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Chapter Seventeen

2001 – Present Day

'So how can this Kyle guy help us?' asked Prue.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Cole, and Andy were still standing on top of Golden Gate Bridge. Piper was yet to fully explain her plan. Prue, Andy, and Cole now knew who Kyle was thanks to Paige's explanation.

'Although he is not the Kyle from this universe, he could hopefully use his FBI agent identity to pretend to have been investigating us, and therefore give them proof that there is nothing unusual about us,' said Piper.

'So he is going to pretend to be himself?' said Phoebe.

Piper nodded. 'Hopefully the real Kyle of this universe will not be alerted by the identity theft.'

'Well it is not technically identity theft…' said Paige.

'So how do we call for him?' asked Prue.

'The same way that we call for Leo,' said Piper.

'Kyle!' shouted Phoebe. 'Kyle!'

There was no response.

'Maybe he is busy?' said Phoebe.

'No. He said he will show up if we ever need him. We need him now,' said Piper. 'Kyle! Kyle!'

Still Kyle did not orb in.

'Kyle?' muttered Paige under her breath. 'Kyle, where are you? We need you.'

Kyle orbed in right next to Paige.

'Paige, are you okay?' asked Kyle. Then Kyle saw Prue, Andy, and Cole standing there as well as Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. 'Who are the newcomers?'

'You never met Prue, Andy, or Cole in your alternate universe?' asked Phoebe.

'No. My alternate universe is ahead of your time,' said Kyle. 'Prue? That's Prue Halliwell?'

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige nodded.

'It is nice to finally meet the eldest Charmed One,' said Kyle, holding out his hand for Prue to shake.

Prue shook it hesitantly. 'You know about me?'

'Well, actually…' began Kyle but Piper interrupted him.

'We really need to get talking about the reason Phoebe, Paige, and I called for you,' said Piper.

'You all called? I only heard Paige's call…' said Kyle.

'What? Piper and I were yelling for you, yet you hear Paige whisper your name?' said Phoebe in disbelief.

Prue frowned. 'Please can we focus on the plan?'

Piper nodded. 'Kyle, we need your help. Magic has been exposed. We are going to magic up some footage of us that should prove to the cops that they were wrong all along about us being magical. However they will probably think we manipulated the footage, unless an authorial figure hands it in…'

'Are you implying that I go in there with the faked footage and pass it off as proof using the guise of an agent of the FBI?' asked Kyle.

'Well, you are an FBI agent…' said Phoebe.

'Yes, but why do you even need to do that?' said Kyle. 'When I became a white lighter, I learnt about many areas of the magical world, including about the Cleaners…'

'The who?' said Piper.

'The Cleaners… Do they not exist in this universe?' asked Kyle.

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige shrugged.

'We have never heard of them,' said Phoebe.

'Hmm… I wonder why Leo has not asked the Elders to bring the Cleaners in yet,' said Kyle.

'The Elders? The Elders are the Cleaners' bosses?' said Piper. 'I hate having to go to the Elders for help.'

'If they can help us out of this, isn't it worth it?' asked Paige.

Piper sighed. 'Fine, but why would Leo not tell us that that is a choice?'

'That is what I want to know,' said Kyle. 'Where is Leo?'

Paige blushed. 'Looking after our nephew.'

'Wyatt is already born in this universe?' said Kyle quizzically.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Andy, and Cole exchanged puzzled looks. Kyle noticed this.

'His name is not Wyatt?' said Kyle.

'Our nephew is called Petey,' said Paige.

'Piper named her son Petey in this universe?' said Kyle.

'Me? What is it with everyone thinking that Prue's son is mine?' said Piper grumpily.

'Oh, sorry,' said Kyle. 'Paige said 'nephew' and I assumed…'

'Can we get back to the issue of these maids… cleanly people… cleaners?' said Phoebe.

'I will get Leo,' said Paige.

Paige orbed out.

'Paige! Why I was left with babysitting duty?' Leo whispered when he saw Paige orb in.

Leo was standing by the cot. Petey was fast asleep in it.

'I think the better question is… Why have you never suggested we use the Cleaners?' said Paige.

Leo blushed. 'Oh that… How did you find out about them?'

'Kyle suggested them,' said Paige.

'Kyle? The white lighter that you –' began Leo but Paige interrupted him.

'Yes, that Kyle,' said Paige.

'If you agree with his idea so much, then why can he not go up there and ask the Elders about the Cleaners?' said Leo grudgingly.

'Well, because – because…' Paige trailed off because she could not think of the reason. 'Kyle!'

Kyle orbed in. 'Paige?' Kyle then saw Leo. 'Hey Leo. Long time no see. Well, actually… hmm… the last proper memory I have of you is trying to kill – Never mind…'

'Kyle,' said Paige. 'Why can you not go up there and ask the Elders to get the Cleaners to help us?'

'I am not from this universe. My mortal self is still alive and well in this universe. The Elders do not know I am a white lighter. I have not been up there since I came into this universe, and I won't start now,' explained Kyle.

'Fair enough,' said Paige. Paige turned back to Leo. 'Leo? Shouldn't you be going up there now?'

Leo sighed. 'Paige, I don't think this is a good idea.'

'Really? I think it is a good idea. Prue thinks it is a good idea. Piper thinks it is a good idea. Phoebe thinks it is a good idea. Kyle thinks it is a good idea,' said Paige. 'Need I say more?'

Leo sighed. 'Paige, listen to me.'

'No, Leo, listen to me! This has gone on long enough! We need help and if the Cleaners can help, then why not go and ask them for it?' said Paige angrily. 'Leo, orb up there now!'

'Paige, you are part white lighter. Why don't you do it?' growled Leo.

'Leo, what is wrong with you?' shouted Paige.

Petey began to murmur in his sleep.

'You are going to wake him,' said Leo irritably.

'Piper, Phoebe, and I are usually the ones with Elder issues. You never mind going up there,' said Paige, slowly piecing things together. 'Are they mad at you?'

'All you need to know is that I do not think they will be open to me asking them about needing the Cleaners,' said Leo.

'Leo!' moaned Paige.

Leo picked Petey up out of the cot. Leo orbed out with Petey.

Paige let out a sigh of aggravation. 'He obviously won't tell me anything.'

'At least he stormed off with the kid so as we don't have to worry about babysitting,' said Kyle.

'That is because he knows what sort of trouble we are in,' said Paige. 'This also still does not explain why he is refusing to help us!'

'Calm down, Paige,' said Kyle. 'There are other ways to coax the Cleaners into helping.'

'There is?' said Paige.

'Yes. In my universe, when I became a white lighter, the Elders told me all about the time that you and your sisters decided to catch the Cleaners' attention so as they would not take Wyatt away…' said Kyle.

'This Wyatt stuff again? Why would Piper and Leo name their son after Leo's surname? It seems silly. What's his name Wyatt Wyatt?' said Paige.

'Paige, the point is how you managed to get the Cleaners' to speak to you,' said Kyle.

'How did we do that?' asked Paige.

'You exposed magic,' said Kyle simply.

Paige rolled her eyes. 'In case you have forgotten, our exposing magic is the reason we need them!'

'Yes, but I think if – rather than trying to fix it – you try to make it worse… you may just force the Cleaners to make an appearance,' said Kyle.

Paige smiled. 'Do you mean we get to have fun with magic for once without worrying about the consequences?'

'For a little while,' said Kyle smiling.

Paige grabbed Kyle's hand. She orbed them to Prescott Street.

'How about your sisters?' asked Kyle.

Police were already gaping at Paige and Kyle, advancing on them.

'I did not feel like stopping off at the bridge first. Besides I learnt a neat trick a few months ago when we were infected by the seven deadly sins,' said Paige. 'Gluttony! Lust!'

Piper and Phoebe appeared – shocked – in a flurry of orbs next to Paige and Kyle.

'You can telekinetically orb people?' said Kyle, surprised.

'Only those two, but only by stating the sin that they were infected with. Don't ask why. It is just a neat little trick I have been able to do since it happened,' explained Paige. 'Hmm… I wonder… If Prue really is my sister… I may be able to telekinetically orb her here too. I would assume that – when taking her personality into consideration – if she had been there, she would have been infected by… Pride!'

Prue appeared – shocked – in a flurry of orbs next to Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Kyle. The police had surrounded them by now.

'Freeze!' shouted one of the police officers.

'Piper, you heard him. Freeze him,' said Paige.

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe stared at Paige in disbelief. Piper flicked her wrists and all of the police surrounding them froze.

'Paige, what are you doing?' muttered Piper. 'Orbing us right in front of the police! Telling me to use my magic on them!'

'Leo won't help for some absurd reason, so the next best thing is to force the Cleaners to help us by making the exposure worse,' said Paige.

'You mean we can use as much magic as we like?' said Phoebe.

Paige nodded. 'Piper, can you unfreeze half of the police officers surrounding us? It will freak them out to see that we have frozen a few of them.'

Piper was still staring at Paige in disbelief.

'I don't think this is a good idea,' said Piper.

'Piper, if Leo won't help, what other choice do we have?' said Paige. 'Besides Kyle said that he knows we have done this in his universe in a different scenario and it worked at getting the Cleaners to show up.'

Piper sighed. She flicked her wrists. Half of the police officers surrounding them unfroze.

'Prue, would you like to do the honours?' said Paige.

Prue hesitantly made a gesture with her hand causing one of the unfrozen police officers to float in the air. Prue made another gesture and the freaked out police officer landed softly on the ground – the sisters wanted to expose magic, but not cause any harm.

'I think we have freaked these guys out enough,' said Phoebe.

'Hmm… Me too,' said Paige. 'Does anyone feel like alerting the general public too?'

Prue and Piper were hesitant. However, Phoebe and Kyle nodded. Paige grabbed Prue and Piper's hands and orbed them to the main shopping centre with her. It was around ten in the morning now so the shopping centre was full of people. Therefore, many people saw Prue, Piper, and Paige appear in a flurry of orbs. This was immediately followed by everyone seeing Kyle and Phoebe appear in a flurry of orbs.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige exchanged looks. They each nodded and split up amongst the crowds to cause chaos. Kyle decided to follow Paige.

Prue could feel people staring at her as she walked into the shopping centre's food court. They had all seen her appear out of nowhere and were wondering what she would do next. Prue gestured at some empty chairs which went flying through the glass windows of unopened empty shops. Prue felt guilty for ruining someone's livelihood, but as long as she hurt no one in the process, she decided that this destruction was crucial.

Piper made her way out into the car park. Many cars were pulling into the car park; people were getting ready for a day full of shopping. Piper flicked her wrists, freezing some people who were midway through getting out of their car. This caused bystanders to freak out – Piper was glad that they had noticed. That hopefully meant that the Cleaners would also start to notice what the Halliwell sisters were up to. Piper decided to attempt freezing a car while it was in motion. That would freak out the people who were driving it. Piper flicked her wrists at a car that was going in the opposite direction to her. The trunk blew up. Piper went pale. Her thoughts were centred on the well-being of the passengers and not on the fact that her explosion power had suddenly made a sudden reappearance. Piper ran over to the car to check on the passengers…

Phoebe approached the escalators. She knew everyone was staring at her. She decided to use this chance in the spotlight to freak them out even more. Rather than using the escalators, Phoebe levitated upwards, and landed smoothly on the ground when she reached the upper floor. Phoebe smiled at the startled faces that were staring at her when she commenced walking casually along the upper floor as if she had not done anything out of the ordinary.

Paige walked into a sweet shop with Kyle. The line was huge. Paige saw some chocolate cake in the counter. She telekinetically orbed it into her hand. She then telekinetically orbed the correct money onto the counter, because she wanted to pay for the cake – she was not going to steal it. She received many frightened looks from customers and employees in the shop. She smiled at them and nonchalantly asked the whole store if they wanted her to share it with them. Kyle chuckled at Paige's sense of humour. He knew she was finding it quite funny to use her magic this openly.

Prue, Phoebe, Paige, and Kyle heard the crash from outside simultaneously.

Paige and Kyle orbed straight to the car park while Prue came running out of the front entrance. Phoebe used her levitation power to float gently down to the car park from the upper floor window. The four of them noticed the car that was engulfed in flames. They saw Piper attempting to get close to the car.

Piper noticed Prue, Phoebe, and Paige staring at her.

'Prue, rip that car door off now! There are people in there!' shouted Piper in tears.

Prue nodded seriously. Prue moved her arm quickly. The door of the car was removed by the power of her telekinesis. Piper reached into the car to help the people inside it get out.

'Why does she not freeze the flames?' Phoebe asked Paige, as they, Prue, and Kyle ran to help Piper.

Suddenly the flames froze and so did the people that Piper had been aiding out of the car.

'It is about time that you froze the burning car, Piper,' said Phoebe.

'It was not me,' said Piper between sobs. 'I never meant to hurt these people. My explosion power came back and then I could not get my freezing power to work…'

'Hang on… If you did not freeze the scene, who did?' asked Prue.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Kyle turned around to see two smartly dressed men standing behind them.

'Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige. Meet the Cleaners,' Kyle said to the four Halliwells.

'You got our attention,' said a Cleaner.

'What do you want?' asked the other Cleaner.

'You know what we want,' said Prue.

Piper had taken Kyle to one side. She was pointing at the frozen people who had previously been in the burning car. She had managed to safely remove them from the car now that everything was frozen. She was asking him to heal them. Therefore she and Kyle were no longer taking part in the conversation with the Cleaners.

'You want us to undo your magical exposure,' said a Cleaner.

'Yes, so get a move on and do it,' said Phoebe, not bothering to remember her manners.

'Why are you so positive that we will do it?' asked the other Cleaner.

'You would not have turned up just now if you were not going to do it,' said Paige. 'You did not turn up earlier when we exposed magic by mistake; instead you did nothing. Considering that you turn up now when we have exposed magic more, you must be here to do something.'

'How do you know that we are not here to punish you for your irresponsible use of magic?' asked a Cleaner.

'You need us, that's why,' said Prue. 'We vanquished some assassin demon guy and some hooded ketchup guy in the same day. Apparently both were really bad…'

Phoebe and Paige laughed.

'We thought you were getting quite knowledgeable about this demon stuff, Prue,' said Phoebe.

Prue blushed. 'Wasn't the hooded guy some sort of sauce?'

'The Source of All Evil is now a condiment in his vanquished state,' giggled Phoebe.

'The point is,' said Prue, turning back to the Cleaners. 'Apparently we were the only ones who could defeat them and we did. Therefore you should help us out.'

'I don't understand why you did not help us out before,' said Phoebe.

'The issue of exposure forced you to rely on your instincts to vanquish Shax and the Source – without the help of your base…' said a Cleaner.

'Our base? You mean our home,' said Paige.

'Yes. Without the safety net of returning to your base, you were forced to think on your feet,' said the other Cleaner.

'So why did you not turn up straight after we vanquished Shax and Mister Hooded Ketchup?' asked Piper, wiping her tears away as she rejoined the conversation with Kyle.

Prue smiled, hearing Piper mock her nickname for the Source. Maybe Piper was beginning to accept Prue?

'We have our reasons,' said a Cleaner.

'So are we just going to stand here, or are you going to make everyone forget that magic exists?' asked Phoebe.

The two Cleaners did not reply. They just nodded and disappeared. People in the car park started to walk casually around Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Kyle. The four Halliwells and the white lighter turned around. The burning car was no longer behind them, nor were the freshly healed victims. Piper saw the car – undamaged – parked in a space nearby, and the passengers – unharmed and happy – were walking away from their car towards the shopping centre entrance.

'Do you think they erased everything we did?' asked Phoebe.

'I hope so because I feel bad about damaging someone's shop in that shopping centre,' said Prue.

'Should we go back to the manor? They should have erased the police stuff too,' said Piper.

'Are we going back via orbing?' asked Phoebe.

'Nah. I think I have had enough of magic for one day,' said Paige.

'Besides it is a bright, sunny morning,' said Kyle. 'Let's walk.'

Prue and Piper walked ahead of them. Piper wanted to lead the way back to the manor by herself, but Prue was having none of that. Phoebe did not want to get involved so walked a few paces behind them. Paige and Kyle lagged behind, walking side by side.

'Paige, I was wondering… You said that you and your sisters were infected by sins a few months ago… Which sin were you infected by?' asked Kyle curiously.

Paige blushed. 'Envy.'

Kyle opened his mouth to say something but Paige nudged him.

'Don't ask why,' said Paige.

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