight is for us to laugh, drink, eat, dance and sing together as we remember the past and make plans for the future." Klaus announced, finishing his speech with a round of applause.

"Wait, I have something else to tell you and everyone before the party really starts." Rachel whispered to Klaus while people were still clapping.

"Before we start, I have a special news for everyone. I waited for tonight to announce it. If our children could join us, please." Rachel asked once the noise had quieted down.

With a confused look on their faces, Klaus and Rachel's 6 children joined them in front of the stairs while their closest family sat straighter, curious about what the big news was.

"What I'm about to announce, I found out a few days ago and decided that tonight was the best moment to tell everyone, kind of like a big surprise not only for you Niklaus, but for everyone as well. It's been a little bit over 20 years since I had to announce a news such as this one and I'm still very nervous..." Rachel started to say and everyone had their thinking face on.

She could see that most of them were guessing already so she focused on her husband and children:

"I'm about 3 months pregnant, expecting twins. A boy and a girl." Rachel announced and she hadn't even finished her sentence that she was entangled in a giant hug with her husband and their 6 children while everyone else cheered and clapped, happy for the couple.

Once everyone calmed down, Rachel confirmed to everyone that they were done with the speeches and that they could all start eating, drinking and dancing. After a last hug and kiss to their mother, Rachel's 6 children went back to their table so everyone else could come and congratulate the future new parents.

Klaus's arm didn't leave his wife's waist. He hadn't been expecting this marvelous news but he was very happy, and proud, to be able to be, once again, a father.

"Twins then? Really?" Santana asked Rachel who nodded.

"Well, good luck. I'm very happy for you. We all are." Rebekah added.

"I don't know how I like being a grandfather already, but then again, I already have 6 grandchildren who refuse to see that I'm much too young and sexy to be called Grandpa'." Damon joked.

"Maybe these two will see it mate." Klaus suggested and Damon chuckled:

"Let's hope so. Congratulations again."

It seemed like everyone wanted to congratulate Klaus and Rachel and it's only once the real family had been done congratulating the couple that the others managed to get to them. It took a while, especially since there was some people they hadn't seen in a while and that they wanted to speak with but thankfully, most people where going to stay in town for a few days, meaning that Rachel and Klaus would be able to see them longer later.

"Finally a minute alone." Klaus exclaimed once the line of people wanting to shake their hands was gone and they found themselves alone, able to grab a drink and be alone for a moment.

"You're not mad, are you," She asked him.

"Why would I be mad?" He asked her.

"Because I didn't tell you as soon as I found out... I just wanted to surprise you..." She replied.

"You know me well enough Love, you know I could never be mad at you. I can't believe we're having two new babies... I never thought that having even one baby was possible but now we have 6, with number 7 and 8 on the way... I can't even start to imagine where my life would be without you..." He told her softly, kissing her lovingly.

"So, we've agreed on naming our next son Ansel, after your father but now we also have a girl's name to think about..." Rachel started to say.

"Something tells me that you have an idea about what you want it to be." Klaus smiled.

"You know me well... I was thinking that maybe we could name her after your older sister, the one that died before you were born..." She suggested.

"Ansel and Freya it is then." Klaus nodded, kissing her one more time before they joined their guests and engaged in conversations.


The party had started for about three hours and everything was going well. The food had been served and Rachel was still amazed at the fact that everyone managed to get along. There were vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids, humans and even hunters and yet everyone got along, because they loved Klaus and her, because they trusted them.

The party that night had been for adults only and Rachel knew that she'd see the younger children of their friends the next day, for the barbecue they were planning, with family games and more music and joy.

"I think it's time Rachel." Santana told Rachel with a smile.

"Time for what?" Klaus asked her curiously.

"Singing of course." Rachel smiled, making him chuckle.

"Of course, how could I forget that!" He replied.

The servers the family had hired had cleaned the tables by now and only drinks and sweets were left as music filled the room and Rachel's Karaoke machine was turned on.

Rachel started the festivities by dedicating a song to Klaus. She sang You're still the one, from Shania Twain, to him and as always, her voice managed to move many people in the audience.

Once in a while, Rachel took a new name and stared in a play on Broadway before going back to being an anonymous. She had stared in many classics, but also new plays and when she didn't feel like going on Broadway, she simply enjoyed the smaller provincial theaters. She was born to sing and to be a star and she needed to sing like a vampire needed blood to survive.

Once Rachel was done singing, Caroline and Santana went up and sang I keep on loving you, by Reba McEntire, to Stefan and Kol. With this song, they wanted to show that even if their relationship wasn't perfect, even if they sometimes argued, they still loved each other and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

After Santana and Caroline were done, Rachel saw her six children going on stage, even the ones who were always a bit reluctant to sing. They dedicated their song to her, their beloved mother and started singing A song for mama, by the Boyz 2 Men. It always brought Rachel tears to realize she had been a great mother to her children, even though her own mother had been a monumental failure and disappointment. She made sure her father, Damon, knew that all of her successes were his as well, because she wouldn't be anything without her father.

When they were done singing, Klaus and Rachel's children didn't leave the stage. They dedicated their next song to their father, making sure he knew how much they loved him. They sang for him a song by Teresa James, You're my hero.

After that, Rachel's daughter stayed on stage and were joined by all of their cousins (just the girls) and together, they sung the song Rachel had sang to Klaus on the day of their wedding: From this moment (By Shania Twain). In the background, a slideshow of pictures of the couple taken over the last century was being shown, reminding them of the good times they had been through and giving everyone hope for the future.

Later, Rachel went back on stage and dedicated another song to Klaus, also sung initially by Shania Twain: The woman in me needs the man in you. She wanted to remind people that she wasn't always strong, that sometimes life was too hard to handle on her own and that in these moments, she was blessed to have Klaus by her side. Supporting her, helping her along.

At some point, Klaus surprised Rachel by going on stage, his daughters behind him to sing chorus as he sung for his wife Ronnie Milsap's What a difference you've made in my life. When he was done singing, Rachel rushed on stage to hug him and they ended up singing another song together: It's something that we do, by Clint Black.

Since people were still asking for them to sing more songs together, They sang once more the first duet they had ever sung together: Party for two.

To keep the festive songs in and try to limit the romantic ones away, Puck went on stage with Tyler, Rachel's sons, Elijah's sons and Jeremy and together they sang Fight for your right to party.

"They do realize that basically a group of adults singing about a teenager wanting to party, right?" Caroline asked Santana, rolling her eyes.

"I think that deep down, they're all still teenagers." Santana replied with a smile.

It was followed by Sage's daughter, Elisabeth (One of Rachel's daughters) and Lexi singing I kissed a girl.

At some point, Kol asked Rachel to join him on stage and sing with him once more the song they had sung after she had killed Esther, making everyone smile and laugh at their rendition of Ding ding the witch is dead.

Fanny, Rachel and Klaus's eldest daughter also went on stage and instead of singing to her parents, this time, she sung to her love, Marcel. She sung Forever and for Always, by Shania Twain to him, promising him that they were, indeed, serious and using this opportunity to accept his wedding proposal.

The party lasted well into the early morning. Rachel announced to their guests that the barbecue would be moved to the next day, giving them enough time to rest and slowly, their friends left to get some rest while Klaus carried Rachel to their bedroom so they could celebrate their hundredth wedding anniversary properly.

"It's in moments like this that I'm grateful Rachel placed soundproof spells over all the bedrooms of the house." Santana told Kol while Klaus carried Rachel up the stairs.

"True... So, what do you say we go test the soundproofing spell that on our bedroom?" He replied with a smirk before they rushed up to their bedroom.

"I guess we'll handle the cleaning service, then." Elijah sighted.

"That was the deal Honey. We all have our part in this party, making sure the cleaning service that was hired do their job before we go to bed is ours." Celeste reminded him with a soft smile.

"I know... Next time we'll volunteer for another part though, I'm tired of always being the responsible one. let Finn handle it if he wants. Next time I'm organizing something else. Something funny." Elijah replied.


The next day, when they welcomed their friends and the youngest of their children to the barbecue they had planned, Klaus and Rachel still seemed to be in a post honeymoon euphoria, which everyone noticed.

"Please, these two have been in this state since they had sex for the first time." Santana rolled here eyes.

"I don't need to hear this Aunt Santana!" Barbra shook her head, putting her hands over her ears and running on the other side of the house, ignoring everyone's chuckles.

"It's still true though." Santana assured the others.

"Yep... As her father I'm happy to know she's happy but there are still things a father should never know..." Damon shook his head.

"It's not like you were discreet for your first time with Rebekah. Rachel heard it all, even through the music." Santana smirked, making Damon blush.

"Let's just... Let's go and entertain the children." Damon replied, changing the subject and walking away.

"So, I've noticed that we're keeping score on all the games, what are the teams?" Puck asked when he noticed that there was only space for two teams on the score board.

"We didn't want to start an inter-species war so we decided on the good old fashion gender war." Rebekah replied.

"Boy versus girl, man versus women... I like it. Go team us!" Puck cheered, lifting his beer in the air.

He was met by the cheering of all the other men and boys in the large yard and by the booing of the women. One thing was sure: everyone was very excited about these games.

"We're lucky that the numbers of men and women pretty much even out." Rachel told Klaus.

"I still don't like this idea. I don't like playing against you." Klaus shook his head with a frown on his face.

"That's only because you know you'll loose." She smirked.

"You know it." He chuckled, kissing her softly before joining his sons and his brothers in a game of football against several girls.


"Hey, how long do you think Klaus and Rachel can stay apart without going crazy?" Jeremy asked Puck.

"Oh, Santana told me that they've tried that. If they can call each other as much as they want and keep really busy, they can stay up to a month and a half away from each other before it becomes too much but if they can't contact the other at all and don't have anything to keep them busy, they go crazy as soon as the first couple of weeks are over." Puck replied.

"Two weeks, really? He doesn't seem to be able to stay away from her for the entire game." Jeremy chuckled.

"Maybe that's because she's pregnant or something." Puck shrugged his shoulders.

"Look at you two gossip queens." Santana joked as she walked by them.

"Hey, how was Klaus during Rachel's first pregnancy?" Jeremy asked her curiously.

"Saying that he was overprotective is a bit of an understatement... At first, he wouldn't even let her walk on her own, he had to carry her everywhere. He tasted everything before giving it to her, triple checked everything before letting her touch it... He didn't want anything putting her or their baby at risk. Thankfully she managed to convince him that she'd be fine and he loosened up a bit." Santana replied.

"This is loosening up? He's playing on the team against her and lets them mark points so the ball doesn't touch Rachel!" Puck exclaimed.

"That's them... Unable to play against each other. I think I can count the numbers of time they fought on one hand." Santana added.

"That's nice." Jeremy nodded before pointing Puck to their teenagers making out in a corner of the gardens and they decided to head their way and scare them a bit.


"I really enjoyed the past few days with everyone... It was nice." Rachel told Klaus as they watched their children leaving the house to go back to their current home.

"Yes, it's going to be really calm here." Klaus nodded.

"It'll be nice to be on our own a moment though. You know the entire family will come again a few weeks before the birth." She replied.

"Yes, the children promised to come back at least 2 month before term to be with you." He informed her.

"Yes, Barbra told me... I can't believe it's been over a hundred years already..." Rachel sighted.

"I know, time flies when you're having fun." He added, taking her in his arms.

In a few months, Rachel would give birth to her twins. They would name the son Ansel and the daughter Freya and would have a big christening celebration with their closest friends and family.

Life was nice, peaceful even, in the supernatural world and Damon knew that if he had let Shelby abort his daughter, everything would be much different. She had changed everything.

It's shorter than I initially planned, because I didn't include the lyrics of the songs... I hope you still enjoyed this little epilogue.

I might add little scenes later, it depends if you like it or not.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

I'd love a long review for Christmas!

Thank you for reading,

Lorelei Candice Black