I leapt out of the escape ship, landing in front of my sister's band practice. It started to hover about fifteen miles higher now. Some loud rock music was being played, and I smiled. "Roxie, you've always been great with music," I murmured. I paused, running quickly to the bathroom, and put on my regular clothes; a black and purple striped shirt, a purple headband, black jeans, and purple shoes. I stuffed the clothes into a side-bag I love to wear. I walked towards Roxie, smiling.

"Hey bro, what's up?" Roxie asked, setting her guitar down, running over to me. And, I know she's really 11, but she's still my younger sis. I laughed giving her a playful punch on the arm.

"How's your Pokemon training going?" I asked. She nodded, holding up her six Pokeballs.

"Good, I'm glad that I'm a poison Pokemon trainer!" she said loudly. I smiled, laughing.

"I have to go back out, can you give me my Pokemon back? It might need some help," I said. Roxie frowned.

"Here you go. Dang," she said, throwing me my Pokeballs. "I wish you could stay longer." I sighed and nodded, starting to walk out.

"Hey, tell dad I said hi," I said, running out. I pressed a button in my bag attached to my uniform, and a rope fell out of the ship. Nobody was around, so I grabbed a rope and flew up into the ship. "Got this down," I murmured, "Now I just need to figure out what to do for the next," I looked at my watch, "hour. Don't want to look suspicious." I looked at my PDA, checking to see what moves they had, if they still are the same Pokemon. Zoroark still has his special ability; illusion. Reuniclus has his, magic guard. Confagrigus, mummy. Swanna, keen eye. Lilligant has chlorophyll. Volcarona has flame body. "All the same," I murmured. The radio that I'm aware is in everything Team Plasma began to activate.

"Well, now that you've finished your vague cheat methods you can come to base now," N said. I smirked, starting to drive off towards the base. "And now that you've completed your task, you have a very significant place in Team Plasma. As does everyone else in your new special ops team." I frowned.

"Special ops?" I asked, wondering if it was the same team. I was curious.

"Yes," N said. "You are the fourth highest of the elite people in this organization. Myself, the king. Ghetsis, the seventh sage. The other sages. And now, your special ops team. You did very well." I nodded, arriving at the base. "One more thing," he said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You must battle the rest of your team," N said.