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Narrator POV

The girl wakes up to find that she is no longer in the well, but laying down with two boys curiously peering at her face. At first she is dazed wondering what happened. She then bolts up taking a defensive position.

"Who are you?" The girls asks cautiously.

A boy with black hair and a straw hat says, "I'm Luffy and this is my first mate Zoro!" He replies while pointing to Zoro. "Who are you?" He asks.

"I am Kagome" The girl replies warmly.

Kagome POV

Okay now I know the boy is Luffy and the green haired one is Zoro. I look at the two thinking. Wait! I heard Luffy say 'first mate'! That's a pirate term! Okay Toto I'm not in Tokyo or Feudal Japan. I look around, 'Wow this place is beautiful' I think to myself. Is that a well?

"Um..., was I in that well over there?" I ask pointing to the well.

"Yeah, we pulled ya out, why?" The one called Zoro said.

"No particular reason, how did you get me out?" I ask truly curious.

"I stretched my arm and pulled you out!" Luffy says "I'm a rubber man!"

I watched as he showed me he could stretch like rubber. I freak out and shoot out my purification towards him. Once I realize what's happening and freeze and pull my powers back.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, are you ok?!" I say freaking out. I watch as he gets up.

"Wow! That felt awesome!" He gets up yelling. I look to the green haired man and he has a look of 'what just happened' on his face. I just look at them and give a shy giggle. 'Okay he's not a demon, so what is he?' I think in my mind. I feel something cold and sharp at the back of my neck. I slowly turn around to see Zoro pointing one of his blades at me. I start to back up subconsciously until I run into something. I stay there frozen as my mind goes haywire.

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