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Kiyone ran up to her sister Isane looking excited. Bouncing up and down she told her sister about the party Rangiku was throwing. Isane was having trouble understanding her energetic little sister.

"Kiyone slow down you're talking too fast I can't understand you!" Isane cried.

"Sorry Isane, it's just I'm excited for the party Rangiku is having! Captain Hitsugaya actually agreed to have it in the tenth squad barracks!" Kiyone said still bouncing.

"Really? How'd she manage that?" Isane asked thinking about how strict the short tenth squad captain was.

"I'm not sure, but I'll see you there right?" her sister asked.

"Well I'm not-,"

"Great I'll see you there!" Kiyone said rushing off.


Later that day Isane ran into Rangiku. Isane was about to leave the lieutenants' meeting when Rangiku called to her. At first Isane thought she was hearing things until Yachiru tugged on her.

"Hey Beads; Boobies is calling you!" She yelled then took off to find her captain.

Isane turned around and saw Rangiku waving to her with the eighth squad lieutenant. Sighing she walked up to face the inevitable.

"Isane! So you're coming to the party tomorrow right?" Rangiku asked turning from Nanao.

"Umm… Well… I don't think-" Isane started 'til Nanao interrupted.

"What I can't figure out is how you talked your captain into letting you have it!"

"Oh it wasn't easy believe me I had to really persuade him," Rangiku answered subtly raising her eyebrows.

Nanao was shocked, "Rangiku, he's your captain! Not to mention he's younger than you!"

"Mind out of the gutter Nanao, and I didn't do anything like that! He agreed so long as there were a few responsible people there. So I said I'd invite a captain that he could choose, and so long as I didn't invite Captain Kyoraku," Rangiku retorted.

Isane tried not to laugh or draw any attention to herself as she watched her fellow lieutenants banter back and forth. She was about to sneak away when Rangiku suddenly turned to her.

"So are you coming?"

"Umm… Sure, which captain was invited?" Isane replied curiously.

Rangiku smirked, "That's for me to know and you to find out!"

She left before either of the girls could question her further. Each said good-bye and went off to their respective barracks. As she worked Isane couldn't help but wonder which captain it was. She crossed off Head Captain Yamamoto since he didn't seem the type to attend Rangiku's type of parties. Captain Sui Feng maybe if she didn't scare everyone away. Besides wasn't Yoruichi back in the soul society? Third still didn't have a captain, nor did the fifth or the seven for that matter. Maybe her own captain? No it didn't sound like her type of thing to attend.

'I should know,' She thought to herself, and continued down the list.

Captain Kuchiki wouldn't even bother. Maybe Captain Komamura, he's responsible enough. Captain Hitusgaya made it clear that Captain Kyoraku wasn't invited. Maybe it was Rangiku's own captain? Just so he could keep an eye on his lieutenant. Captain Zaraki and Kurosutschi were just terrifying. Captain Ukitake so long as he was well enough.

She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't even notice her captain enter the room. Captain Unohana greeted her tall lieutenant, and was surprised when one wasn't returned. Glancing at her, Unohana saw Isane deep in thought.

'What are you thinking about?' She thought to herself as she continued to watch the lavender haired woman.

Isane kept mumbling names under her breath. The only word Unohana caught was 'captain'. Finally Isane looked up and noticed her captain watching her. Blushing Isane greeted her captain.

"Hello Captain! H-h-how long have you been standing there?"

"Not long Isane, what were you thinking about so much that it dulled your senses?" Unohana asked as she check on the last patient in the room.

As Isane finished up. She moved next to her dark haired captain to see if she could help. Unohana was finishing with the last bandage and then turned to her shy lieutenant waiting expectantly. Isane was at a loss, she didn't know if she should ask if she was going to the party or not.

"Isane?" Unohana questioned touching the girls' arm softly.

"Oh umm I was just thinking which captain was going to lieutenant Matsumoto's party tomorrow," She replied looking at the floor.

Unohana smiled at her lieutenants curiosity, "Did you figure it out yet?"

"No I haven't, but I think I've narrowed it down to a handful of guesses."

"Maybe I could help you. Who do you think it is?" Unohana asked walking out of the room with Isane.

"Well you, Captain Komamura, Hitsugaya, and Ukitake."

"I heard, and was asked by lieutenant Matsumoto, however I declined. Captain Kyoraku is having a party for the captains and I already agreed to go, along with the rest of the captains on your list," Unohana replied watching the emotions cross the young girl's face.

She tried not to giggle when she heard the eleventh and twelfth captains names as Isane visibly paled.

'She'll never get it,' Unohana though.

"Do you know who's going?"

Unohana's smile never faltered, however Isane knew she was hiding something. Moving closer her eyes never left her captains.

"You do know," It was a statement not a question.

"What makes you think I know?" she asked keeping her smile and trying to throw her lieutenant.

"You didn't deny it, and your eyes give you away."

"Now Isane do you really want to ruin the surprise?"

Isane sighed, "I guess not."

"Good now let's go to the garden. We're running low on a few herbs."

"Yes captain," Isane was a little disappointed that her captain wasn't going.

'But who is it?'