Once Isane was healed, the game started again. Kiyone had to run around saying I love you to everyone in the room. Isane was leaning on Unohana looking down ashamed. Unohana couldn't figure out what happened to her.

"I'm sorry captain," Isane finally mumbled.

"For what?" Unohana asked confused.

"I attacked Captain Zaraki without a good reason."

"Defending yourself is a good reason Isane."

"But it still wasn't right."

Unohana stood up and took Isane with her. She bid everyone a good night and left with her lieutenant. Walking in silence the two women found themselves in the fourth squad gardens. Unohana had Isane sit next to the pond.

"Isane what do you see?" Unohana asked wrapping her arms around her taller lieutenant.

Seeing Unohana in the pond she almost smiled at the image. Her face was lit up by the moon and her black hair was shining. Isane stared at her reflection not saying a word. Silence consumed them and Unohana was about to give up when Isane spoke.

"An angel," The words were almost a whisper.

Unohana saw Isane staring at her through the water. Her blue eyes were captivated by the reflection of her grey eyed lieutenant. There was only truth and love in her eyes. They stayed like that for a moment until an animal howled into the night causing the serene spell to break. Both women blushed and turned away from the water. Unohana rested her head on Isane's shoulder while Isane looked up at the stars.

"I never did thank you for saving me earlier," Unohana whispered in Isane's ear.

"You don't need to thank me captain," Isane replied.

"Isane I think it's better to call me Unohana or Retsu when we're alone, especially after what happened tonight."
"Yes capt- Unohana."

"Good," Unohana kissed Isane's cheek causing her to blush again.

Isane tried to turn and kiss Unohana, but being intoxicated and so close to the pond she fell backwards into the pond splashing Unohana in the process. Surprised by the water, Unohana jumped and giggled then waited for her drunken lieutenant to surface. Isane's head popped up instantly and would've been blushing had it not been for the cold water. Sputtering and coughing she climbed out of the pond with Unohana's help. After making sure she hadn't reopened her wounds, Unohana couldn't help but giggle again. Isane tried to retort the laughter and was contemplating her revenge on the smaller woman, but passed out before she could. At first Unohana was scared, until she heard Isane's even breathing.

'I thought water sobers up drunks?' Unohana thought.

Picking up Isane she headed back to the tall lieutenant's room. By the time she arrived Isane was shivering. Removing both their clothes and setting Isane in her bed then climbing in after her trying to warm her cold lieutenant up. As soon as Unohana was in the bed Isane curled into her warmth wrapping her arms around the smaller woman's waist and her head resting on the captain's breasts, using them for a pillow. Unohana blushed lightly and tried not to make a sound when Isane nuzzled into her more. Once the lieutenant was comfortable, Unohana listened to her even breathing and the sound lulled her to sleep thinking tomorrow will be interesting.

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