Chapter 1

Welcome new readers, and welcome back old readers! For those of you who don't know I've typed two other YJ fanfictions. Though they could technically be counted as one—but I digress. Anyhow say hello to Mariko Miko! My newest OC character; and though my last two stories were about Klarion, this one is not I'm afraid. He does make some appearances however as Mariko's friend. For those who have read my story, 'Dark Beloved' none of the events that happened in that story have anything to do with this one. She was just ghosting a bit in that one. Now without further delay; ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!
Forewarning; the first chapter is very choppy sorry.


Somewhere in the slums of Tokyo city, a home was being invaded by unknown assailants. A young girl with short blue-green hair stood frightened in a corner staring at the scene taking place before her. The assailants had an older boy on the ground pulling his head up by the hair and putting a knife to his throat.

"Go…r-run. Get outta here." The boy said, just as the assailant slid the knife across his neck. The small girl in the corner screamed.



Ten years later in Metropolis same girl laid upside down on her bed. She glared at the computer screen across from her. The girl's room was decorated with a normal styled room for a fifteen year old girl; posters of singers and bands plastered the walls along with foreign cartoon shows. Stuffed animals, CDs, mp3 players and other gadgets littered the floor. She stared at her reflection in the black screen, the reflection of her multicolored eyes glared back at her.

"Nothing to do." She said crossing her arms as she rolled off her bed. Her hair was much longer now cut in a way her hair reached her shoulders all while supporting a downward pony tail and two lotus shaped pony tails on either side of her head*. Her outfit consisted of a one strap blue tank-top which exposed her belly, a mini skirt that reached mid-thigh and a belt that hung off her hip with many pockets and compartments and thigh-high socked that were covered by knee-high black punk styled boots. She also wore arm warmer on her right arm that went from her forearm to her middle finger. On her left hand she wore a fishnet glove and several wrist bands. She was the perfect picture of a Japanese punk.

"I'm bored!" She screeched pulling on her lotus shaped pony tails as she sat on the ground. Suddenly she felt a presence behind her. She turned and saw Klarion the Witch boy sitting on her bed.

"If you're that bored, Mariko Miko, why don't we have some fun?" He asked slyly, petting his cat Teekl behind the ears. The girl—now identified as Mariko Miko—stood crossing her arms and looking at the Witch-boy and his cat.

"Well if it isn't my favorite Jigoku Shonen*. What's up Klarion?" She asked, "You haven't been around here for what three weeks?"

"Two, and I've been having the same feeling; it's so boring around here. I have nothing to do either." Klarion said, Teekl meowed, "Yeah yeah."

"Well you won't find any entertainment here." Mariko said. Klarion smirked.

"I always find entertainment here; one way or another." He said giving Mariko a sly smirk. Mariko frowned.

"Oh? Maybe it's because chaos tends to follow you everywhere you go." She said.

"Lord of Chaos?" Klarion mumbled, Mariko shrugged.

"Yeah, yeah; whatever. Anyway I don't have anything to entertain you today; I'm still waiting for Savage-sama to contact me." She said placing her hands on her hips. Klarion groaned and laid down on Mariko's bed.

"Ah! That's boring. Tell me when you're going to do something fun." He whined. Mariko frowned, and kicked Klarion's shin.

"You can't expect me to entertain you every time you get bored!" she growled, Klarion sat up, "Now get off my bed Witch-boy."

"Hmph you're no fun." Klarion muttered.

"I've been called worse." Mariko said suddenly a loud beeping noise caught the duo's attention. Mariko turned just as the large screen ahead turned to an image of Vandal Savage. Mariko turned her full attention to Savage and smiled.

"Savage-sama!" She said greeting her leader happily. Klarion made a face then disappeared leaving a scowling Mariko behind. She huffed, then smiled, "Good morning."

'Good morning Mariko Miko; I trust your newest invention is coming along nicely?" Savage said, smiling warmly at the young Asian girl. Mariko nodded eagerly.

"Hai-hai, I've been working night and day on this. I believe it's ready for its first field test." She said. Savage nodded.

'Good, you've done well for me again Mariko." He said, Mariko smiled, proud to have done well for Vandal Savage.

"I live to serve, Savage-sama." She said happily, "By the way, Savage-sama…"

'Yes Mariko?'

"Well you see, I haven't really left my room since I started working on this—just like you asked me to—and I was wondering…if I could go out and have some fun." Mariko asked, Savage paused, making Mariko feel a bit uneasy.

'I'll think about it. In the meantime I want you to keep working on other projects.' He finally said. Mariko nodded halfheartedly and the screen went blank.

"That went well; so now what?" Klarion asked as he reappeared with Teekl on Mariko's bed. Mariko leered.

"I go back to my work." She said, then walked off. Klarion shrugged.

"You're boring." He said then laid back on Mariko's bed.


A week later at the Cave the team was being prepped on a new mission by the Batman. Apparently while during some surveillance around a building that was suspected of being used by Vandal Savage and the Light. Their mission; find out what was going on inside.

'So what do you think is going on in there?' Kid flash asked via the team's psychic link as the team circled the building.

'Doesn't matter. Whatever it is we're going to find out and stop it.' Robin said as he watched the building. It looked like any other kind of research facility; a few researchers stood on the outside taking their smoking break, but other than that nothing suspicious.

'Are you sure we're at the right place?' Artemis asked, 'Seems like a normal research lab to me.'

'It's the right place alright, it's the only one on the block that's owned by Vandal Savage.' Robin said, 'Alright all clear move out.'


"We exchanged promises of revolution in the expanding darkness I loved you, so the flower of evil." Mariko sang while listening to a CD on her stereo when suddenly her alarm went off cutting off her favorite part of the song. She growled in frustration as she rolled off her bed and stomped to her computer.

"HUH!? What's so important it had to interrupt my Nightmare CD?!" she shouted switching on her computer screen to see a bunch of kids breaking into the building. She frowned.

"Eh? Who are…"

"They're the Justice League's stupid sidekicks." Klarion said, Mariko looked over her shoulder.

"Don't you know how to knock Jigoku-Shonen?" she growled, then looked to her screen again and grinned evilly as she reached for a lever on her controls, "So these are the Young Justice guys eh? Well let's see how they hold up against my security."


'Alright everyone in position?' Robin asked as he and the rest of the team made it into the building, the rest of the team confirmed their positions Robin nodded mentally then began to move out when a loud rumble sounded through the halls. Robin turned to see a large robot coming straight toward him and Kidflash.

"Holy crap! What is that?!" Kidflash shouted, Robin frowned and pulled out a couple of capsules.

'Robin, we've got a problem!' M'gaan shouted mentally, apparently everyone had run into the same issue.

'We've been spotted! Everyone, regroup and we'll proceed from there!' Robin shouted, "Kid."

"Already on it!" Kidflash shouted as he ran off towards the large security droid. Robin threw his capsules at the droid, they exploded on impact. Kidflash ran around until the bot eventually collapsed from shock; unable to lock onto a target.

Meanwhile on other parts of the building; Super-boy was punching through the steal haul of the droids and pulling out a bunch of circuits destroying the bot with M'gaan. Artemis and Zatanna also took down their foe without much effort.

Down in Mariko's room Mariko stared at the monitors as her security was taken down and the team began to regroup. She stared boredly.

"These losers don't play around do they?" She mused, Klarion's cat Teekl meowed and jumped onto her controls as Klarion came up behind her.

"Resilient little twerps aren't they?" He asked, "Come on don't you have anything fun?"

Mariko smirked proudly, looking over her shoulder to the Witch-boy.

"Be patient; I think I might be able to provide you with some entertainment after all." She said.


"How could they have seen us; there aren't any cameras here and you didn't find anything as far as sensors right Robin?." Artemis said, Robin nodded.

"There must be some other kind of security; a much smarter one; whoever set it up made it untraceable." He said.

"Magic maybe?" M'gaan asked. Zatanna shook her head.

"I'm not sensing anything." She said, Robin frowned, and went to his wrist computer.

"Doesn't matter whatever security they have I can hack it; just gimme a minute." He said and pulled out a small cable and plugged it into one of the door security panels.


"Ahaha! He thinks he can hack my system! He's a bigger idiot than I thought!" Mariko mocked as she watched Robin hook himself into the security system, "No one can hack my programs!"

Suddenly a small alarm went off on her computer making Mariko glare at the screen.

"What the? What's going on?!" she shouted as her monitors went haywire. "No one can hack my system!"

"He seems to be doing a good job of it." Klarion said laughing a bit at Mariko's dismay. She spun around grabbing some object on her desk and hurled it at the Witch-boy; who dematerialized as it crashed on the wall behind him. He then reappeared beside her.

"No one, hacks me!" She shrieked, then went to her computers, "Let's see how he likes it!"


"What's the hold-up Robin?" Kidflash asked, Robin glared at his wrist computer.

"This thing's harder than I originally thought; it's going to take some time—what the heck?" He shouted, the others looked over his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" M'gaan asked.

"Someone's counter attacking me!" Robin shouted as a picture of an animated character appeared all over his screen. "They've gotten into my computer!"

'Hack my computers will ya?! I'm the smartest person alive! No one hacks me!' a shrill female voice screamed, as his computer went crazy with animated characters taking and rearranging files and deleting things at random.

"Can't you just unplug?" Super-boy asked.

"I'd risk losing everything." Robin said, Kidflash reached for the small cable.

"You risk losing everything anyway Robin; unplug!" He shouted then ripped the cable out of the wall as the entire building went into a black out.

"This isn't good." Super-boy said as a voice came over the loud speaker.

'INTRUDER. INTRUDER!' it blared warning anyone who was in the building that the Team was there. Robin curse.

"This really isn't good." He said, "Super-boy make an exit."

"On it." Super-boy growled then yelled as he punched through a wall into another room. The Team then ran through until they eventually made it out of the building.

"Well that went less than well." Kidflash said, the group narrowed their eyes at him, "Well I'm not wrong."

"Robin how's your computer; is everything still online?" Zatanna asked, Robin nodded.

"It's nothing I can't fix. Whoever was able to counter attack me while I was in there didn't do any real damage." He said, "Whoever that was; they were smart."

"Someone trying to hack Robin; scary." Kidflash said.

"Let's get out of here before whoever…whatever decides to send more drones our way." Artemis said. The others nodded as M'gaan called on the Bioship to take them home.


"I told you I'd be able to provide you with entertainment. Those punks didn't even know what hit them." Mariko said leaning back in her chair. Klarion shook his head as Mariko then sat up in her chair. "But I must say I'm impressed with whoever it was that tried to hack me. I wonder who he is."

"Curiosity killed the cat Mariko Miko." Klarion said, Mariko looked over her shoulder.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked, as she began typing on her computer until an image of one of the scientists that worked under her came onto the screen. It was a woman with her hair pulled back into a messy pony tail. Mariko narrowed her eyes as the woman seemed to be stressed.

"Damage report." She demanded. The woman nodded.

"Y-yes. We received very little damage and nothing was lost on the computers; thanks to you Miss Miko." She said breathlessly, Mariko smirked proudly.

"Good; Savage-sama would be cross if something happened to me; but of course you people already know that don't you?" She said sweetly with a twisted grin. The woman bit her lip and nodded, "Now get back to work!"

"Y-yes miss Miko." The woman said then the transmission ended and Mariko spun around in her chair until she was face to face with Klarion.

"So Jigoku Shonen; were you entertained?" she asked, Klarion rolled his eyes.

"Not your best work but I can deal with it I suppose." He said, Mariko huffed.

"Whatever." She said stretching as she walked from her computer to her bed and plopped down next to Klarion. "I wonder how a couple of lame brained heroes found out about this place?"

Klarion shrugged as Teekl meowed up at him, Mariko rolled over on her bed and turned her stereo on with a remote by her bed. The speakers blared out Japanese punk music.

"Well whatever; I'm going to bed. You can go if you want Jigoku-shonen." She said, Klarion frowned, but dematerialized leaving a sleeping Mariko behind.

Ok so I jumped right into the action—I may or may not change this depending; I'm not too sure the beginning I didn't really plan out; I had hundreds of beginnings to this however none of them seemed to fit. Sigh sorry my first few chapters are always choppy and I realize I need to work on that. . please review. 'See you later armadillos—unless I see you first. Haha!'

(*) I don't know if one can actually make their hair like that, all I know is when I first drew her pigtails came out that way; ima post a picture once I get a computer so keep watching my deviantart page; for those who don't know my name is Jem Fukuyama on there. Haha

(*) Jigoku shonen is Japanese for Hellboy. Pretty good way to describe Klarion. Don't you think? Also Mariko is Japanese so the language—translated from google—will be thrown around a lot.