Two hearts entwined forever more, her pure one was all his own

He shaped it into what he wished to be, for nothing is ever set in stone.

Two bodies entwined, one having power over the other.

For she was paid and he could never be a true lover.

His father was merciless, paying for girls with eyes glazed and devoid of hope.

But the boy chose the one whose eyes glimmered like her name; he was drawn by love's rope.

To her, his visits brought relief. He was gentle as a warm breeze at night.

He would hold her hand and whisper softly in her ear that it would be all right.

Sometimes they would see each other at day, as sounds of swords clashing filled their ears.

But they made no acknowledgement to each other, love was put aside just like all their fears.

Only at night could they speak as he kissed her fingers one by one

They'd lie together until they began to see the first pale light of the sun.

Then she would slowly stand to leave and drift away from him, leaving a scent of lavender behind.

And he would lie in bed to think, he had to reach into his own ice heart until passion he could find.

When her voice rang out to volunteer, his heart sank along with it.

For he had been chosen too, and he could give no proof of her visits.

And so their bonds were severed, just as quickly as could be

But she never noticed this, thinking "he'll always belong to me."

Her passion could not be revealed, of this she soon came to know.

So she pretended her love to another, all for the sake of the show.

But as she lay alone and still cold in the fire's vibrant, glowing light,

She still replayed their moments together, each lavender-scented night.

The next she felt was fire and not the fire that burned inside her own naïve heart.

Needles pierced her, like so many other times, others had gotten a head start.

As she fell, she saw him turn; his eyes were filled with ice, but perhaps slight strain.

Though consumed in fire, she managed to reach out a hand for him to relieve her from the pain.

Darkness overcame her and her eyes became unseeing wide orbs of blue.

The boy kept running, never looking back was something he'd been trained to do.

Two hearts entwined forever more, no matter what he'd do; hers would always be his own.

But he still left her hand outstretched eternally, for after all, nothing is ever set in stone.