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Severus idly stroked himself as he fixated on Laura's stretched hole. He hadn't buggered anyone in years and was looking forward to feeling her tight muscles squeezing him. Knowing that he had to go slow but could also cause her pleasure and pain was a huge psychological turn on. He was trying to calm down so that he wouldn't blow too soon.

Hermione watched in awe as he slowly brought the head of his cock to her opening. With a nudge, the tip of him was inside her and Laura was hissing in pleasure. Hermione reached up and stroked her face, trying to ease the expression of agonizing pleasure pain that marred her face.

Laura leaned into Hermione's touch and reveled in the fullness she was feeling from Snape's cock entering her arse. He was still pushing in, inch by inch, and when he was finally fully seated in her he let out the breath he didn't realize he had been holding.

Severus felt Laura relax around him and started to move. He pulled back slightly before thrusting forward gently. She didn't tense against him and as he started pumping a little harder he heard all he needed to hear, "Mmm… yes Severus. So good. So… good…" Laura purred.

To him that meant that she was enjoying it and that he could let himself go. Her moans of pleasure egging him on had him pounding harder into her. He looked down and noticed Hermione stroking Laura's face. His mind started working and he decided that he wanted to feel her tightness as well. If she had never done it before, he would be more than pleased to take her anal virginity. "Hermione?"

"Hmm… Yes Severus?" she asked still in a blissful state.

"Have you ever had the pleasure of being buggered?"

A blush broke out all over her body, spreading from her cheeks downward. "No sir… I haven't."

"Well after watching this little display… are you at all curious about what it might feel like?" He asked silkily.

If Hermione could have turned any redder, she would have. "I will admit that I am slightly curious, but I don't think I could handle it…"

Severus smirked, "We will see what you can handle Miss Granger. Get out from under Laura and situate yourself like you were before. Laura I want you to prepare Hermione as gently as possible for her first experience with anal sex."

Hermione couldn't believe it, but did as she was told. Laura smiled up at her, "Mmm Hermione… it's so good. Especially when they come inside of you."

Severus trembled, "I'll make sure you can feel that for yourself Hermione."

Both girls shivered at his words. Hermione situated herself in front of Laura and gripped the sheets in anticipation. Severus slowed his thrusts so that Laura would be able to do her job. Laura pulled Hermione closer to her and held her hips down; she knew that she would still be sensitive from before. Hermione was already wet from Severus' words, making it much easier for Laura. Laura licked Hermione much like she had before, but instead of focusing on her clit she tongued her entrance; gathering as much slick moisture as she could before moving lower to her smaller, tighter entrance.

Hermione gasped when she felt Laura's tongue on her anus. She had never felt anything like it and it didn't necessarily feel bad but is still felt odd. "Relax Hermione." Laura whispered up to her, but she was having trouble.

"Hermione, relax as much as possible and just give in to the feeling. Yes, it will feel odd, but it will eventually start to feel quite pleasurable. Just let Laura get you ready." Severus purred. He wanted to bury himself in her tight arse and wasn't about to let her anxiety ruin it.

Both witches moaned as his words poured over them and Hermione finally started to relax. Laura took the opportunity to push harder with her tongue. She made it through the tight ring of muscle and was wiggling her tongue, moving it in and out gently. Hermione's face contorted in a confused kind of pleasure that sent jolts of arousal straight to Snape's cock, filling Laura even more. She groaned and moved back against him allowing herself to be selfish for a moment and be consumed by ecstasy.

Snape thrust into Laura harder and with a force that propelled her forward, driving her tongue even further into Hermione. Laura wiggled her tongue more vigorously and thrust it in an out of her as hard as she could. Hermione finally started to loosen up, so Laura slipped two fingers into Hermione's slick quim and coated her fingers in the slippery liquid. Hermione picked her head up and looked to see what Laura was doing and watched as Laura fingered her quim and then slowly slid her lubricated middle finger into her arse. Hermione's eyes widened and she threw her head back down. Her body wanted to fight the intrusion but she willed herself to stay relaxed and tried to enjoy the feeling. When Laura's finger was completely inside of Hermione, she stilled to allow Hermione's body to adjust. Laura leaned up to lick at her folds and lightly flick at her clit to give her friend some added pleasure as she adjusted.

Severus looked on in fascination. Laura knew just how to prepare somebody and how to do so with a tenderness that he knew he would have lacked in his haste to get right to it. He never stopped moving inside of Laura. To reward her for her skills, he pulled her closer to him, pushing himself in deeper and changed his angle slightly. He heard her cry out against Hermione and ground himself into her. "Uhhh… Severus yes…" He heard the witch moan and was quite pleased with himself, "Yes Laura, you are doing very well… I think Hermione is ready for another finger."

Hermione's eyes snapped open and she looked up at Severus in horror. He arched an eyebrow at her, "Hermione, two fingers is nothing compared to how my cock will feel."

"Oh my God…" Hermione groaned and threw her arm over her face. Laura chuckled against her while she slowly slid her second moistened digit into Hermione's tight entrance. She hissed at the intrusion and breathed hard to block out the slight pain that came with the stretching.

When Laura's fingers were buried to the hilt she held them there to allow Hermione's body to adjust. Her fingers moved slightly from the rocking of her own body, still being rocked by Severus. Laura continued to lick and kiss Hermione's folds and gently swiped her tongue against her clit.

Hermione relaxed against Laura's fingers allowing her to slowly start thrusting her fingers in and out, and scissoring them back and forth to further stretch the snug channel. "Is it starting to feel good yet Hermione?" Laura asked.

She looked down at Laura and then up at Severus who was also waiting for her answer and closed her eyes to make herself truly feel what was happening. "It still feels odd, but it doesn't hurt anymore. Every so often I do get a small jolt of pleasure when you push into me and I'm feeling it more frequently. I believe I'm getting used to it."

"A rational and almost clinical answer, Hermione, and very informative. Laura continue what you're doing but push deeper and see if you can slip a third finger in… I'm rather thick..." Severus replied smoothly.

Laura did as she was told and Hermione gasped loudly as she felt even more stretched than she ever could have imagined. The Professor smirked and continued to pump into Laura. The man had stamina but he was starting to tire and wanted to come. It was starting to get almost painful from holding himself in check for so long. He wanted nothing more than to grab Laura's hips and drive into her hard and explode, but he needed to feel Hermione around him. Severus slowed his thrusts and took a few deep breaths. That's when he realized that he had a stamina potion in his bathroom. All he had to do was run in there before starting with Hermione. It also gave everyone a chance to take a quick breather. He watched as Hermione took Laura's fingers and struggled against the feeling. He couldn't help but smile when he watched her body go slack and enjoy the feeling. It turned him on further and he gave into his urge to pound into Laura.

Laura wasn't expecting the sudden onslaught and cried out in surprised pleasure. Severus was gripping her waist hard and mercilessly driving himself into her. Her fingers were now being jammed into Hermione and Laura couldn't help but moan against her folds, "Oh god Severus... Yes... Holy fuck... Severus... Oh...Oh... fuck Severus I'm going to come... Severus I'm going to come now... SEVERUS!" She screamed out.

Severus listened to Laura's rambling and could feel himself on the edge as well. Hearing his name fall from her lips sent him over that edge and he slammed into her with a roar. He was coming so hard it was almost painful. Laura could feel his cock pulsing with each and every spurt of his cum filling her. Her whole body gave out and she collapsed almost flat onto the bed. Severus, who was still buried in her, was feeling slightly light headed and slowly laid on top of Laura's prone form. He was trying to catch his breath when he felt delicate fingers stroking his sweaty forehead. He tilted his head up to see Hermione looking down at him with a serene kind of smile. He smirked back at her before burying his face into Laura's damp brunette curls and peppering kisses from her shoulder, up to her neck, and laying one last lingering kiss onto her cheek. Eyes still closed, she smiled at her Professor's affection.

Severus slowly started to pull out of Laura and as his cock slipped from her tight hole, he heard her whimper in protest. He smirked sliding down her body and lightly bit her right butt cheek playfully. "I believe Hermione is ready for the real thing. Laura, get behind her and let her lay against you. Stroke her, kiss her, and comfort her as I enter her, but first, I must do something. Please excuse me a moment"

Laura and Hermione got into position, slightly confused, but waited attentively as they watched Snape hop out of bed on shaky legs and dash into his bathroom. He cleaned himself up before going over to his sink and opening the mirror to his medicine cabinet. He rifled through his it until he spied a bright red potion glittering in the back corner. He grabbed it and took a quick swig of the viscous liquid. It tasted of cinnamon and left his mouth feeling quite warm. That warmth spread through his body and he felt energized and ready to go. He looked down at his semi-hard cock and pursed his lips, "That won't do."

Severus peaked out the door and watched the two cuddling witches stroking and smiling at each other. It warmed his heart slightly and allowed him to reflect briefly. The memories of the day and his upcoming endeavor shot electricity though his hypersensitive body. When he looked down once again, he was standing to attention and ready to go. Snape arched an eyebrow at his proudly standing member and waltzed back into his bedroom.

Both witches were still whispering quietly to each other. Hermione was visibly afraid, but Laura soothed her by crawling behind her and lightly stroking her cheeks and running her fingers through her hair. They kissed affectionately while Severus crawled back into bed and got into position. Hermione was laying out in front of him, open and ready. He stroked himself and slowly rubbed himself against Hermione's extremely wet folds. Laura ran her fingers up and down Hermione's body sending little tendrils of pleasure straight to her core, further lubricating Snape's member. He reached down and ran a finger over her loosened hole and then moved slightly to get himself poised right at her entrance.

Hermione could feel the moist, blunt tip of Severus' cock pushing against her and immediately tensed. He pushed slightly and Hermione opened to him as she exhaled the breath she didn't realize she was holding. His cock felt huge compared to Laura's fingers but he pressed on slowly. The tip was fully inside of her and Severus had to focus on not coming like some inexperience teenager. She was strangling him in the most delightful way and he had to press on or he would surely lose himself. Laura continued to sooth Hermione and kept the witch relaxed while Severus pushed further.

It took a few minutes but he finally pushed himself all the way into her. Hermione felt more full than ever before and felt a stretching sensation that was painful but not unbearable. She grunted and whimpered when the Professor pushed further and further into her, but then he stopped and let her adjust to him. It was difficult but they were both doing their best to be patient.

Laura looked down into Hermione's scrunched up face knowing how she was feeling. The burning, stretching sensation was hard to get through but it soon would turn to pleasure and it was all worth it. She looked up at Severus who looked as though he was in agony. His eyes were closed, brows furrowed, and his mouth was in a very tight, firm line. He wanted to move and from the looks of it, wanted to ravish the witch he was buried in. Laura loved that look on his face and decided that like his moans and groans, she would store that look away to cherish as well.

"Hermione, is it ok for Severus to start moving? It will feel good soon, I promise."

Severus was eagerly awaiting her answer and was overjoyed when she nodded. He slowly pulled back until he was almost out and then slowly pushed forward again. Hermione's eyes snapped open and her lips formed a perfect "O" shape. She whimpered and moaned from the painful pleasure she was experiencing. It still hurt but was starting to feel very good as well. Laura smiled and ran her hands down Hermione's body, tweaking her nipples slightly, and then cupping her mound.

Severus watched Laura's hands as he started to pump into Hermione a little bit faster. She started meeting his thrusts and angling herself so that he would go in deeper. She was enjoying him and wanted more. He thrust harder and deeper, loving the way she cried out with each buck of his hips. "Laura, rub her clit a little and then finger her gently. I want her to orgasm and I want to feel your fingers against me through her."

Laura trembled at the thought and did as she was told. As soon as her fingertip touched Hermione's sensitive bud, the witch's back arched up and she screamed. Laura smiled and started kissing her neck as she moved her finger down and into Hermione's gushing quim.

Laura's fingers slid into Hermione easily and it felt odd for both of them. Hermione was immediately aware that both of her openings were full and moving in opposite directions. It felt incredible and she was screaming from the onslaught of pleasure overtaking her body. Laura was in awe. She had never felt anything like feeling a man's cock through somebody else. She could feel Severus' member brushing against her fingers through Hermione with each thrust. Severus was on the verge of orgasm as he felt Hermione's tight muscles squeezing him and Laura's knuckles stroking him through the thin membrane.

With a few thrusts of Laura's fingers, Hermione was crying out, "I'm gonna… I'm gonna… Oh my God… Severus yes… yes… YES!" Her body tensed completely as she arched her back high off the bed and let out a feral scream as she came harder than she had ever come in her short life.

Severus felt her body tense and as she screamed out her pleasure, he thrust into her with abandon and allowed himself to feel her completely. He fucked her hard, and when he was completely buried in her arse, he came with a low groan. He was hyper aware of everything that was happening. He could feel each and every spurt of his seed shooting into the young witch, and could still feel Laura's dainty fingers rubbing against him.

Hermione passed out and was out cold lying against Laura. Severus looked down at her still form and was satisfied that he had done exactly as he set out. He slowly pulled himself out of her and collapsed onto the bed next to the two witches. He was lying face down on the bed enjoying his post coital bliss when he felt something touch his hair. His immediate response was to tense and flinch away, but the touch was so gentle and he was so exhausted that he let it happen. He was surprised at the contact and was confused about why the two young witches were so fascinated with his hair. He smiled against the sheets as he recalled Hermione doing the exact same thing. Laura gently ran her fingers through his sweaty locks and lightly ran her nails along his scalp. It felt incredible and relaxed Severus further. He fought it as long as he could but he eventually drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Professor Snape slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was two naked witches curled up with each other and their various limbs tangled up in his own. He was mildly confused in his grogginess, but as the day's events came back to him, a lazy smile formed across his face. The two women looked so peaceful in their slumber and the professor couldn't help but watch them in awe. He couldn't believe what had just transpired between the three of them and decided then and there that he needed this again. This was too great to be a one-time thing. There was something special about these women that he couldn't quite put his finger on, but he liked them more than he let on.

After a few minutes Laura started to stir. She opened her eyes slowly and let them adjust to the glow of the room. When she turned to look around, she made eye contact with Severus and a pleasant little jolt ran through her body at just the sight of him. He arched an eyebrow at her and all she could do was giggle. He smiled at her and nodded toward Hermione. Laura stroked Hermione's face in attempt to wake her. With a low moan of protest, Hermione opened her eyes and faced the two people sharing a bed with her. They were both smiling and Laura was still giggling a bit. Hermione looked suspiciously between the two of them before smiling herself.

The three if them just laid in bed smiling and chuckling over what had happened. None of them could quite believe it, but they were all happy and extremely satisfied. Severus pursed his lips and became very serious all of sudden. He looked both girls in the eye before saying in his slightly sleep ragged voice, "It's getting late and as much as I would like to have you share my bed for the rest of the evening, I think it would be unwise." Both witches' faces fell at his statement. He held up his hand and continued, "However, I did enjoy this very much. I'll expect you here again a week from today. No exceptions. Now get dressed and return to your dormitory."

Both girls now had beaming smiles plastered across their faces. They hopped off the bed and awkwardly regained their balance and coordination. After some fumbling and stretching they were dressed and ready to leave. They were sad to leave him alone, but knew it was necessary. Laura and Hermione each walked over to him and kissed him on the lips before leaving and started their trek all the way back to the Head Girl's dorm, all the while reflecting and pondering what was to come from their next meeting with their dark and mysterious Potions Professor.


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