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The groans of the shells woke her out of a deep sleep. "Oh shit!" She breathed. "Shit!" A grotesque head whipped in her direction, no doubt drawn by her mutterings and shaking in fear. A progression seemed to happen, like someone had set up the worst domino chain in history as one after the other the shells turned jerkily towards her. She fumbled around the truck one handed and hit on cool metal. A gun? What the fuck! She barely knew how to shoot one of those damn things-she couldn't even use her left arm properly! She needed the stupid keys!

Where the fuck is everyone!? Better yet, where are the fucking keys!?

She gave up and swung the door open as hard as she could snaking into a shell and knocking it down. One flying leap later had her jumping over the downed shell and tumbling onto the pavement. She rolled and scrambled to her feet and then ran off into the woods for all she was worth.

. . .

Juno held the gun shakily in her good hand, staring at the shell that had gotten closest to her. She had two choices-fire the gun and kill it, possibly attracting more, or drop the gun and potentially lose it for good while going for her knife.

Is it completely lame to be thinking no one lives forever?

She fired the gun. The loud shot reverberated through her ears and up her arm. She watched in sick fascination as the shell fell, then placed the gun in her pants. Suppressing the urge to hurl she started running again, letting out tiny squeaks of pain each time her left arm jostled.

Well this blew, she thought bitterly to herself. Wake up from a nice nap only to be caught by a god damn horde. If that wasn't enough she had recently been hit by a mother fucking truck-yes, that's right; her left arm was featured or broken or something thanks to a damn truck and three men. Come to think of it she still didn't know who had been driving when she was plowed down.

"Hey now little lady." An easy voice drawled as she scrambled back up to the road.

Oh shit. That is not the voice I'm looking for.

"Hey now! No reason to look scared!" The man said leering to show off his crooked yellowing teeth. "We'll treat you real nice." He dragged out the real, licking his lips. His eyes zoned in on her injured arm and the smile seemed to get sicker.

"Ahh, no thanks!" She rushed out trying not to take off like a frightened little rabbit.

"Aww now cutie, ya don't wanna hurt my feelin's now do ya? Eh, Rob! Reckon ya can come on over here and gather up this little treat fer later?" The man hollered.

"Sho' thing, boss." A younger but no less disgusting man called jogging up to her.

Juno tensed ready to grab her gun and fight for dear fucking life. At least the men she had been with before bathed somewhat often. Even if they had hit her with a truck and basically kidnapped her...

Wow I am really doing well in the apocalypse getting to know you, aren't I?

She reached for the gun in her pants and internally mocked herself for how slow she was. A backhand to the face had her ears ringing.

"Thought you was gonna play nice sweetheart." Another voice assaulted her ears before rank breath was in her face. "It's alright-I like it when they fight." He chuckled.

"I'd like it if you could find a breath mint or a toothbrush somewhere." She grumbled.

Apparently I really am incapable of keeping my mouth shut. What did he call me again? She wondered thinking back to Merle, her first 'kidnapper'. Oh yeah...Loud mouth pair of tits. She snorted even as the man stood and delivered a kick to her thigh.

"Good god, if you kick any harder you might just break my leg." She managed to snap out.

"Then ya can't run." He smiled at her.

"Well then I can't fight back. I mean didn't you just say you liked the fighting?" And there went another missed opportunity on lessons in when to just shut the fuck up.

His smile somehow grew wider. "Now that I did, doll, that I did."

"But really, about those breath mints..." She trailed off as a harder backhand to the face had her vision blurring.

. . .

When she woke only her right wrist was tied to a rather impressive metal stake in the ground.

Is this retribution for never staying quiet? She wondered grinning loonily, then wincing as she felt dried blood on her cheek crack and begin trickling down her face.

Her left arm hurt! The sling she and the men had rigged up was coming apart now but her hand still worked. Dumb motherfuckers. She twisted herself around trying to maneuver her damn arm closer to the knot, freezing when she heard shouts and a very familiar voice.

"Woah now boys!" Merle's voice rang out. "Just passin' through! No harm meant."

She could just picture him raising his arms skyward. "Damn mamacita, they got you good eh?" Caesar's voice startled her as he clapped a hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. "Silencio!" He hissed undoing her rope. "C'mon, lets get outta here."

Caesar grabbed her by the good arm and hauled her out of a low flap he had cut in the back of the tent. Before they made it five steps they heard the clicks of multiple guns cocking. "Joder!" He snapped slowly raising his hands.

"You to, ya trouble makin' bitch! Hands up!" Stinky breath yelled at her.

"Gee I would but my arm hurts like a bitch." She replied easily.

"Not the time, mami." Caesar murmured.

Out of the corner of her eyes Juno saw movement. Flicking her eyes over to it she saw Merle give her a slight head bob. "No!" She said loudly stomping her foot. "If I'm going to die right now I'm going to have my god damn say!"

Caesar's mouth dropped open as she continued. "First you and Merle hit me with a damned truck and break my arm! Then you guys kidnap me! Don't tell me a thing but we're going to some big camp you all have with lots of women that I'm 'going to like a lot'. " She spat. "Then these assholes get me! So go ahead and shoot! Maybe after you all are dead it'll occur to one of you dying on the floor that you could have all just joined up together!" She clapped a hand to her mouth pretending that she was stupid to have said that. She saw the sick grins spreading across the new kidnappers faces as they started to lower their guns. In an instant shots rang out as did the twang of a bow and the men that had been holding them at gunpoint fell to the floor dead. Shupert and Merle emerged from the woods as Caesar stared at the dead men in shock.

"Damn straight!" Shupert whooped, pumping his fist in the air.

Juno smiled shaking her head. "Now, why'd you guys decide to rescue me?" She asked, having no illusions that they just missed her that much or it was out of the goodness of their hearts or some stupid shit like that.

Merle looked at her angrily. "Cause ya have the keys ta the damn truck."

She scoffed. "I think I'd remember getting those."

"Nah, see this motherfucker o'er here." Merle jerked his head at Caesar. "Thought it'd be a good idea ta leave yer ass wit tha keys while you was sleepin'. Seemed ta think ya wouldn't think ta check yer own pockets if ya wanted ta make an escape."

Wow, that was actually smart. She started to reach for her pockets but Caesar was quicker. He quickly wrapped his arm around her waist, and she felt him slide the keys into her pocket only to slide them back out, and toss them to Merle.

"There you are, holmes." Caesar said easily. "Told you we get the punta back we get the keys. Don't know why you're doubting me."

Juno stared at Caesar in shock. What the hell had just happened? And how did she even end up in situations like this? "Puta?" She said giving him a dirty look. "Vete a la chingada."

"Hey! I untied your ungrateful ass!"

"And called me a bitch!" Before the arguing could get out of hand Merle stalked up to the two of them.

"Gather up them supplies ya damn babies. We stay out an extra day, we damn well ain't goin' back emp'ty handed boys." He snapped.

An extra day? Did they have a timeline or something? Were they really going to a safe place? Maybe she should have paid more attention and asked more questions.

But damn those men were efficient, even Merle. She would have thought that a man missing his hand when the dead came back to life and started snacking on people wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell at surviving. But here stood this badass jerk, not only surviving but obviously thriving! She really did get tired of being wrong. She also wasn't too thrilled at feeling so useless; especially next to Merle. So what she had a messed up arm-he was missing an entire hand and he could run circles around her! Once the truck was finally loaded and on the way she ended up exactly where she had started-in Merle's lap sound asleep.