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Let's begin.

Naruto had just escaped from the Hokage Tower, the Forbidden Scroll of Seals strapped to his back, and made his trek to the agreed clearing Mizuki-sensei told him about. He wore his foxy grin at the assurance he'll become a genin; one step closer to his dream! He landed in the clearing and unhooked the scroll from his back, laid it down, opened it, and read the first thing inside; Mizuki said to pass this test, he must learn at least one technique from the scroll.

'Kage Bunshin? Nah, I suck at them. Next!' He said in his head as he read on. 'Huh? Dejimentaru no jutsu? (Digimental Technique)' He questioned and read the side note of the technique.

This technique, when successful, grants the user a Kekkei Genkai and access to the augmentation 'capsules' of an age long passed. With the access of a new container, the user is granted an affinity for the element; these include the five basic affinities: Katon, Suiton, Fuuton, Doton, and Raiton, and include Mokuton, Meiton, Koton, Inton, Yoton, and Onmyoton.

To fully understand this gift, a bit of history is needed. In the time before shinobi, before chakra, before the Rikudou Sennin, the world was in an age of extremely advanced technology. There were machines for every need: transportation, communication, war. In the technology of communication, called computers, there existed a world in the stream of existence 'behind' our world within the machines. In this world, in this digital time, there existed a society of monsters; not the monsters that go bump in the night or prey on little children. These monsters were docile by nature, but a dark power infected the smaller ones, and they evolved, and spread their evil. Humans in the real world found transport to this Digital World, and fought alongside the adamant creatures, called 'Digimon', using the power of these capsules, called 'Digieggs'. They defeated the evil, and their legend faded into history. Soon enough, a great demon, called Diaboramon, eradicated this age of technology, shattering the foundation of civilization. The Rikudou Sennin was a survivor of this Apocalypse, and the rest is history.

This gift is the last remnant of a forgotten age, and thus, should you embark on the journey to attain this power, you will hold a power much greater than any Kekkei Genkai of our current era.

Should you choose to do so, and pass the test of the seal, you shall be given your first egg: The Digiegg of Courage; with it, the affinity for fire. May you heart burn through and save this world from the return of a demon perhaps even greater than Diaboramon.

You will activate the following seals of the other eggs once you attain a level of control on your current one(s).

Naruto finished the letter, his attention kept every second as he read. He decided he would use this power to realize his dream, and to secretly prepare himself, and perhaps the world, for this great evil.

In the times Naruto ran from the mobs, he stumbled upon abandoned books on sealing, and has attained an amateur knowledge of fuinjutsu; analyzing the seal, he saw it would require blood and chakra. Pricking his thumb on a kunai, he laid his hand upon the seal and channeled his chakra, and awaited his judgment. He was suddenly flooded with the memories of his damned life of torture and hatred. If the seal had a consciousness, and face, he could imagine it would be scowling, and furious, but not to him. He sensed the seal accepted him, and awaited this supposed 'Digiegg.'

What he saw was... odd. He might call it an egg, but it seemed to stand upside down, the narrow point on the ground. It was predominantly red, with shades of orange and yellow, like fire, accenting many points of it. At the apex, a large silver and black blade pointed upwards, and under it, an abstract symbol of a sun in burning orange.

He slowly reached out for it, when someone appeared behind him.

"Naruto!" A voice yelled.

Naruto yelped and jumped, stumbling over the 'egg', and scrambled around to face the figure. He found he was staring at his favorite sensei, Umino Iruka. He slowly sat up, hiding the egg behind his back. "H-Hey Iruka-sensei. What're you doing here?" Naruto asked nervously.

"What am I doing here?! What are you doing stealing the Forbidden Scroll of Seals?!" Iruka snapped.

Naruto winced at his tone. "But don't you know about the secret test Mizuki-sensei gave me? I was supposed to steal the 'scroll' and learn something from it and I'll become a genin." Naruto explained.

Iruka gritted his teeth. 'Dammit, Mizuki. How could you manipulate Naruto like that? Are you so narrow-minded you...' His musings were cut short when a figure appeared in the canopy above them. Turning around, he scowled when he spied the secret traitor himself. "Mizuki! You tricked Naruto for the scroll, didn't you?!" He yelled at the white haired Chuunin.

Mizuki merely laughed. "Oh, you got me, Iruka! Tell you what: help me kill the demon, and I'll bring you to Orochimaru-sama!" Mizuki offered.

Iruka's eyes widened at what he heard; Mizuki was working for the worse traitor in Konoha history?! Truly, the mighty have fallen. He snarled at Mizuki. "You won't be doing anything tonight except rotting in a prison cell!" He quipped.

Seemingly ignoring Iruka's threat, Mizuki turned to Naruto. "Naruto, give me the scroll, and I'll make you Chuunin!" Mizuki enticed Naruto.

Naruto was confused; why did Iruka-sensei seem so angry with Mizuki-sensei? And when the latter gave his offer, Naruto turned his gaze to him, and froze. Even from this distance, he could see the look in Mizuki's eyes; they were the same look the villagers gave him when he walked back. His grip on the egg behind him tightened. "M-Mizuki-sensei, what's going on?" Naruto asked nervously.

Seeing Naruto's hesitation, Mizuki decided to try a different tactic. "Naruto, would you like to know why everyone seems to hate you?" he asked.

Iruka's eyes widened again at what Mizuki said. "Mizuki, don't! It's forbidden!" He yelled in protest.

Ignoring his yells, Mizuki continued. "12 years ago when the Kyuubi attacked the village, the Yondaime fought the great demon to the death." He began.

"H-he killed it, right?" Naruto asked.

Mizuki's smile became a sickening smirk. "No mortal can kill a demon such as the Kyuubi, so he did the next best thing: he sealed it inside a newborn child. That child was you; you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Mizuki finished maniacally, pulling one of his fuuma shuriken from his back and spun it around his wrist, intent on killing the demon in hopes that doing so, the Sandaime would give him the Forbidden Scroll, so he could get away with tonight's events. He threw the weapon.


There was fast movement in front of Naruto, a sickening sound as metal pierced flesh, and a shadowed loomed over him. Looking up, he saw the pained face of Iruka and realized he got in the way of the weapon to save Naruto. "I-Iruka-sensei... why...? I'm just a demon... A killer..." Naruto whispered as his head fell.

"You're right... Demons are killers..." Iruka answered painfully.

Naruto winced at the answer and began losing hope in Iruka.

"But you're not a demon; you're Uzumaki Naruto..." Iruka amended.

Naruto snapped his head up, tear-filled eyes gazing at Iruka in shock.

"I'll admit... I resented you at first; the Kyuubi killed my parents. But you reminded me so much of myself when I was your age. I acted out, played pranks, did everything I could to gain attention, to dull the pain. But as I watched you, my resentment became admiration. You are strong-willed to hold back the Kyuubi. For that, I'm proud to call you my student Naruto..." Iruka explained, blood starting to leak from the corners of his mouth.

Naruto ignored the tears falling from his eyes as he gazed at Iruka. His head fell again, a pang of pride to not let him see him cry causing so. "Th-thank you, Iruka-sensei..." Naruto whispered.

"Naruto... I believe in you..." Iruka whispered, smiling through the pain. He then, painfully, removed the fuuma shuriken from his back, sending chakra to dull the pain, and turned around to face Mizuki.

"Ha! I always knew you'd side with the demon, Iruka! You were always a fool!" Mizuki taunted, readying his remaining shuriken.

"No, Iruka-sensei... I can fight him..." Naruto said, stepping in front of Iruka, brandishing the fire-themed egg in his hands.

"What can you hope to do to me with that, demon?! Is this some kind of joke?! No matter, tonight you die!" Mizuki yelled as he threw his weapon at Naruto.

Ignoring the cries of protest from Iruka, Naruto held out the Digiegg of Courage, and felt the power flood his body. He was flooded in an orange light as time seemed to slow down, and a gauntlet-clad hand grabbed the shuriken from the air.

Upon the gauntlet, the armor a gold color, there laid a red gem in the top of the hand, as well as just before the elbow. The armor, a gold color, looked to be made of some foreign, but strong, metal that laid across the limb in ridges, holes on each side of the forearm. Following the bare bicep, tone with muscle, laid a pauldron of bronze-gold armor with slits on the side. His chest was clad in red armor; the symbol of the abstract sun from the egg in the center, a concave over the abs toned orange and patterned like the muscles underneath. The figures pants were tattered at the waist and ankles, silver chains working as a belt and binds at the tatters. The clothing for the legs toned in the colors of fire, yellow from the ankles to orange at the waist, streaks of the intersecting colors here and there. His bare feet had black clawed toes. Finishing the change, the orange light that became a fire seemed to stay alight on his head, only to show it to be a head of hair with the colors of the flames he bore. His eyes bore black sclera and red irises with no pupils. His face was held in a scowl as he glared at the offending Chuunin. Upon his back seemed to float a red plate with gold spikes around the rim and three odd extensions 'growing' out from it, pointing down, the circular plate bearing the sun symbol.

"Hello, Mizuki-teme." His voice was deep, and filled with a burning anger. In the back of his mind, Iruka mused that his voice might perpetually sound like so.

"I knew you were a demon; you show your true form!" Mizuki yelled hysterically, pointing an accusing finger at the fiery figure.

"No. I am the burning hate of those who cannot fight back. I am the searing rage of those who bare hatred towards the abusers, the hateful ones, and the black-hearted filth. I am Ryukomon." The figure corrected.

"'Rage'! A demon only knows rage! You prove my point to no end, monster! I'll kill you!" Mizuki cried in hysterics as he drew a pair of kunai and lunged at the figure.

The revealed Ryukomon merely sighed and tossed the large shuriken aside as fire began to spew from the holes in the sides of his gauntlets and he lunged at Mizuki.

As they met between where they once stood, a definite clang sounded off, as if the metal knives of Mizuki impacted some sort of hidden weapon beneath the fire of this creature.

Mizuki jumped back, in slight shock, as he didn't expect his attack to be blocked by some hidden blade, but soon changed that shock to bitter hate; only a demon would be underhanded enough to hide his weapons.

Ryuko merely swung his empty hand at Mizuki, eliciting a split-second confused glare from the Chuunin, only for his narrowed eyes to widen when red kunai shot out of the flames; with only his reflexes of a Chuunin, he deflected the blades.

"You hide your weapons within the flames, just as a demon! Show you blades so I may take them once I kill you!" Mizuki yelled in anger.

"I have no blades; only the flames do I control. Care for a demonstration?" The creature mocked him, as the fires were silenced upon his arms. Mysteriously, a ring of fire appeared around his feet. Flaring his power, the flames rose, and Mizuki was shocked to see crimson blades grow from the flames then blend away into fire again; the demon made blades from the flames! "But if you wish to see that which will end you, I shall oblige." He added and thrust his hand with the surrounding flames. Pulling back, he now held a red katana with a similarly-colored guard and handle, as the weapon seemed to shine every inch, as if it were made of the same mysterious rock that took place upon his gauntlets. "First Flame." Ryuko uttered and soon disappeared in a burst of speed and fire, the first extension on his 'shield' now releasing the power it contained, fire bursting from the tip.

Before Mizuki could even question where the demon went, he felt a blade slide across his body, then pain engulfed him, as blood exploded from multiple wounds that suddenly appeared over his body.

He fell to his knees, the pain too great, and looked up, to see the burning red eyes of his opponent, who raised his blade. "Demon..." With his final word said, his chest was pierced with the blade, and his body was engulfed in flames. His flesh melted, his bones seared, his nerves screamed, and then all bodily responses were silent, as was his existence.

Mizuki was dead.

Ryuko withdrew his blade from the skeletal sheath, and it burst into flames, and then was gone. His body followed suit, bursting in the colors he already bore as his visage was engulfed in the embers, and Naruto appeared in his place, but he was changed.

Gone was the frightfully short genin-hopeful, now stood a man who had braved the fires of Hell, at 5' 7". His angular face was frozen in a neutral visage, his tone body stressing some seams of his jumpsuit. Around his neck dangled a red gem held within a bronze clasp, the symbol of the being before him carved in the stone.

"Naruto… What the heck was that?" Iruka whispered.

The blonde turned around to face him, his face the picture of determination. "My Kekkei Genkai." He answered, shocking Iruka.

Before he could question Naruto about what he said, Naruto fell forward, unconscious. Iruka would have sweat dropped were it not for the immediate situation or what he just witnessed. He sighed and hefted Naruto and the Forbidden Scroll on his shoulders and shunshin'd to the Hokage Tower.

(Hokage Tower)

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime, was currently staring into his viewing ball, as he had witnessed the events that transpired around Naruto and the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. "Interesting, Naruto-kun… What is this Kekkei Genkai you have unlocked?" He muttered quietly and stowed the orb away before Iruka could arrive, his face becoming a wall of authority.

"Hokage-sama, I found the Forbidden Scroll; Mizuki tricked Naruto into stealing it." Iruka explained once he arrived in a puff of smoke.

"Excellent, Iruka-kun, but where is Mizuki? Surely you could detain your once-assistant?" He questioned, already knowing what transpired but didn't want to seem as if he were spying on them, a sure sign that he might distrust Iruka or already knew where the scroll was and sent a whole village's worth of Chuunin and Jounin on a wild goose chase.

Iruka seemed hesitant to breach that subject, but steeled himself for the Hokage. "Mizuki is dead, Hokage-sama." Iruka finally said.

"Surely you could have detained him without killing him; we might have been able to question his motives." Hiruzen commented.

At this, Iruka shook his head. "It was not me, Hokage-sama, it was Naruto, but then… it wasn't." He said hesitantly.

"Explain." Sarutobi ordered.

Iruka nodded and recounted what happened in the forest between the three of them, explaining Naruto's change, the fight, and the eventual death of Mizuki and reveal of Naruto's 'Kekkei Genkai.'

Hiruzen was silent for a while, contemplating what to do about Naruto and his newly acquired bloodline. Just as he was about to comment, Naruto stirred, and Iruka laid him on the couch within the office. "Ugh, what happened?" Naruto groaned, slowly sitting up and holding his head.

"Naruto-kun, could you explain what happened in the forest when you stole the Forbidden Scroll of Seals?" Hiruzen immediately asked.

Naruto looked at him strangely, when the memories flooded back to him and he gulped silently. Resigning himself to his fate, he explained how Mizuki approached him after his failed his genin test for the third and final time and explained to him about a secret test to become a genin, which both Chuunin and Sandaime corrected never existed, confirming his suspicions of the dead Chuunin. Continuing, he explained the letter within the scroll about an age long passed and the Kekkei Genkai using the seal would provide, then how he came across an odd egg. He continued with how Mizuki revealed Naruto held the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a fact where Hiruzen winced at the cold look Naruto cast him, silently glaring at him for keeping such a secret away from the boy when it was about him, then how he used the egg and became the creature they saw and killed Mizuki. Both adults questioned how Naruto felt about doing such a thing, and were surprised to find he was just fine. Hiruzen mused that using the power of those things dulled his sense of morality in terms of taking a life.

"Well, Naruto-kun, in light of this situation, it seems I will have to give you access to this seal that contains information on your new Kekkei Genkai." Hiruzen stated and rolled open the Forbidden Scrolls and rolled it to the seal Naruto found and opened a blank smaller scroll and put his index and middle fingers on the two seals. "Shiru Tenso no Jutsu! (Seal Transfer Technique)" Upon his command, the seal that held the digieggs actually moved and slid up his fingers, arm, across his shoulders, and down his opposite arm to the adjacent scroll, taking the same form it did in the Forbidden Scroll. "Okay, Naruto-kun, channel chakra into this seal to see if this still works after the transfer." He requested.

Gob-smacked at what he just witnessed, he merely nodded dumbly and approached the Sandaime's desk and put his hand on the seal, channeling chakra into it, and it faded and became the individual seals that would hold each egg, the one for 'Courage' missing now that Naruto had it as a necklace. "Excellent!" Hiruzen piped. "You may keep this scroll so you can train in your bloodline. But understand, Naruto-kun, that you must keep this Kekkei Genkai a secret. Should the Council catch wind of this, you will most certainly be negatively affected. Please promise me you will keep this a secret." Hiruzen pleaded.

Naruto, seeing the look in his eyes, went against his better judgment to just run to Sasuke-teme and rub this in his face, nodded. "I'll keep this a secret, Ojii-san." Naruto agreed. He then remembered something the note attached to the seal said. "Hey, do you have any chakra paper?" He asked; that book on sealing managed to glance over the concept of chakra paper, a method of deducing one's elemental affinity.

Surprised by the question, Hiruzen didn't answer, only pulled out the square piece of paper. With a quiet 'thank you', Naruto took the paper from his hand and channeled his chakra into it. The effects were instantaneous; the paper burst into flames and the fire grew, destroying the paper, and maintained its existence as a small fireball just above Naruto's palm. Both adults currently watching this were shocked; Naruto had an incredibly strong affinity for fire, stronger than any they had seen before, even greater than the Sarutobi clan, which excelled in katon techniques and affinities. "Just as I thought…" Naruto whispered.

"Naruto-kun, care to explain?" Hiruzen asked.

Naruto snapped his head up and rubbed the back of his head with his free hand, forgetting they were there for a second. Nodding, he explained how the note said that after he achieved access to any of the 'digieggs', he would attain a strong affinity for the element they represent. "Ojii-san, what's Mokuton, Meiton, Koton, Inton, Yoton, and Onmyoton?" Naruto asked.

Surprised again, this time, Hiruzen answered. "Those are Wood Release, Dark Release, Steel Release, Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Release. Why do you ask, Naruto-kun?" He asked back.

"The note mentioned that some of the eggs will give me affinities for those elements. Are they rare?" He asked again, his knowledge of the elements limited due to his prankster nature and skipping classes.

At this, Hiruzen nodded. "Indeed they are. The Shodaime was the only man to have Wood Release, and you know what he did with that." He answered, referring to the fact Senju Hashirama pretty much made
Konohagakure no Sato himself, or at least the forest that protected it. "No one that I know of has Dark Release or Steel Release, and the Shodaime's granddaughter only has a single Yang Release technique. I do not know of anyone with a Yin or Yin-Yang Release so you will be the first for those four and the newest holder of the other two. You have a powerful journey before you, Naruto-kun." Sarutobi praised, chuckling as Naruto puffed out his chest that he would be incredibly powerful and special.

"Hell yeah! And once I master them, you'll have no choice but to make me Hokage, Ojii-san!" He yelled with determination, pointing an accusing finger at his grandfather-figure.

Both adults merely laughed at him, glad Naruto was back to his old self. But they couldn't shake the feeling he would change very soon. They ignored it for now.

"Well, after all of this, I think I deserve a good night's rest." Naruto commented, folding his arms behind his head. He waved goodbye to the Sandaime and his sensei and left for home.

Once he ran inside, he immediately jumped into bed, not even bothering to change his clothes or kick off his sandals; he was dead tired.

Uzumaki Naruto has gained the Fire of Courage, and his journey will be a long and arduous challenge, but he will come out on top with this gift from an age long passed.

End Ch. 1

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