Chapter 1: Journey to Egypt

"Aww, mom, I'll be fine. I have everything planned out perfectly, I promise," Andy told her mother as they hugged goodbye.

"I know, you get that from me."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Andy's dad cut in receiving a long glare from Andy's mom and a short, soft chuckle from Andy.

"I love you both. Bye!" Andy waved fiercely at her parents as she walked away. Her parents waved back and her dad blew her a kiss as she turned a corner and her parents vanished. Andy was tempted to go back around the corner just to see her parents' smiles. This part was always the hardest.

Composing herself, Andy continued towards the chairs that were placed in front of her terminal. Andy sat down in one of the chairs and started going over all of the details of her trip. A layover in Madrid, Spain. At this detail her mind wandered off. Egypt, I'm going to Egypt! Andy had never been to Egypt before – unless you counted all of the times that she stared enviously at the projection of Egypt that Google Earth provided – and her heart started to beat faster.

The flight attendant started calling up all of the sections and Andy watched as the businessmen and historians and all of the other people walked onto the plane. Finally, her section was called and she handed her ticket to the elderly man. He wished her a good flight and turned to the next person. "Thank you," she said softly and continued on her way. Andy finally, officially, stepped onto the plane and was greeted by the smiling faces of two young flight attendants.

"Straight down and to your right," one of the girls told her. Andy nodded and smiled. She had to kind of push a few people out of her way to make it to her seat. "Excuse me. Sorry," she apologized to one other passenger as she accidently shoved him a little bit too hard. Thank god, she thought when she found her seat. Andy practically jumped with joy. She sat down and looked out of the window at all of the workers and the pieces of luggage below her.

"Ooo, I found it Lisa," an older woman called and started stuffing her bags into the overhead compartments. "Lisa, over here," she yelled again.

"I'm coming, mom," a younger woman called back. Andy really didn't want to be rude, but she was very happy to find out that they were sitting behind her and not beside her.

Andy worried about how her body would adjust to the time change. It's six-thirty now so it would be three-thirty in Egypt so… While she was doing the math in her head, she drifted off to sleep.

"Estamos llegando a Madrid. Por favor pongo sus saientos en posicion vertical y doblar las mesas de la cena de Nuevo en la silla delante de usted. Gracias por volar con nosotros." As the flight attendant repeated the announcement through the speakers, Andy could feel the chaos rush into the plane taking everyone hostage. Andy looked at her phone, plenty of time, she thought. So, she waited until she was one of the last few to leave the plane.

As Andy walked through the airport, she would look down at her ticket and then back up to the terminal signs. After retracing her steps twice, she finally made it to her terminal. Andy sat down, but the sound of paper being crinkled caused her to look up. A person sitting a little ways away was eating something. Andy's mouth started to water and her belly groaned. Andy looked at her phone. Nope, not enough time. You are just gonna have to wait, she told her belly.

When she was seated on the new plane, a thought struck her head like a hammer: she had forgotten to call her parents! "Crap," she said out loud and then nervously glanced around the plane to see if anyone had heard her. She quickly pulled out her phone and texted her mom telling her that she was safe and explaining why she didn't call.

She was in the middle of the conversation with her mom, when a young boy around Andy's age sat in the seat next to her. Andy could feel redness sneaking up her cheeks. She smiled a little at herself for acting so immature.

The plane took off and Andy's ears were screaming in pain. Andy started yawning to pop her ears and was in mid-yawn when she noticed that the boy was staring at her like she was from a different planet. Andy smiled shyly at him then turned red again. When she was sure that he couldn't see her face, she crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in embarrassment.

When the plane landed, Andy almost ran out of the airport. She was so excited that she couldn't breathe and that she was far away from that boy. She finally made it through the doors and took a long, deep breath. Mmm, Egyptian air! However, her moment was cut short by her belly demanding to be fed.

Thanks to everyone who has read the story so far! In this story, I am hoping to mix all of the different mythologies around the world. So far, the mythologies that I have included in my story are the Greek, the Egyptian, and the Norse mythologies. If you want me to use any other mythologies or any specific characters in the mythologies, please let me know. In the next chapter I will write about the different gods, goddesses, and others to sort of give you guys an understanding of what I am talking about. This might be kind of a slow process because I really want to do right by the different mythologies and by the plot that I have in mind. Thank you to everyone in advance for the reviews!