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For Bilbo, the next few days passed in a happy blur. Though the forest was dark and nearly overwhelming, the joy of his newfound love kept the little Hobbit in a cheery mood. The Company looked on in amusement and fondness, as their leader and burglar quietly grew bolder, soon showing their affection for each other openly. They walked together each day, slept in each other's arms at night. It was common to see them sitting quietly together by the campfire, Bilbo resting his head on Thorin's chest or carefully braiding his hair and beard. The other Dwarves were most supportive of their companions' courtship, and were happy to give their blessing. In all, though food was scarce and the road hard, the couple could not be happier.

After the adventure of Mirkwood, safe in the halls of Lake-Town, Thorin and Bilbo enjoyed their first private moment since their capture at Thranduil's hands. The Hobbit had slipped into the lavish room that the Men of Lake-Town had given the Dwarf King, and was now tucked safely into the downy bed, pressed against his lover's side. Thorin ran his fingers through Bilbo's hair, stroking the Hobbit's furrowed brow.

"What troubles you, little one?" Thorin's voice was laden with concern.

"It's nothing," Bilbo assured him. "Only, we're so close to the mountain now, and I've been wondering… what will we do, once the Dragon is gone? I always expected to return to the Shire, but now…" he trailed off doubtfully, hand tightening around the light cloth of Thorin's tunic.

The Dwarf lifted his hand, the one not buried in his Hobbit's curls, and covered the smaller one clutching at his chest. He squeezed Bilbo's fingers reassuringly, lacing their hands together. Sighing, he gazed down at the little creature curled into his side. This moment would decide everything.

"Bilbo…" he started doubtfully, arms tightening about his lover, "I know you have expressed your concern about home… and that I don't have a place to call mine. Even though I am confident that we will reclaim my mountain, I am not so sure that I will be happy there. I have come to realize that my home… is wherever you are. Indeed," he finished nervously, "I no longer want to rule Erebor, if you are not by my side."

Bilbo sat up, hands resting lightly on the other's chest. "Thorin, what are you asking me?"

Thorin pulled himself upright, face-to-face with his Hobbit. "I'm asking you to join me in Erebor." The Dwarf King's brow was furrowed in worry, his eyes downcast.

"Oh, Thorin!" Bilbo sighed, leaning forward to wrap his arms about his lover's neck. "I'm sure that we will reclaim your kingdom, and I would love nothing more than to stay by your side, forever."

"Thank you so much, Halfling." Thorin let out a grateful side, slipping his arms around the Hobbit's waist and pulling him close. With his face buried in Bilbo's shoulder, the little burglar nearly missed his next words. "By Durin, I love you."

The little Hobbit gave a squeak of surprise, sharply pulling out of Thorin's embrace. The Dwarf King had never confessed his love so openly before. Seeing his companion's suddenly apprehensive face, the Hobbit smiled warmly. Bilbo wove his hands into the thick hair behind Thorin's ears, pulling him forward and into a deep kiss.

Thorin moaned deeply against the Hobbit's lips, holding the burglar tightly against himself. Bilbo smiled into the kiss, pulling himself closer and clinging for dear life. The little creature felt utterly overwhelmed by the love and longing rushing through him. Thorin, for his part, was immensely relieved that his Hobbit had accepted his feelings at all. He swore to himself then, on the names of his father's fathers, that he would never let this beautiful creature go.

Hours later, tangled up in Thorin's arms and stroking abstract patterns on his bare chest, Bilbo spoke. "I'm sorry I didn't return your sentiment earlier." "Do not worry, little one," Thorin chuckled, "You were otherwise occupied, after all."

Bilbo blushed hotly. "Well, I do. Love you, I mean. It's just, the more you show your affection, the more flustered I get, and I don't know how… But, I love you too. I really do."

Thorin sighed, pulling the Hobbit closer against his side. "You make this journey worth while, little one."

"And you make it something wonderful," Bilbo murmured, dropping a light kiss to the Dwarf's neck. Thorin shuddered lightly, then smiled down at his lover. "You know, Halfling, despite my initial impression of you, I'm glad you had the courage to step out your door that first day…" he hesitated a moment, then finished in a rush. "Indeed, it may be the best thing ever to happen to me."

Bilbo's blush deepened, and he hid his face against Thorin's bare shoulder. "Yes, well," he stuttered, "I've always been more of a Took than a Baggins, So, er, I'm not really surprised." He glanced up at the smiling Dwarf King, and then abashedly hid his face once more. "I-I did regret it at times, but then I realized w-where my loyalties lie."

Thorin tilted the Hobbit's chin up, meeting his eyes with a gaze of unbridled love. Bilbo smiled shyly back, before speaking up once more. "More than that," he confessed quietly, "I realized that I had fallen in love. With the Dwarf King himself… With a wonderful man."

With a smile to rival the brightness of the Arkenstone, Thorin pulled Bilbo close, nuzzling his face into the Hobbit's soft curls. "Thank you, my love," he whispered. "I could not ask for a happier ending to a truly glorious tale."

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