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"Hey"- Human speech

'Hey'- Human thought

"Hey"- Jutsu/Digimon/Demon speech

'Hey'- Digimon/Demon thought

Let's begin

Team 7 was currently walking down the road towards Tazuna's house when Naruto's bioelectricity senses, courtesy of Sosokamon, went off in his head, and he was tackled by a large black blur, Sakura taking their new companion, Snowball the snow hare, out of harms way. Tumbling into the nearby underbrush, Naruto was this close to a large red claw finding its home in his skull, when he managed to kick off whoever it was trying to skewer his brain. Jumping up and away from the figure, he looked forward, and froze.

In front of him was a terrifying beauty, her pale blue skin sticking out amongst her black clothing. It seemed to be made of leather, as she wore some head covering that covered the top half of her head, her silver hair spilling from underneath it, crimson eyes staring at Naruto, the head covering covered in stitches, as she wore a smirk on her crimson lips, a single fang sticking down from her upper lip. More material connecting to the head covering framed her chin, and down her neck to her body, as it seemed to be torn horizontally as the part above her left shoulder seemed alive, red eyes and a stitched mouth floating as a part of her clothing, a single hand flowing from it, stitches connecting the tear to the material covering her left breast, a cartoonish skull over her right one. Her arms were asymmetrical, as her right arm was normal, clad in the material showing her delicate hand, the left was anything but delicate; bare from the tear at her shoulder, her arm seemed disturbingly long, perhaps twice as long as her right. From the elbow, the cloth reappeared, another pair of red eyes on the torn edge, as it swayed in the air like a flame. Down her forearm were five large silver bracelets that didn't match the width of her arm, but they still floated at the various areas they were at. Following the arm, he found the claw that was trying to stab out his eyes; clad in black, an abstract bat-symbol on the top of the bony hand, and long red claws for the fingers. Around her waist, resting on her attractively wide hips was a black belt, a closed stitch down the center of her outfit, the leather down her legs until her left knee, the material torn away to show her smooth leg, a chain sticking out just above her knee and looping around and connecting into her right hip. On her right knee, where the material continued, a laughing face of stitches and red eyes was sewn in, and she wore high-hell boots, the left having the same symbol as her demonic hand, her right having a pair of crimson eyes, as the chain hung behind her ankle. Her entire form was framed by the twin tattered cloak pieces, looking like a pair of fallen angel wings.

Naruto blushed at her looks, but it faded when she flexed her claw, ready to strike. "Okay… this is completely random, but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" Naruto yelled as he reached into his pocket with the scroll of his Kekkei Genkai, unsealed an egg, and pulled out the egg of Knowledge.

A semicircle in gold with small spikes at the body that look like feet, the egg was adorned with purple symbols and topped off with a small silver tip, like a drill. The symbol was kind of like an upside-down 8, but a line connecting the two circles, the bottom, smaller circle holding just a dot of purple, the top, larger circle had a smaller circle within, then a dot within that.

Concentrating, Naruto was engulfed in a golden-brown light, and appeared as a wide cloaked figure, hood and all. It was a dark red, with the symbol of Knowledge on the back. What confused them was the trio of brown horns sticking out of the hood, one horn sweeping upwards, reminding them of a rhinoceros beetle, and a pair of pincer-like horns, like a Hercules. They could hear a faint buzzing and saw a single yellow orb floating in the hood, like an eye as the figure stared at the woman before her, perhaps asking her something.

"I am LadyDevimon, and I've come to see what you're capable of, human. Word has spread of your powers and the awakening of long thought-dead figures of power." The woman said in a seductive voice that seemed to be permanent.

The cloaked figure merely tilted his head, a Skitter and Crack eliciting from under the hood. This gesture served to only enrage the woman as she lunged at him, only for the figure to sidestep her, letting her fly into a tree, giving the figure a wonderful view of her shapely behind. Once she righted herself, she grit her teeth and prepared to truly attack. Lunging at him, she reared her clawed hand back. "Binta!" She attempted a backhand with her terrifying claw to the figure's face, only for three arms to block her attack. Looking at the arms, she saw a segmented exoskeleton, like that of a beetle, in dull yellow with some areas showing pure muscle, in grey. A fourth arm shot out of the shadows of the cloak, into her face, throwing her back into another tree. She hissed at the pain, wondering why she was so much weaker in the real world, and got back up, seeing the four arms had returned to the darkness of the cloak.

She lunged again, her left hand turning into a long sharp spike, intent on impaling her prey. "Darkness Spear!" She yelled.

With a single buzz, the figure dispersed into a swarm of insects, letting her pass through harmlessly, while some insects in the cloud stung her with a nerve toxin. Her spike lodged itself into a tree, and she shifted it back into her deformed hand and dislodged it, not even noticing her movements were sluggish.

"Guess I gotta fight back." A clicking voice said from under the hood. With a twitch of his wings, the figure underneath tore his cloak apart, showing what lied underneath as he turned around to face LadyDevimon.

With a covering in front of the eyes like a Roman Gladiator, or for those who were more 'in the know' in this shinobi world, like the head of the Nanabi no Kabutomushi, a single golden orb underneath the grated exoskeleton, a Hercules beetle-like horn resting on the middle indentation. Just above the 'face-plate' grew out two cloth-like antennae that swept back over the protected head of this insect-man, a mass of shaggy grey-brown hair seeping from a crack in the back of the shell. From either side of his head sprouted the twin pincer-horns they saw before. Below the face was a relatively humanoid mouth, zigzagged as it may be. What broke the whole illusion of a humanoid mouth were the two mandibles folding out from the protective shells on either side of the mouth and the razor sharp teeth as it seemed to yawn, along with an almost deafening clicking. Its broad neck held its head high, an amber 'gem' sprout from the base of the neck behind it, as what seemed to be a shell covering the possible wings was in five segments, the edges covered in segmented spines. If one were to look closely, they would see the telltale pattern of another pair of wings, yet sturdier. Its body was a cacophony of dull yellow exoskeleton and grey muscle, a honeycomb-shaped hole over where a human diaphragm would be located below the armor shaped like pectorals as what appeared to be a honeycomb made this creatures stomach, exoskeleton claws holding it in place. Sprouting from the shoulders were the four toned, armored arms, a mound of muscular flesh for upper arms, much like the predecessor of this egg, Megakabuterimon, said exoskeleton becoming more wicked and lethal down the forearms. From the elbows was a large blade which flowed down the forearms to sprout out of the side of the black, three-fingered hands. From the waist, the legs seemed to follow the same design as his arms, with multiple shorter blades down the center of the shins.

"I am Shokuminchimon!" He yelled in his clicking roar. Flicking his four wrists, the blade running down the sides of his forearms flipped down, his hands automatically closing around the ends, giving him the limbs of a praying mantis. "Mantis Style!" He yelled again as he lunged at LadyDevimon, already swinging the four blades at her in an 'X' formation.

Dodging just barely, LadyDevimon attempted to parry the attacks with her one huge claw, but made her first mistake of letting any inch of those blades touch her. Within a second, all four blades captured her claw in a lethal vice, threatening to dismember the limb should she either move it or attempt to retaliate with her 'normal' hand. She sneered at his apparent stupid move. "What can you do to me with all four of your arms occupied?" She taunted, only to regret her words when she saw Shokuminchi smirk at her. With a twitch of his segmented toes, the blades running down the shins of the insect Digimon flipped down, sticking out the tops of his feet. She decided to risk it and shifted into pure darkness, slipping out of his grip and moving away from him. She flexed her claw and growled at Shokuminchimon. "Darkness Wave!" She yelled, conjuring an endless number of dark creatures similar to bats attempting to burn him.

He merely chuckled his infuriating clicks and willed his power into the holes in his body, swarms of insects flying out of the 'honeycombs' in his stomach and shoulders, retracting his blades into the channels in his arms and legs. He stood back his swarm destroyed her creatures, LadyDevimon deciding to stop her attack since it showed no progress of defeating his. With such, Shokuminchimon retracted his defense.

She decided on a strange melee attack, lunging at him, only for her claw to be intercepted by what appeared to be a brown broadsword. Looking at him, she saw all his horns were missing, as he held another broadsword in his pair of free hands. Swinging the large weapons, LadyDevimon jumped back, only to watch as the twin broadswords dispersed into… mud? She watched as the mud floated to his head and reformed into his trio of horns. Before she could even attack again, she felt herself restricted; looking to her sides, she saw a pair of large arms holding her arms back, and she felt something drop in her stomach when she saw the mud-horns distorted and form a drill around Shokuminchimon's head.

She closed her eyes, accepting her imminent death, as the drill-topped bug man roared towards her, only to never feel the weapon pierce her skin. Daring to open her eyes, she saw the same boy she attacked standing there with his foxy grin. "Aren't you going to finish me?" She asked.

Naruto shook his head. "What fun would that be? Besides, you don't actually seem evil, and I'm no killer. Besides, you're my only gateway to information about these things I can do." He explained.

"That's all? You're keeping me alive for information?" She asked.

"No. I could always use another friend." Naruto added with a hopeful smile.

LadyDevimon was taken aback by his request. Friend? She just tried to kill him and he wants to be friends? She's never been a friend with a human, but this one seems powerful, and if the rumors circulating the Digital World are true, he'll only get stronger. Plus he was kind of cute…

"Okay. I'll be your friend." She accepted with her own soft smile, but it came out as seductive because of her nature, causing Naruto to shudder a bit as a feeling went down his spine.

"So why did you attack me? It seemed really random." Naruto asked her.

"Like I said, word spread in the Digital World about another human who could channel the Spirit Evolutions another group of children did long ago. While you seem to be using the Digi-Mentals to Armor Digivolve, you seem to be using the same powers. Before I came here, three figures had already appeared in the Digital World, each commanding a section with great power. There was one of Fire, Water, and Lightning. Now that you used the form of Knowledge, a figure of Earth will appear. But due to his actual form, he will have control over two sections, Earth and Insects." She explained.

"Whoa…" Naruto said in response to this influx of information.

LadyDevimon nodded and smirked at his awe-struck look. "Well, seeing as you are accommodating me in terms of our partnership, shall I slip into my human form?" She asked.

"You have a human form?" Naruto asked.

She nodded and glowed black, shrinking a little bit until she was the height of a normal human adult, her arms noticeably symmetrical. When the glow died down, she was revealed to have changed her skin tone to that of a normal, if still odd, pale color, but not unattractively so, and her glowing red eyes were turned into human eyes, though the cornea were still red, but an almost hypnotic shade. Her cloak and little dark creature made from the tear in her outfit turned in a black scarf, the eyes and stitched smile of the creature on the end. She had her black gloves, but they were fingerless, showing her red nails and dainty fingers. The chain that seemed to sprout out of her thighs was now a belt she wore around her hips; other than that, she was the same as before.

Naruto stared at her new form with a strong blush as he fought his baser instincts. He merely gave her an awkward thumbs up, to which she just smirked and giggled at, Sakura joining in that Naruto looked so nervous, something she thought she would never see in the blonde.

Team 7 moved on ahead, Sakura cooing to the rabbit in her arms, LadyDevimon joining in, finding she found the real world creature as adorable as some baby class Digimon in her home world. The rabbit merely wiggled its nose as they petted it, but soon hopped to its normal home on top of Naruto's head, eliciting a sweat drop from the blonde as he just let the mammal do whatever it wanted.

Suddenly remembering something, Naruto looked down, taking care not to dislodge the bunny, and saw he had his fourth necklace. He picked the rabbit off his head and looked over his shoulder to the 'achievement spine' of his cloak, finding it had the purple knitting for the symbol of Knowledge. He smirked and returned the rabbit to his head.

Within an hour, Team 7 made it to Tazuna's home, being welcomed by his attractive daughter, Tsunami, and her rather depressing son, Inari.

By night, after a rather sparse dinner, due to the families less-than-satisfactory income, thanks to Gato, Team 7 turned in for the night, the boys all sharing a room, and Sakura having a room all to herself, which she bragged about, but she took Snowball with her for the night.


Naruto began training in his Digimon forms, the Kyuubi shrinking to the size of a horse to help him train, as he started with Ryukomon.

As Kyuubi rampaged towards him, Ryukomon readied his flames/blades, his hands thinned as if his hands were the blades themselves, then he thrust his hands forward, the flames shooting off as spears of crimson metal formed in their burning centers, heading right for his training partner/tenant.

The Kyuubi used its tail to push itself out of harm's way. "You'll have to do better than that, kit." He teased, smirking a vulpine grin.

Ryuko scowled. "From my jaws lay the gates to Hell. Burning Roar!" He yelled, the flames from his mouth bursting forward towards the fox, intent on engulfing it in its burning clutches, only for the Kyuubi to howl, a shockwave of power form a protective dome around it long enough to disperse the flames as it shot forward, claws ready to cleave his 'student.' Deciding to let out his inner beast, Ryuko dropped to all fours and kicked off to the side, dodging the claw, and attacked Kyuubi with his flaming chain-tail.

Kyuubi locked with its own set of tails, but winced slightly at the fire, only to throw it off and attacked with a small Bijuudama, only for Ryukomon to snap to standing on two legs and thrust his palms forward, a disc of red metal forming, blocking the weakened devastating attack from the bijuu, then it continued forward, shield-bashing the Kyuubi, knocking it back a bit. Said bijuu snarled and retaliated by raising its paw in the air and swiping down, hard, creating a blade of wind heading right towards Ryukomon.

Deciding to take a page from the shinobi handbook, Ryukomon breathed a continuous flame until it overpowered the wind blade, sending the enhanced attack back at the Kyuubi. "Fire beats wind, Kyuubi-sensei." He taunted, only to receive a blade trying to cleave its way between his eyes. If it wasn't for the fact he had insane reflexes and he could form blades from fire, which he breathed like it was second nature, he'd be dead. Be that as it may, he summoned a sword from the flames to parry the block.

From the dust created from the explosion of the wind/fire combo came a figure holding the blade. A shaggy mess of red hair, fierce whisker marks, elongated canines, crimson eyes with a slit for pupils, red clothing of a noble, all signs of the Kyuubi's human form, the king of Makai.

Ryukomon smirked that he forced the Kyuubi to resort to his human form and pushed the bijuu turned human off him.

Ryuko let the flames engulf his gauntlets, bathing his arms from the elbow down in fire, and slammed his fire-clad fists into the ground, cracks forming all over the landscape. Before Kyuubi could even yelp in alarm, flames exploded up from the cracks, the blades within them following soon after, threatening to skewer the bijuu in his human form if he didn't dodge, which he did by only a hairs breath. Deciding to take this fight to a larger scale, Ryuko let the flames covering his arms stay and swiped his right arm widely to the left, the flames stretching far beyond him, a blade trailing behind them, as he threatened to behead Kyuubi, who only managed to hold it back by changing back to his fox form and swiping his claw at the blade, breaking it and dispersing the flames, only for its twin from Ryuko's left arm to sprout up and aim to stab the bijuu in its eye, only for Kyuubi to roar, dispersing the flames again. Ryuko retaliated by thrusting his enflamed fists forward, creating a flurry of blades heading right towards the bijuu, who, seeing no way to dodge or disperse the flames, held his arms in a X position and blocked the attacks, letting them stab into his flesh, only for his high-speed regeneration to close them back up.

Once the flurry of knives settled down, Kyuubi lowered his arms and smirked at Ryukomon. "Excellent work, kit. Now let's move on to water." He ordered.

"Very well." Ryuko answered. "Slide Evolution!" He jumped through a short tunnel of the same energy that engulfed him when he used a Digi-egg and came out as Ankamon, who brandished his anchor as he spun it like a bolo.

Kyuubi smirked its foxy grin as Anka began conjuring water around the spinning anchor and sending a giant water-copy of the piece of steel right at Kyuubi's face, only for him to cleave the water construct in half with his claws, continuing its path towards Ankamon, who managed to create a water dome just strong enough to give him enough time to escape before it collapsed under Kyuubi's power.

Using his power over water, Anka formed an orb of water as dense as the deepest depths of any ocean and released it, letting it explode into a lake of water for him to use. He created a huge arm out of the water and gave an uppercut to Kyuubi's chin, shooting it up into the air as a whirlpool formed on the lake and water bullets shot up, hitting Kyuubi, but continuing into the air above him until they came together into a large dragon with blazing red eyes. "Water Release: Water Dragon Biting Explosion!" He yelled and the water dragon roared and barreled into Kyuubi, exploding once they both hit the ground. As the rain from the explosion fell, Kyuubi shot up, roaring and glaring down at Ankamon, who merely formed giant arms out of the falling water and used it to fight the Kyuubi as if he were doing it himself. Anka let the water fall as he prepared for the next part of their spar. "Slide Evolution!" With another jump, he became Sosokamon and armed himself with his swords of lightning out of the small scale-shaped pieces of metal he held as if he were pressing a button. He deactivated the blades and grabbed as many as he could between his fingers, eight in total, and tossed them into the air above Kyuubi. "Storm!" With his yell, lightning shot from the 'weapons' right down on Kyuubi, who merely roared, creating his shockwave that blocked the lightning and threw the clasps out of the sky, having them return to Sosokamon, who merely shrugged at the large demon. Using his minor telekinesis over the clasps on his pauldrons, making all ten float behind his shoulders as all their blades of lightning popped out, arcs of electricity jumping from his backpack to hold them in place as they moved like wings and he took to the skies until he was face to snout with the Kyuubi.

All was quiet until Sosokamon suddenly snapped his leg up, catching the Kyuubi's chin and knocking his head back, the bijuu snarling at his transformed tenant and immediately snapping its head back and capturing the lightning affinity Digimon in its mouth, smirking in contentment when he didn't feel him fight back, only to scowl at the same fact. That was good.

Suddenly, his mouth erupted in electrical zaps as Sosokamon exploded with lightning to escape. Howling in pain, the Digimon of lightning flew out, escaping the Kyuubi and turning around for a third change. "Slide Evolution!" With a final yell and lunge through a tunnel of data, Shokuminchimon took the stage, his wings snapping open immediately and keeping him afloat, showing he had no shell that covered his wings when they were closed, as he shot down towards the ground and landed without missing a beat. He raised his four arms so the palms were facing skyward and took a horse stance, the Kyuubi watching to see what he was going to do.

If he could sweat, beads would surely be falling from Shokuminimon's brow... if he had a brow. Regardless, with great strain, he raised his hands slowly up, and the earth rumbled underneath them, unnerving the Kyuubi as he seemed to hazard a guess at what his transformed container was doing. Deciding to stop him before he could even start, he lunged to crush the insect under his paw, only for a spike of rock to shoot up, almost skewering said claw. Jumping back as more spikes shot up towards him, Kyuubi roared, this time concentrating the shockwave into an air bullet that crushed the rock spears in its path. Before it could hit Shokuminchimon, a huge rock wall shot up, saving him. Finally stopping the rise of his hands, Shokuminchi thrust his hands forward, four large slabs of the wall shooting in the same direction, acting as large bullets towards the Kyuubi, who roared again, the shockwave protecting him once again. The one thing he envied about his brother bijuu was that they had an element to aid them in battle; the Kyuubi merely had pure chakra manipulation. While that would save him in any other fight, this particular spar against an opponent who has power over almost all five elements showed the weakness in no discernible elemental control.

Deciding to bring the fight to Naruto, Kyuubi shrank back to his human form and lunged at Shokuminchimon with his sword ready. The bug Digimon reacted fast, already deploying his Mantis Blades and lunging back at Kyuubi, engaging him in kenjutsu, the winner clearly discernible in the bout. Both men pushed the other away, Kyuubi sporting a couple of new cuts and bruises. Sighing in frustration and returning to his demon form, Kyuubi called an end to the spar. "Very excellent, kit. But remember: I was holding back in our spar; your opponents will not do the same. Don't hold anything back. I believe you are very close to a new form. Until then, night, kit." Kyuubi said and Naruto reverted to normal and faded out of the mindscape and into his own body, sleeping for the night.

End Ch. 4

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