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"Yukimi, you said you met Yoite's little brother, he was the person who gave you Yoi, right?"

"Yeah, I think his name was Tsukasa. I told him his brother was dead though... Why'd you want to know?"

"I want to give Yoite a surprise for Christmas. He has to have some relatives that were on his side, from what you've told me about Tsukasa, it seems like he was."

"He'll defiantly be surprised... So will Tsukasa, do you want his number?"

"Yes please, are you coming to sensei's and Hana's house? Everyone else is coming."

"Sure, I don't see the kid as much now that he stays with them or with you when I'm away. Look, here's his number, took freaking forever to find in this mess."

"Thanks, see you Christmas"

"Bye kid"

"Hello, is this Tsukasa Kodou?" said Miharu nervously into the phone Yukimi had given him.

"Yes this is, and you are?..." Miharu was surprised to hear Tsukasa's voice, it sounded like they were about the same age, the green eyed boy thought the other boy would be younger.

"Miharu Rokujou, I'm Yukimi's friend, and know your older brother." Miharu had to stop himself from saying "Yoite," of coarse he would've be known as something else as a child.

"You knew Sora?! Wait when you said you "know" him, I was told he was dead." Tsukasa was confused, but hopeful all the same.

"He's alive, I think Yukimi told you he was dead was because we thought he'd would die... He was on death's edge for more then a month. We only found out he was going to be okay, around two weeks ago." it was still hard for Miharu to talk about the time when he was scared he'd loose Yoite, but Tsukasa had the right to know.

"But he's safe now, right? How is he? Where is he living? Is he in school? When can I come see him? Is he happy?" Yoite's younger brother was talking so fast Miharu was having trouble understanding him.

"Tsukasa, slow down and let me answer! He's perfectly safe right now, he spends some of his time traveling with Yukimi, and the rest with my English teacher and Hana-san, his wife. After the winter holidays Yoite, that's what he's called now, is going to enroll in Banten High, my school... And I think he's happy..." Miharu liked talking about Yoite, proving that the older boy existed.

"Can I come see him soon?"

"Sure, I was planning on asking you to come to Sensei's house for Christmas, to surprise Yoite. Does he have any other relatives who he'd be happy to see?"

"I know his mother had a younger sister, and he has grand parents on her side of the family. They helped me get out of father's house, they loved Sora- no, Yoite."

"Really? He'll be so happy! Can you ask them if they can come?"

"Of course! Can you give me the address?"

Miharu gave the other boy the address, and proceeded to tell him more about his older brother's new life.

"You love Yoite, don't you?" Tsukasa asked, amused.

"Y-Yes I do" Tsukasa's question startled Miharu, but he guessed it was obvious. If he didn't love Yoite, he wouldn't be trying to arrange this surprise for the older boy.