Title: Meant To Be

Summary: Booth and Riona Gallagher meet up 2 months after their first case.

Backstory: Riona Gallagher is of my own creation, as is Ella Anderson. Riona is still going to be Max and Ruth's daughter. She was still 'abandoned' by Matthew, Christine, and Russ. Her best friend, Aislinn Holmstead, got her parents to adopt Riona after she would come home from school with Aislinn and have clear signs of abuse on her body. Riona is not quite as rational or logical as Brennan, and is a bit more of a romantic. And, she's completely obsessed with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She would be 27 during this story. Aislinn is also 27. Ella Anderson is in place of Angela. She has had a rough childhood, and she met Riona through an online site called Shelfari, where they both joined a Hogwarts group. She becomes the Forensic Artist, or however you describe Angela's job. I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Today Isn't The Same

Today started out like any other day. I woke up at precisely six o'clock this morning thanks to my alarm. The sunlight streamed through the rose pink curtains of my bedroom to greet me as I got out of bed and grabbed my royal purple silk robe from the foot post on my bed, wrapped it around myself, and went over to my vanity. I picked out the basic make-up that I'd need for the day and set my brush in front of the pale pink blush and the basic green eyeshadow that I had chosen. After that, I go to my closet and pick the dark purple blouse that I had bought for my junior year of high school with a lighter pinkish-purple colored tank-top to go underneath. I pull out one of my favorite pairs of dark blue jeans to wear with it. Then, I grab the light purple flower necklace that Aislinn had given me for my 17th birthday, my two favorite rings-a silver Claddagh Ring and a family heirloom-and the watch that I had gotten for my 16th birthday. I thought that this would be a great day, as I got to go out to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for a lecture series today. So, with my Cream Soda in my hand, I walk to my car to get my notes from the Jeffersonian.

Of course, it was the last week of December. So, I had my pink fluffy winter hat over my curled hair. I had my warm black leather gloves on my hands and my pink scarf wrapped around my neck. I turn my car heater on as high as it would go to get over to the Jeffersonian.

"Hi, Riona," Ella smiles at me as I walk in.

"Hi, Ella. I hope you'll be able to do things without me this week. I don't want you to have to deal with Zack and Dr. Hodgins all by yourself," I felt a little bad about leaving one of my best friends with the boys of our lab, but I did have to go and do my lectures on skull reconstruction.

"I'll be fine, but thanks for your concern," she replies.

I nod. "Well, I have to grab my notes and get to Philly. I'll see you in a week, Ella."

"Have fun, Riona," she hugs me tightly before I head to my office.

I had decided that I was going to drive, because it was just over two and a half hours. So, I drove straight to my hotel after grabbing my notes. It was very long and boring, but I had my potential song-fic songs blaring, and I couldn't help but smile once "Things I'll Never Say" came on. I sang along as I pulled into the hotel parking lot.

I arrived a couple hours before the Philadelphia Flyers VS Red Wings hockey game. I smile, and I decide to go watch it, because I wanted to see it live, and I didn't start lectures until tomorrow. So, I go to get a ticket.

Looking around as I get into the arena, I didn't notice when the man in front of me stopped. I run right into him, and he whirls around.

"I'm sorry," he says, and my head whips up at the voice.

"Booth," I breathe.

"Bones," his eyes widen as he whispers the nick name that he had started calling me.

"What're you doing here?" I demand, trying not to show how happy I was to see him.

"Investigating a murder. I'm waiting for the lab results. So, I decided to catch the game. What about you?"

"I'm starting a lecture series on skull reconstruction tomorrow. I'm from Michigan, so I decided to catch the hockey game."

We had started walking again, and he swiftly pulls me to the side. I glare at him, fighting the urge to slap him like I did the last time he had grabbed me.

"You were about to run into a trash can, Dr. Gallagher," he emphasizes my name in a way that irks me.

"I don't need a knight in shining armor, Agent Booth," I pull away from him and head to my seat, only to find out that he matched me step for step because he sat right next to me.

This day was not off to the great start I wanted it to be.

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