The look of pure fear spread across Stiles face as he looked up at Derek, the alpha wolf saw his uncle had warped his arms round Derek's mate with the baby in his arms, "What did you say to him?" Derek growled as he looked at them, pulling away Peter looked at his nephew and sighed

"I know he's your mate Derek, but he's mine to." Stiles looked between them, he took Harry off Peter and moved away as the two wolfs sized each other off, "I want to mate with him like you have, we can both have him." He said, Derek growled

"D…Derek what is he talking about…I mean I know but just tell me so I know I'm right?" Stiles asked looking scared, walking over to him

"He's talking about a two mates, it not unheard of in large wolf clans trying to unite clans together, but when you have two alpha type wolves especially if they are family." He said,

"That is what I thought." He answered looking down at the amber eye baby

"Stiles I mean it I do love you." Derek growl lightly, Stiles looked up at them

"I why aren't you more pissed off?" Stiles asked, Derek gave him a look

"Because I can feel it, can't you?"

"Derek I have just given birth to Harry here I don't know what I'm feeling, I'm confused, tried and you just asked me to marry you and now he wants to mate with me!" He said feeling tears in his eyes

"Stiles you're thinking about this like a human." Peter tells him, "Come on let's go up to bed and we all can puppy pile." He said, Derek nodded as he watch Peter take Harry out of Stiles' arms making the young teen growled as Derek picked him up and they went to the spare room that Derek has been sleeping in for the last two months.

When John came back from dropping Chris off and explaining something's to Allison who found it amusing at how freak out he got, he walked inside the house and cleaned up a little bit of mess as he thought about becoming a granddad as his son is still in school, he was about to go up stairs when his phone went off, he sighed and answered the phone "Hello? Yeah I will be there now." He sighed and pinched the bridge of his phone; he picked up his jacket and walked out the front door.

Stiles whimpered in his sleep, before waking up to find himself pressed against two Hales, both of them looking down at him "Urrrh the whole I love you thing was real?" he asked both nodded

"We had time to talk while you slept." Derek said

"Oh?" he knew it was never good to leave Derek alone with his uncle

"We knew you're tired after yesterday and you need time to rest…but I hope you would consider mating with me as well as Derek."

"I'm just worried about my dad what he would say." He said looking at them

"Stiles it's okay." Derek said nuzzling his neck

"How's Harry doing?"

"Sleeping." Peter said looking over his shoulder, Stiles nodded as a blush crept up his face as he sat up and looked over Peter's shoulder to see his son sleeping in a cot

"O…Okay." He said laying back down he looked up at them with wide eyes

"What are you thinking off?" Peter cooed at him seeing the blush, he let his fingers run across the blush as he grinned at him.