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It was a cool September evening in Scotland and the library in Hogwarts was cozy and quiet. Being that it was only September and a Friday night, the room appeared empty to most, but with further inspection, one would find two young women hunched over large textbooks in a secluded corner of the library.

"Do you have rounds tonight?" one witch asked the other.

"Nope. Being Head Girl has its advantages. I rarely have rounds and I schedule everyone else's." The other witch answered with a smirk.

"Must be nice. You know, I would have been Head Girl last year if it weren't for snake face, horcruxes, and my extended camping trip."

Both girls smiled and continued to read and write their essays. Even with taking the year off, Hermione Granger was still at the top of her class and working hard. A casual glance would show that not much had changed with the resident know-it-all. But really, she was older, wise beyond her years, and lonely. That and she didn't have her two best friends Harry and Ron with her. What she did have, though, was a new friend. This year's Head Girl was a witch that Hermione had always been aware of but never had the chance to get to know. Her name was Laura Stone and she and Hermione made quite the pair.

Laura was also a Gryffindor and a seventh year. She was the Hermione of her year but was usually overshadowed by the golden trio and the chaos that was the wizarding world. The two girls even looked similar. Both witches had wavy brunette hair, brown eyes, and were petite and curvy. Laura, though, was a very chilled out witch who worked hard and kept to herself for the most part. That is, until Hermione returned to Hogwarts.

Both witches were old for being seventh years and both girls were alone in their final year at school. Laura had a few friends here and there, and had a boyfriend who was also her best friend for years, but he was off studying to be a healer. They were taking a break from their relationship, leaving her more alone than ever.

Hermione was alone because her two best friends accepted honorary NEWTS from the Ministry and entered the auror program instead of returning to school. She missed Harry terribly and still wrote to him every week. With Ron, however, it was probably better that he was away. He and Hermione had tried being together but it didn't feel right and Hermione ended it after less than a month, much to the Weasley's dismay. Ron stopped talking to her and Ginny was giving her the cold shoulder, leaving her alone at Hogwarts.

Naturally, two lonely souls found each other, in where else than the library where they became fast friends.

"How's your potion's essay coming?" Hermione asked without looking up from her own.

"It's going well. You'd think that after the war Professor Snape would have eased up a little, be more relaxed, you know? Three feet of parchment in the first week is a bit much. I don't mind really and the properties of dragon blood is not a difficult topic… but jeez. I should write some extra and see if it gets me some extra points. You think that would annoy him? "

Hermione couldn't help but smirk, "I've been going overboard for years. I think it does annoy him, but at the same time I think if you put enough analysis in it, he doesn't mind. Don't get your hopes up about him easing up either. He's definitely less cruel than before, but he's still the strict and intimidating man he's always been. He's not a nice man, Laura."

Laura nodded in agreement while she smiled and chewed on her bottom lip thinking about their dark potion's professor. Hermione didn't miss the action as she looked down to continue writing her essay slightly confused by her friend's reaction to the Professor.

Hermione being, technically, an eighth year and Laura being Head Girl allowed them to be out after curfew but apparently Madam Pince thought 11:30 PM was too late to be out in the library and kicked both witches out. Laura invited Hermione back to her rooms to finish up their essay and enjoy the night together.

The Head Girl had her own rooms and a sitting room that she shared with the Head Boy who, luckily for her, was rarely there, making it the perfect spot to sprawl out and work. The girls left the library and began their trek up to the seventh floor.

It was dark and the castle was eerie at night. Both witches walked quickly and quietly through the corridors. The teachers were on patrol, Filch was out and about, and it just felt wrong to be out. They were spooked and decided to pick up their pace; so much so that as they turned the corner Laura slammed into something causing Hermione to run into her and topple them both over.

Both girls were tangled up in each other, parchment and books strewn across the stone floor and Hermione was sporting a scraped knee. Laura sat up slowly trying to combat the dizziness that hit her like a truck as she tried to sit up. She pulled Hermione up with her and they both looked up into the piercing eyes of an angry Professor Snape.

Severus Snape was making his nightly rounds through the corridors looking for out of bed students. He was sneaking through the corridors and hiding in the shadows as he had always done. He was rounding a corner on the 6th floor when something smashed into him. It was small enough that it barely knocked him off balance, but what ever hit him was now in quite a large heap on the ground below him. He took a closer look and realized that two things were tangled up on the ground: two students… two young women.

He looked down at the two witches now sitting up and staring at him. They both had chocolate brown eyes and wavy brunette hair. At first he thought he was seeing double and then he realized he might as well be; it was the two Gryffindor know-it-alls. Seeing them holding each other, staring up at him, with their lips parted in fear stirred something below his belt that he knew was extremely inappropriate. Surprised by his reaction, he shook himself slightly, pushing all thoughts out of his mind and scowled at the two young witches.

"Miss Granger. Miss Stone. It's after curfew. Why is it that you are out of bed and running around in the corridors?"

"Professor Snape! I'm so sorry for running into you like that. Madam Pince just kicked us out of the library and we were on our way to my quarters to finish working on our potions essays." Laura said calmly, never breaking eye contact.

"Indeed. I understand why you, Miss Stone, are on the ground, but how did Miss Granger end up joining you?"

Hermione answered this time, "Sir, I was following Laura closely and when she ran into you, I ran into her and we both wound up in a heap on the floor. Are you all right Professor?"

He pursed his lips, "Fine. Because you, Miss Stone, are Head Girl and Miss Granger is and has always been above the rules, I cannot take house points from either of you for being out after curfew. However, you did assault me…" He paused and looked at the two girls sitting on the floor below him. They weren't being disrespectful, and they didn't seem to be afraid of him. They even asked if he was all right surprising Severus further. The Professor ran his hand down his face and sighed, "Run along and go straight to your quarters before I change my mind."

Both women looked shocked and slightly confused as they got up from the ground, Laura helping Hermione up. They steadied themselves and straightened their robes under the harsh gaze of their Professor and quickly walked passed him. As the girls rushed by, Snape felt a small hand on his upper arm and a slight squeeze. When he looked to see who it was, the hand and both girls were gone. He frowned slightly before turning on his heel and stalking back to the dungeons.

Hermione and Laura burst into the sitting room and flopped down on the couch, completely out of breath. They looked at each other and broke out into a fit of giggles.

Catching her breath, Laura looked over at Hermione, "What a rush huh?"

Hermione smiled, "To say that I'm shocked would be quite an understatement. I can't believe he let us go."

"I'm just as stunned as you are! But wow, you should have felt him! His body was so hard and he smelled heavenly; like spices, parchment, and something that was just… manly."

"And did you see that look in his eye? He seemed furious when he was looking down at us, but there was a glint of something else in those dark pools…"

Laura smiled lasciviously, "Do you think he liked seeing us all tangled up on the floor together?"

Hermione gasped, "No! There is no way! Do you really think? No, he would never! He loved Harry's mum for years and I don't think he's ever even been with anyone! He was hopelessly devoted to a dead woman!"

Laura rolled her eyes, "Oh bullshit! Of course the man has been with women! Even if he did love Harry's mum, he's a man and he has needs. No man is that intimidating and that domineering if he's never fucked anyone. Being like that requires having power over somebody and he definitely knows how that feels. It's a huge turn on if you think about it."

Hermione arched an eyebrow, "You want him don't you?"

"Do you not?" Laura countered.

The two witches lay there on the couch in silence for a few minutes pondering their situation when Laura turned her head and pursed her lips at Hermione, who looked back at her, "I think we should do something."

Hermione sat up off the couch, brow furrowed, "What do you mean exactly?"

"I think we should make up some kind of proposition and see if the man is interested in us."


"Yes, us. We both want him and I think if we both show an interest it will be a more tempting offer for him."

"What kind of proposition are you thinking here?"

Laura smirked, "A proposition for sex of course. I can't remember the last time I was this randy and feeling him earlier sparked something in me that will not be soothed by my own hand. That and there's something about him that makes me want to just… let him have his way with me." She said with a shiver.

Hermione was mulling over what she had heard when she hit a snag, "Right and where do I fit into your plan exactly?"

"You want him too, right?" Laura asked.

Hermione nodded and Laura continued, "I was thinking we could both have him. I'm sure he would enjoy it and an offer like that would be difficult to pass up."

"So let me get this straight, you want to have a threesome with our potions professor and me?"

"Yes, that's what I was getting at. What do you think?" Laura asked a bit timidly.

Hermione dragged her teeth over her bottom lip as she contemplated the question. The idea of it aroused her to no end, but could she really go through with it? And what would he ask of them? She wasn't a lesbian by any means but she was curious and another opportunity like this may never come along again.

"Well?" Laura asked breaking Hermione from her thoughts.

"I think… I am okay with the idea of it. We should talk a bit about what we're willing to do and see what our boundaries are, at least between the two of us" Hermione started to smile, "This could actually be very enjoyable and quite an experience. When were you thinking we would do this?"

"It's Friday night, so I was thinking maybe tomorrow. It will be a Saturday so we could stay over if need be and if for any reason he refuses he will have Sunday to calm down. That and I think the sooner the better due to his strange reaction to us tonight."

Hermione took a deep breath, "I think tomorrow would be best. Now, what about us?"

Laura laid back into the couch and closed her eyes, "I've never been with a woman before, but I've always been open to the idea and curious about what it would be like. Sexually, I'm open to trying just about anything." She opened her eyes and looked up at the still sitting up witch next to her, "What about you?"

Hermione tilted her head to the side, "Well I've never been with a woman either, but I'm always willing to try something new; like you, I've always been a bit curious. For me, sex was always decent but never really mind blowing so I guess this could up my standards."

Hermione let out a long breath and flopped back onto the couch, "You seem to be pretty confident about all of this Laura. Do you want to be the one who talks to the dungeon bat? And should you and I do anything to prepare for what might happen tomorrow?"

Laura just shook her head, "I don't mind talking to him and making the proposition. You should say something though so that he knows that you are on board. As for preparing, I think as long as we are clean and look sexy he will be pleased."

"I meant, should you and I test anything out together before we are with him?"

"Oh. Well I think that it might be more fun for all of us if tomorrow is the first time between us. Our reactions to each other will be much stronger and it will be fun to explore, don't you think?"

"Yes, that makes sense. I was wondering if I could stay here tonight and maybe we could cuddle to get use to touching each other." Hermione asked with a slight pink tinge to her cheeks.

Laura smiled, "Brilliant idea! Do you like being the big spoon or the little spoon?"

With that both witches climbed up off the couch and went into the Head Girl's bedroom.